Episode-1125- Listener Feedback for 5-7-13 — 15 Comments

  1. I’m still listening to the Rob Gray portion as I type this, but in reference to your “shakey hand” when filming, have you ever considered a GoPro camera for your videos? For the videos I usually see from you, I think it would benefit because you can wear it on your head, chest, or tripod mount it. I hope this doesn’t sound spammy, but it’s what I’m saving to buy when I start making tutorial videos and stuff.

  2. (sarcasm)

    But Jack.. of COURSE promises made to pay in the future should be included in GDP! After all debt = money, and those promises are just more debt.. so its the same thing as creating money!

    • Slightly more seriously.. the whole idea of GDP is a joke. If I pay an employee x to create a widget, then GDP=x. If I pay that same worker 2x to make the same widget.. my GDP has now increased by 100%..

      Even though I’ve increased ‘wealth’ (real goods and services) by the same amount.. seriously dumb.

      So if we just double everybody’s wages.. we’ll all be rich!


      • wait, do you mean the numbers the government tells us may not be exactly accurate? no!

  3. The new rounds look awesome. I’ve been looking to buy more silver and will definately get some. Anyone know if the same buy 5 for a price break will apply to the new rounds?

  4. I can’t wait for midnight! BTW – i received all my MM/AOCS/SBSS/TSPmint orders. They had been arriving, in order they were placed over a month, as they were ordered over a month. Just as I expected, knowing they had a backlog. All worth the wait. And although there was a wait, I have waited for orders from 2 other mints. Including from JM BULLION [a fantastic source btw-thanks Jack. They’re been a great source for larger amounts. I’ve made back my MSB on them alone this year!]. And Silver Circles have a huge backlog these days. Just the way silver has been with the paper silver making it hard to buy real silver at these prices. Keep up the great work. I look forward to stacking silver with TSPMint & MM for years to come I hope.

  5. All right Jack, you’re gonna owe me a coffee tomorrow for making me stay up for the sentinel launch! Man those proofs are great. Gotta get some.

  6. Per the GDP, haven’t the dregs heads of D.C. been playing with the numbers for a long time? I know information can be twisted, squeezed and shaped to say just about whatever “they” want it to say.

    Case in point: the liberal hoopla about Clinton having a surplus in the budget for his last two years in office. That could be true, but I’ve always harbored the suspicion that the numbers used to generate that surplus were nebulous. Insight into the real skinny of that Clinton surplus? If he really did create a surplus… well, truth is truth.

  7. It is time for Revolution. After hearing about Illinois…. It is crazy we haven’t had the shot heard ’round the world yet.

  8. Just called Coins for the Cause, they are not open for calls to take orders for this special release.

  9. Funny that Rob mentioned the early sub par coins that shipped out. I have 2 of the D&D variant #5 coins. Last I checked they are going for ~$160 on ebay. I might sell one along with one of each of the others as a set. That would likely pay for the next launch.

  10. Actually, Jack, even though the SCOTUS said Obamacare is constitutional it’s not. It was stated as a tax and per the Constitution tax bills can only be originated by the House. Obamacare started in the Sentate making it an invalid law. That might have been how Roberts set us up to help us defeat this monstrosity. Or maybe Roberts just backcame jackass central and screwed this country by pushing an agenda out of fear which seems to be the case nowadays.

    • I wish, sadly that technicality doesn’t fly. Obamacare did originate in the house, the senate amended a house bill to create it. Sneaky assclowns!

  11. To add…No one’s done anything with that knowledge except talk about it so we’re still screwed. FUN!