Episode-2456- Listener Feedback for 6-10-19 — 3 Comments

  1. A tipping fee is the charge you pay to dump there. It means tipping of a dump truck bed.

  2. Justin Case,

    Have you heard about DSM Safety Banners? They were created by an officer for the purpose of quick identification. May be worth adding to your off duty EDC. They come as a pouch, and are easy to deploy. And a well made product to boot.

    As you may imagine, they cannot be purchased on Amazon or anywhere other than their website, and each purchase is vetted for a qualifying use case before shipping.





  3. Rural Community Internet:

    I think the caller mentioned Indiana as his location.  A quick search of major US fibre optic lines shows a nice concentration traversing Indiana.  In most cases this fiber is under utilised, and anything that drives utilization is an attractive proposition to the owners.  No doubt, this is why your state is offering incentives in the first place.  So a couple thoughts…

    I’d recommend the caller talk/consult with the people at Switch (, specifically their Switch CITIES community solutions division.  Switch’s closest Datacenter location to the caller is likely the Pyramid campus in Grand Rapids.  Tour their Pyramid campus and consider what a similar, if smaller, facility could mean for your county.

    Properly executed, an engagement with Switch or similar company could offset most or all of the cost of running fibre to your population.  I.e. your folks could get fibre as a side benefit to a much larger and population/revenue growing project.

    IMO Indiana is in a datacenter Goldilocks-zone, not too close and not too far from major cities.  This is perfect for secondary or disaster recovery datacenters for IT infrastructure.