Episode-2213- Listener Feedback for 5-7-18 — 7 Comments

  1. Your comment about money being valued by “the confidence of people in it” is 100 % correct.  Thank you for your knowledge about this in particular, and your knowledge of the world in general.

    I have a wall hanging of defunct currencies in my office. Only a few of course, since there have been so many.

  2. Your discussion on Scouts was good. I started a troop from scratch and also a venture crew. One thing we did to make it cool at school for the scouts was to arrange with the school to release the scouts early on Friday for a special trip (caving) once a year. They were getting teased until then and a few other boys would join after this demonstration. I had the most difficulty with my adult leaders not letting the boys learn through failure. Also, the paid leadership was part of the downfall as they did not keep the program “for the boys” and started charging too much for sponsored outings. A boy lead troop is the goal and the week long camp youth leadership training was priceless for that, but it was not a requirement for leadership. If they made that a requirement to become a senior patrol leader and the organization provided scholarships for that I believe the program would still be strong and growing. Venture crews are not automatically co-ed. You have to recruit female two deep leadership at a minimum to add the opportunity for girls. I tried this, but failed to get enough adults involved. Again, great meeting you in person at the workshop.



  3. We have an interesting problem here of too many entry-level manufacturing jobs available. It’s truly perplexing that so many positions available that pay above a living wage here. What’s interesting is that I can still get help at rates below what is being offered by others.

  4. The Pantheon. Not only still standing, but in daily use and astonishingly beautiful.

  5. My Kel Tec p11 is decent. Got it new for $199 from a ffl at a gun show when they came out.
    Got my 9mm s&w shield for $185 new from PSA with free shipping. Look for internet deals. Often when a new model comes out you can find the old one cheap.
    Call around and find a ffl that does cheap transfers. Most around here charge $50 which is robbery. Found a hole in the wall that charges $10.

  6. Jack,  I am a permaculture designer who specializes in urban/suburban design especially within HOAs.  I would be willing to design your caller’s 1/4 acre at a greatly reduced rate if he’d be willing to document the process.  I can be reached from the “Contact Us” form on TXediblelandscapes – com.