Episode-2008- Listener Feedback for 5-8-17 — 12 Comments

  1. Just a heads up, Jack… This episode is listed as the 8th of May instead of the 18th. Thanks for all you do

  2. If you look hard, you can find those Rem Pumps with a steel sleeved aluminium barrel. I think they were made in the 60’s. Fun light weight little guns.

  3. .22 firearm:

    Another thing to consider is a Ruger Single Six revolver. I would not get this in place of a rifle but they are a very good way to get into the handgun world and are as quiet as many air rifles with shorts.

    I’ve run into feeding issues on more than just the Ruger rotary mags. A good number of the detachable magazines are either unreliable or just wont feed the shorts. The Ruger Mark 4 mags don’t even like the longs, only the LR’s are reliable. The tubular magazines don’t seem to have that problem in most cases. Shooting a bunch of shorts through a LR chamber can also leave excessive lead buildup in the chamber and give you chambering problems when you go back to LR’s. A cleaning with a good lead solvent takes care of this.

    If I were in the market for my first 22 rifle and wanted something nice, I would have a hard time choosing between the Thompson Center G2 and the Henry Golden Boy. The TC G2 is a single shot break action tack driver that turns into an extremely accurate deer rifle with a barrel swap and the Henry is well, just a classic.

    CCI CB longs will feed through the 10-22 rotary and they are just as quiet as the shorts but still will not cycle the action.)

    • So three guys steal a 200 dollar TV?

      200 x 2 / 3 right?

      133.33 a piece and someone comes up with the extra penny.

      Sounds far more reasonable that 10 years in prison with tax payers spending about 31K a year to keep him there.

      So just to drive this home, man steals 200 dollar TV, .gov puts him on probation, .gov accuses him of anther crime, jury clears man of second crime, .gov throws man into prison for 10 years and charges the people 310,000 dollars to do so. Man who had TV stolen likely didn’t get shit.

      MERICA! Fuck yea!

      • Jack, I wanted to point out how the JustUs system works. It’s like selling used cars – nobody knows all the details and everyone is just trying to get the best deal or make the most money.

        So, with this information we can expand. What happens is that the MAXIMUM sentence for the crime in question (in this case burglary) is 10 years in prison. So, in order for the used car salesman, I mean prosecutor, to close the deal with the customer – I mean suspect – he offers his first deal on the table, which is always going to be sticker price. This creates what’s known as sticker shock. Once the customer is shocked, the salesman right away knows he’s not going to close the deal and already has his manager approved 2nd offer before the customer even has time to counter. He will make a statement like “This is normally a 10 year sentence and I have enough evidence to convince a jury that you’re guilty. Not only that but will all your gangster tattoos, I’ll be able to convince them for the maximum sentence. You’re lucky, though because today we have a fill in judge (or I’m in a good mood or whatever) and he has allowed me to offer you 10 years probation since it’s your first offense.”

        The customer will then get a chance to rebut the offer and offer his own deal. “Dindu Nuffin – you take that shit and make it 3 years paper and I’ll take it”. They both know that no one is paying sticker and they both know that the suspect is going to sign. The only question is how much will the car sell for.

        So, it ends up like a lease once the deal gets to finance, I mean the judge. The customer, I mean suspect, signs no contest means he does not contest the charge. The judge finds him guilty and he is sentenced to the MAXIMUM sentence allowed by law but is allowed to drive away with only monthly payments – i.e. probation. When he is done with the lease, I mean, probation, he can turn the car in and walk away. However, if the car is not returned in the condition agreed upon, the entire loan becomes due.

        This is a perfect analogy and is the reason for the initial 10 year sentence on a first offence. I’m not saying either is good or bad but this is the way it is. It was not racist. As a white male myself, I would have been offered the same thing. Now, I probably would have had better negotiating skills since I do my homework but the average idiot out there will take whatever deal they can get.

  4. Oh MAN, seconding the CZ 455 as an incredible rimfire rifle. When I was looking for a bolt action 22 I did a lot of research and watched a ton of videos on the CZ 455 but ended up settling on a Ruger American Rimfire rifle because it was so much cheaper. I recently had the opportunity to shoot a CZ 455, and really regret not spending the extra cash. My Ruger American Rimfire definitely does the job, but almost feels like a toy compared to the CZ 455.

    Buy once, cry once!

    • Absolutely not! Just because it won’t really fix a wet iphone doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Rice absolutely keep humidity moderated.

      How I know….

      My grandmother worked as a waitress at a diner in Jacksonville Florida. The humidity there in summer is pretty much Miserable-Percent. Salt would cake like mad in shakers and need to be constantly replaced and thrown out.

      Given her family was from Italy they had the same problem in the old country, and simply put a big pinch of rice in the shakers with the salt. I remember how proud she was when her manager tried it and made it policy at the diner.

      Gee such a work ethic is another subject for folks today. Anyway rice is a fine desiccant. As is typical a perfectly valid fact is used to create a myth which then serves to damage the fact in peoples minds. Putting your dead iphone into a bag with commercial desiccants won’t save it either.

  5. My grandmother (also of Italian heritage!) put rice in shakers as well…to BREAK UP the salt. Heck, rice would cook in the cabinets of humid homes if it were really effective at moisture control. Thanks for the story and discussion, cheers