Episode-1590- Listener Feedback for 6-15-15 — 10 Comments

  1. Great show Jack.

    As for the fella who have saved millions of kids… he deserves the hero badge more than 99% of military, police or firefighters who are given the title.

    Most ‘heroes’ have a tough job and just happen to a scenario to help others on a grand scale. That dude made a special effort to help others. Seems small but big difference in my mind.

  2. Your right Jack about how people are forced to choose on any issues. Here is the thing if you were to use a coin to choose your response to any issue, policy, or political candidate most people would only see two choices “Heads or Tails”, but their is a third side on it to consider. The Edge.

    If Head stood for Yes and Tails stood for No
    then the Edge represents an answer too.
    It can mean I don’t care, I like neither option of Yes or No. The Edge stands for in a sense Option C. So a coin in most cases will give you Options A, B, or C.

    It is like this. If you can’t go Left or Right of an object in your path. Then you must decide if you can go under it, over it, or blast it out of your way. I am sure the “Powers That Be” would rather we save our explosives for removing difficult stumps.

  3. Where I work I meet a lot of people. Many of the ones that are at leat 60+ don’t have an email because they don’t know how to use a computer. In a way this makes me sad because these people are in good shape considering their age. I get the feeling many of these people think they are too old to learn how to use a computer.

    I try to help these people by telling them that their are people at libraries that can help them. Also since many children learn how to use a computer almost before they can walk It seams.

    In this day and age I think an Elder can learn something from a child and it is possible the child might learn something from an Elder.

    Their is an old saying that states something like this “When a student is ready the Master will appear.”

    In this case a child is capable of being a Master of computers. All it takes is an Elder to acknowledge that Mastery and accept their help. Who knows that child maybe interested in what the Elder has taken years to Master and can trade that Knowledge back to the child in return for the child’s help. In closing I impart this to you ALL.

    Knowledge is Knowledge.
    Experience is Experience.
    Young or Old
    Age Does Not Matter.
    Only that Knowledge is past on MATTERS.

    • So a program where kids say a bit older than in the video say 8-14 teach older folks say a bit younger than in the video, say 65-80 how to use a computer.

      Sounds like a huge winner and one easily implemented at various senior centers with quite flat decision making.

      That is going on the air today!

  4. When the time comes for the Aussie blood donor to retire, I expect either the age limit to be changed, fudged, or plain ignored.

    Just occasionally, common sense prevails. Not often, lol, but occasionally.

    • We can hope, but it may well not be the case.

      If that rule was created for legitimate, honest, reasons (I don’t know what they’d be, but let’s assume they exist) then no one would object to exceptions being made in cases such as this. The doctors, blood bank org, etc could go to the rule maker and say:

      “We know why these rules are in place, here is why they don’t apply to this situation, here is why it’s absolutely worth the trouble to make an exception for this situation”

      However, at least as often as not, rules and regulations of this sort are NOT made for “legitimate, honest, reasons”. They’re made to suit a group or several groups with the power to get them written and enforced. The fact lives may be lost among the masses as a result is of little importance when power and wealth are at stake. Who stands to benefit from a limit on the age of blood donors? I do not know, but if there is a benefitting party and we were to pay attention we just might find out in a few years when/if this gentlemen reaches that cut-off and the supply runs out.

  5. Why (as a future ‘leader’) you want to turn everything into a dichotomy:

    1) It keeps everyone frozen/busy/preoccupied
    2) Its ‘stable’

    Think ‘tug of war’ with equally balanced teams. Everyone spends all day pulling.. and sometimes team A is ‘winning’ and sometimes B is ‘winning’.. but NO ONE EVER WINS.

    While this silly game is going on, off to the side, the politicians are throwing a party.

    So.. you wander away from the stupid game.. and then what?

    Chaos! People doing random uncontrolled things.. wandering across the field, climbing up trees, eating peaches.. *gasp* even THINKING and TALKING to each other.

    Truly the greatest horror possible.. fully empowered people freely acting.

    If your not getting why it has to be TWO options.. imagine a three way tug-a-war contest.

    • As a mathematical aside.. you can calculate the movement of two objects (Earth and Moon) relative to each other.. if you add a third object.. you can’t. =)

      (see 3 body problem)

    • As a mathematical aside.. you can calculate the movement of two objects (Earth and Moon) relative to each other.. if you add a third object.. you can’t. =)

      (see n-body problem, 3 body problem)

      ahh.. chaos