Episode-1146- Listener Feedback for 6-10-13 — 52 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet. but the NSA’s website listed in your links ( is a parody site. it is not the real NSA site. From the bottom of the site, you can see this:

    “This is a parody of and has not been approved, endorsed, or authorized by the National Security Agency or by any other U.S. Government agency.
    Much of this content was derived from news media, privacy groups, and government websites. Links to these sites are posted on the left-sidebars of each page. “

  2. was going to mention that you are linking to a parody NSA site… dafoink beat me. Not defending NSA or their new data center… but you are going to want top-notch info on here… not some parody. Thanks for keeping us informed Jack

  3. Haven’t fired up the podcast yet, and see that the links go to a non-gov site.
    Regardless, we know that they’re logging every phone call.
    The FBI admitted that it’s building a database using social media sites just a few months ago.
    In the late 90’s we knew that the government was building a database using the Carnivore program, and has gone on to use more sophisticated software.
    The government has been building this database since 1997. (That they admit to, when Carnivore went live. It’s probably been far, far longer than that.)

    When a computer can build such a detailed database of your life: your emails, your phone calls, your purchases, your internet browsing, your online conversations, your emails to friends and family… then that computer can create a pattern of how you operate. How you react, what decisions you make.

    Using this pattern, it can predict with close accuracy what you’re most likely to do in any given situation. Based on your interests and compared with others of the same interests, it can predict what you’ll be doing in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years down the road.

    A computer that can predict what you will do and how you will act, is a computer that will flag you based on what it thinks are the actions you will take.

    If a computer predicts with 99% accuracy that you’re going to commit a terrorist act within the next week, or the next month, don’t you think you’d have a squad of federal agents kicking in your door and taking you in for questioning?

    What we have here, folks, is the beginnings of a computer system that prior to this moment, only existed in the sci-fi annals of movie history: Minority Report.

    What we thought 11 years ago was preposterous and shocking is now live, in color, and present in your lifetime.

  4. Another good example of normalcy bias is believing an NSA parody site is real ):

  5. Have they got access to all of the computer cameras and audio mic’s that are built into all note pads and external web cameras ????????? any way to check that info ?

    • I have no idea but if they can they do, their own directive,

      “The standard operating procedure for the Domestic Surveillance Directorate is to “collect all available information from all available sources all the time, every time, always”.”

  6. Jack,
    Im sure you’ve seen this video but if not check it out. Its an interview with the guy who came forward about the NSA. Found it on the guardian website.
    Feels like a movie I’ve watched! 😉

  7. RE: Teacher Disciplined for Advising Students of their Rights

    The important thing to note is the difference in how the teacher was treated the different times he taught about the 5th amendment. When done as part of the bill of rights section in class – no one cared or noticed. BUT when he taught them the meaning of the 5th amendment when it mattered – THEN it was an issue.

    Talk about a teachable moment – doesn’t get any better than that.

  8. Intelligence committee member Mark Udall, who has previously warned in broad terms about the scale of government snooping, said: “This sort of widescale surveillance should concern all of us and is the kind of government overreach I’ve said Americans would find shocking.” Former vice-president Al Gore described the “secret blanket surveillance” as “obscenely outrageous”.

    The Verizon order was made under the provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa) as amended by the Patriot Act of 2001, passed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. But one of the authors of the Patriot Act, Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, said he was troubled by the Guardian revelations. He said that he had written to the attorney general, Eric Holder, questioning whether “US constitutional rights were secure”.

    He said: “I do not believe the broadly drafted Fisa order is consistent with the requirements of the Patriot Act. Seizing phone records of millions of innocent people is excessive and Un-American.”

    ” I say if you have a Verizon phone plan, It’s time for a change ! This will let them in Washington D.C., Know that we won’t stand by & willingly let them SPY on us & claim Terroristic Threat Management ! I would recommend a safe phone plan that dosen’t require you to sign you first born away on a Manditory 2 yr. contract, Go Metro PCS, T-Mobile, or Virgin Mobile they all have the latest smart phones & most everything that the big 2yr. contarct companies have but you pay a monthly fee with a cancel anytime policy.
    Furthermore; it went on to state the following ,

    But such metadata can provide authorities with vast knowledge about a caller’s identity. Particularly when cross-checked against other public records, the metadata can reveal someone’s name, address, driver’s licence, credit history, social security number and more. Government analysts would be able to work out whether the relationship between two people was ongoing, occasional or a one-off.

    ” The disclosure has reignited longstanding debates in the US over the proper extent of the government’s Domestic Spying Powers. ”

    This is the FIRST step to putting US Citizens in Concentration Camps like our Goverment did to Japanesse-Americans during World-War 2, & called it a SAFTEY MESSURE ONLY ! which lasted yrs. We’re heading down a slippery path to our own Destruction if we let them get away with this, without at least some sort of CA$H $TATEMENT being made. THAT WE WILL NOT $TAND BY & BE $PYed UPON by our own Goverenment !

    • what concerns me besides the actual collection of the data is the security of the data. How does the government protect this database? Who has access to this data? And how secure is it so that it wont accidentally get leaked to criminals who could use this data for extortion and other purposes (not that the government isn’t criminal either).

      no system is completely secure. we have seen incidents where companies like UPS have lost laptops containing databases of social security information in the past. how do we know that the US government is any better? They are collecting the data. but how safe is that data from getting out in the wild?

      • If it is personal, don’t let it be electronic and unencrypted at the same time. This isn’t new. All that has changed is you know about it now.

      • @InBox485: the issue is that there is unencrypted data that would be collected to. Like who you are sending emails to and other things that might sound not very interesting, but in bulk, could be used for any number of purposes yet undiscovered. Things that you might think of as innocent now, could come back to bite you later on. Think about being a teenager and going to a protest or rally that might not be that popular when you get older. Now apply that to the digital world.

        The issue is that the government is collecting massive amounts of information about all of us and warehousing it in a central location that can be compromised. Compromised by hackers, whistle blowers that grab all the data and release it, or incompetence (ie. leaving a laptop logged in to the database where it could get lose in the wild)

        • Yep this is what many don’t get about this type of surveillance. Perhaps today it is okay to criticize the government and other then being bad mouthed nothing happens. But what about 10 years from now if this thing goes bad and all of the sudden we are in a Post WWII version of the USSR where operators are expected to have a list of X number of names each cycle in need of prison or reeducation.

          Ask yourself what would have occurred if say Mao or Stalin or Hitler had access to the type of data these people are building?

          Don’t fool yourself and say it can’t happen here, every single time it did people in the place that it happened thought the same thing.

          On that note 20 years ago could you see a day where

          1. A child would be expelled from school over a toy gun the size of a quarter that was part of an army man or super hero toy?
          2. Our SEALs could be abandoned in the middle of a firefight by top brass while defending an embassy and it would become public knowledge and no one would care?
          3. Our DOG would GIVE GUNS to Mexican cartel members, US LEOs would be killed by the same guns and no only would no one go to jail but it wouldn’t even impact a presidents reelection?
          4. The president of the United States would tell the people they are just going to have to live with surveillance whether they like it or not and no one, not even an opposition party with a huge majority in the House would do a damn thing about it.
          5. Schools would run buy back programs for toy guns
          6. CPS would cease a child because there was a picture of him holding a BB gun
          7. A federal judge would rule you have no right to decide what goes in your body (not being about controlled substances but food itself) then become a lobbyist for Monsanto and no one cared
          8. A teacher would end up facing possible termination for advising students that they do have constitutional rights
          9. Laws infringing on constitutional rights passed only for protection from terrorists in a time of war would be used against the American people themselves
          10. A sitting president would order the assassination of a US Citizen abroad without even trial by absentia, just order his execution, it would be carried out and no one would really care

          You know I might have screwed up on the parody site but all of the above did happen and worse will happen. Again even 15 years ago if someone said that all this would happen what would you have said?

          So what could tomorrow bring and what that is not seen as personal or a problem today might get you on some sort of list or pop you up for review tomorrow? Who will run the show by 2020? What will be left of the constitution by than.

          I mean don’t people get that this whole thing is blatantly unconstitutional? Don’t say that things have been unconstitutional for years as that isn’t the point. Up till now at least things were challenged and fought. Courts many times stepped in and said, indeed this is unconstitutional. The attitude of government today is we will tell you what is constitutional and if you don’t like it, we don’t care, shut up and do as we say.

      • Just to be clear, I’m not even a little okay with the crap going on. The fact this crap hasn’t resulted in literal tarring and feathering followed by firing squads proves just how screwed we are.

        All I’m saying is that it isn’t new. The only thing new is that a) the main stream media isn’t blacking it out and insulting anybody talking about it, and b) you have for the first time exact details of what has been collected and retained during the last 10 years. NSA has had the ability to tap anything anywhere, but retention has been a whole different story.

        As for what people could see 15 years ago, I can say that 15 years ago I saw this happening in my life time. I was only 15 at the time, but it made as much sense then as it does now. And what has yet to come is the real reason this crap is so unacceptable. The Nazi purge started with repugnant policies, then rolled the courts over. Guess what’s next?

        As for solutions (somebody always asks), look on the back of the TSP silver coin. You’ll see an ant. Not just any ant, but a fire ant from Austin Texas. Take the fire ant approach. They won’t travel miles away to bite somebody just because they deserve it. They build their nest with 100% disregard for what others think of it, and if you screw with them, they will coordinate, get in place, then jack your ass up all at once, then go away.

        With all this crap going on, I’m having a harder time faulting that whole July 4th march on all state capitols thing by the day, but the solution isn’t chasing down assholes. It is doing what you know to be right, and defending it in the smartest way possible.

        • You said,

          “As for solutions (somebody always asks), look on the back of the TSP silver coin. You’ll see an ant. Not just any ant, but a fire ant from Austin Texas. Take the fire ant approach. They won’t travel miles away to bite somebody just because they deserve it. They build their nest with 100% disregard for what others think of it, and if you screw with them, they will coordinate, get in place, then jack your ass up all at once, then go away.”

          Holly Crap! That is going on air! I also think you will like today’s show. My response by the way wasn’t really to you but others who say the same things and mean something far different then you do. The attitude is all to common today.

  9. Jack,

    Thank you for the admission and correction, As though you do not consider yourself a Journalist, I applaud your professionalism and candor.

    btw by Steven Aftergood may be of interest. He did and has done a lot of good reporting over the years.

    Thanks again,


  10. maybe the parody site is really put out by the NSA to discredit NSA critiques? 😉

  11. Thanks for the honesty Jack. If you haven’t heard of it, WOT is a very useful browser add-on for spotting official or trusted sites before you even suspect them. It helped me alot. Will listen to the show tonight.

  12. So the XBox One is always on and online, is constantly monitoring video and audio, and is sensitive enough to interpret your pulse rate and facial expressions. M$ says this information is just for game-play but the algorithms will undoubtedly be sent back to M$. It will be used to ensure only users that are paid up can use services. Wonder how long it will take for the govt. to determine they need to have all that info as well.

  13. I don’t know Jack, you spend so much time referencing the wrong sight, I think I would erase that part or rerecord it. I know you did the disclaimer, but I wouldn’t leave it up. Stuff like that has a way of coming back and bitting you in the ass. Good job on owning up to the mistake. Just some advice.

    • This show was out for two hours before I caught the error. So likely 20,000 people using auto download on itunes and such already had a copy. At that point a copy can always show up. The right thing was to man up and admit the mistake. If anyone ever does try to discredit me with it now, my immediate admission of the error stands for itself. This is the best I can do and more importantly the most honest thing I can do.

    • Read up on what it takes to split a state, and you will see why it WON’T happen unless CO succeeds from the federal government first or the counties succeeded individually. It won’t happen in CO, OR, CA, WA, NY, or any of the other states being held hostage by one or two urban black holes.

      • I read up on what it takes along time ago and I know they probably won’t pull it off but just the fact that they are talking about it is an eye opener.
        To say it won’t or can’t happen is short sighted, it has happened at least 4 times before, although the last time was in 1863 when West Virginia split from Virginia

      • If you read up on what it takes, then you would know that final approval comes from the federal government. The Senate currently consists of 100 people. If I’m short sighted, please tell me what the circumstances would be that would result in a majority of those 100 power fetish freaks voting a new state into creation when the very foundation of that state would dilute their power by adding two more senators to the Senate, and have both those senators come from a state so adverse to government control that they were able to overcome the state level obstacles to separating from the parasitical portion of their state.

        It is about as likely as Rick Perry declaring secession from the US. It is just talk, nothing more. If states start opting out of the federal government or the federal government just implodes on itself, then all bets are off, and I’d be shocked if the state map of the western US even remotely resembles what it does now by the time any sort of federal government was reformed. Until then, it is just talk.

      • If you read my statement I also said it was unlikely they could pull it off and I never said you were short sighted, I only said to say it can’t or won’t happen is short sighted seeing as how it has happened before, I’m not trying to be an asshole I was just making a point no need to get so defensive

      • Sorry if I came off the wrong way (text and all). I know you weren’t trying to be an ass and neither was I. Cheers?

  14. So what would I do if I want to know your views on the NSA? Listen to this podcast or wait for something else?


  15. So what are the best places to get “ancient” wheat or wheat flour? I don’t see anywhere on the MSB page where that might be possible, but I may be missing something.

  16. Hey Jack,

    You missed the real usefulness of gun buy backs. They are usually no questions asked so criminals use them to get rid of guns used crimes and therefore the police themselves destroy the evidence.

    Great policy, ain’t it?

  17. Jack, I really admire your integrity! Regarding the MSB special, is that offer also good for renewals?

  18. Jack: Kudos on error correction. NSA: Big Brother Loves You — Big Brother is Watching You!

  19. The following in no way diminishes Jack’s comments regarding the clownery associated with John Dryden’s “censure” because he reminded his students of their rights. But in terms of accuracy, Batavia is in Illinois, just west of Chicago, not New York. Not a whole lot of difference I suppose.

  20. Hey, We all screw up every so often, you wouldn’t be human if your never did.

    BTW here is a REAL smoking gun on drones. It was done on the PBS program NOVA about the drones the US Government are using, showing just how much details they really show. It will make you cringe and increase any paranoid thoughts you have about them.

    Here is the link:—This-May-Blow-Your-Mind/

    • Holy smokes! That’s pretty cool technology – too bad it be used to feed our endless appetite for destruction. One MILLION TB per day? And it tracks hundreds of moving objects on the screen at once. Just think, you could be a inside a targeting… err tracking box next time you’re walking through a parking lot.

  21. Another solution, outside of the state, is to use bitcoin for as many financial transactions as you can. The fight for internet privacy is like the fight for economic freedom; the federal government can control the federal reserve or demand information from providers like Verizon, but it’s nothing a little bit of encryption can’t circumvent. The power is completely ours. The entirety of our online communication and economic transactions can be securely encrypted if we want it to be. It’s our choice and they can’t take that away.

  22. Peace News Now (youtube) put some solutions on a vodcast not too long ago. Basically start using things that use cryptography and open source p2p. If we try and get more and more people using them then we won’t have these problems. There is BitCoin (I don’t know how good that is since the ledger is open for all to see, so I would think it would be easy to figure out your account), Bit Message (for e-mails), Android software that encrypts your phone conversations. GNU project has up for works a Skype like phone system that is open source p2p and encrypted. I think donated to these projects would help them gain more steam and make them more viable.

    Jack, did you see my two posts on the other “I Screwed” post on some solid sources for how we are being “spied” on by the government? There was the phone call one and then the tracking of students.

  23. I have to admit…the NSA parody website was well done. Very well done. Somebody (private WHOIS registration, meh) put tons of thought into this…it’s obvious they know A LOT about this stuff. I have no doubt a lot or all of what’s on there is true. Yikes.

  24. Jack, I’m glad you came back to the wheat modification. This article completes the picture:

    In the words of Dr. William Davis “Modern wheat has been hybridized…, backcrossed…, and hybridized with non-wheat plants (to introduce entirely unique genes). There are also chemical-, gamma-, and x-ray mutagenesis, i.e., the use of obnoxious stimuli to induce mutations that can then be propagated in offpspring. This is how BASF’s Clearfield wheat was created, for example, by exposing the seeds and embryos to the industrial chemical, sodium azide, that is highly toxic to humans.”

    So they made a bunch of mutant wheat with energy waves and nasty chemicals until they came upon strains that maximized yields and made for efficient harvesting (dwarf wheat). The history of modern wheat is detailed in Dr. Davis’ book Wheat Belly.

  25. Jack,
    Sorry to pile on, but this episode is cursed. If you go to the link you gave for Andrea Bowers Blog, she corrected her blog facts.

    “The amount of gluten in each grain was increased 4 fold. (my apologies this was previously reported as to the 4th power. Corrected 6/15/2013)”

    Monsanto still sucks!!


  26. Despite the parody thing, this was a damn good episode. They are in all likelihood doing all of that sh!t anyway. It’s unfortunate now after about a month that the whole NSA stink, IRS scandal, and Benghazi seem to all be blowing over. Obama truly is a slippery character – he must have promised his presstitute friends something in exchange for resuming their bias. Sigh.