Episode-1999- Listener Feedback for 5-8-17 — 12 Comments

  1. Hawaiian Punch bottles are very strong one gallon bottles. I personally wouldn’t drink it but, have multiple suppliers of empty bottles.
    5 gallon buckets with lids that are not food grade make good transport for toilet flushing.

  2. Thanks Jack,
    Amazing advice.
    I did mean expensive.
    If any one wants to see the pictures of the house.

    • Gotta love that cost of living in Brasil. That is only 500k USD. I could totally see the adventurous middle or upper middle class couple who saved up for their retirement buying such a place. After the real estate the cost of things are low enough that one could live a very nice life down there with relatively little.

      It is good thinking to target that market by writing that question to Jack. There is a forum for Bonaire centric things that is mostly used by people who visit that island. (me being one of them for a few years). I bet there are similar forums for tourist fans of Brasil. If you haven’t already, those might be other good markets to target.

      • Thanks Derek,
        I will check it out.
        But I don’t think that is “only” 500 USD. That is a lot for any place but California. Brazil has very high cost of living because it offers very little. Only the climate is good down here.
        Best regards,


  3. Jack, Brazil speaks Portuguese, if that helps.

    Thanks for all you do,


    • Yes I know that. No it doesn’t help, I am semi fluent in Spanish, can’t speak a work other than accidental over lap of Portuguese.

  4. I think I will limit the mileage I do on my space ship, I will try to do more free gliding instead, or maybe hitch a free ride with a generous albatross.

  5. The band Foreigner knows how to avoid the space ship tax.

    I stole a ride on a passing star
    Not knowing where I was going
    How near or how far
    Through years of light, lands of future and past
    Until the heavenly gates
    Were sighted at last

    Starrider, rider, rider
    Take me to the stars
    Starrider, rider, rider
    Show me where you are

  6. Houston land guy:
    The problem with clear cut pine areas is stumps and roots if it is less than a couple years old. Older than that and you get holes where the stumps have rotted out. Not a good thing for large animals. Digging the stumps might take a much larger piece of equipment than Jack mentioned depending on the soil. The problem is that loggers cut at ground level so there is no leverage to push the stumps out. It takes a lot of digging. Along with cows, don’t forget about goats, pigs won’t do much real clearing.

  7. Jack, your advise on just F%$#ING DO IT works! I started my YouTube channel without any video or editing experience. All the videos with low views are the best way to gain the experience and to get off you a$$ and get sh!t done!!!

    Thanks as always Jack
    please check out my fun site 🙂
    Dennis Alan City Boy Homesteader

  8. Hi Jack, I submitted the last question you had qued up for the show today… …but it never came! Did it get cut out post production? Was excited to hear what you had to say. Thanks for your time!

  9. I was able to attend the Granddaddy’s Gun Club meet up and Jack’s update on it is spot on. Everyone had a great time, we saw old friends and made new ones. It was touching to hear some of those campfire stories and people’s history.
    And the Saturday night meal was AWESOME!!!
    My thanks to David, Jack, JR, Brad, our chef, and everyone else that helped put it together and made it run very smoothly.