Episode-2432- Listener Feedback for 5-6-19 — 3 Comments

  1. So happy you mentioned Spicebush! It’s a terrific plant and thrives here in the Northeast. I think it must have been in the woods in PA where you hunted, but the flowers and berries are both rather small.

    I’m not sure if you can get it to grow in TX but try it in a shady, wet spot. It will grow even in deep shade. Plant several because only the female plants have the fruits, and you can’t tell the boys & girls apart until they mature. (This reminds me to buy & plant more.)

    I’m pretty sure the pepper plant is native, because I think it has “Virginia” in the full name. Native plants can be rampant growers, for sure. I would love a show on foraging – or more than one show. Thanks!

  2. Something that occurred to me after hearing the first comments on military service was:

    They (military, police etc.) have been SO EFFECTIVE that, to the average citizen, they now seem unnecessary.

    i.e. Basking in the near perfect security and peace we enjoy in the US, it’s hard to see why we need those ‘rough men’.

    This is true for other concepts as well, take ‘capitalism’ (free markets). Here in the US we’re drowning in the fruits of a free market.

    To the point that your average person is completely unaware of the LABOR that is being performed, by the free market, to produce this ridiculous abundance… and so start agitating for ‘socialism’.

    (This flavor of ‘socialism’ is really: I want the fruits of the free market without expending any effort. Not the ‘all for one, one for all, share everything’ previous flavor.)

    So.. don’t be TOO good at what you do, or people will think they don’t need you anymore.. ;-p

    Think for a minute how many incredible services are provided to you daily, for nearly free, with only the rarest of outages. It’s amazing.