Episode-1340- Listener Feedback 5-5-14 — 52 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Glad to see you back and that you had a good vacation. Looking forward to the show today.

  2. Jack. On the mac book, it could be the hard drive wire. Especially after traveling. It’s worth a try for $30-40.

    This just happened to me and repairing it was easy

    I used Just give them the serial number and they’ll be able to look up the right cable.

    Good luck!

  3. I just got started with this podcast. Seems to be a great place for info ideas and like minded people lets keep it up

  4. The perfect camp would have a little of everything. Im a jack of all trades, great hunter/marksman, certified mechanic, avid outdoorsman, farmer, and have common sense. Each person would have a specific job or area if expertise so we could have a smooth life to get things built back up and sustain life it would take teamwork and patience. I dont think one leader could do it It would take multiple leaders

    • I’m with you on the one leader thing, it wouldn’t be long before it started wearing on people, I have seen small towns that everyone in town takes turns being Mayor for a year unless they just don’t want too, that way if you do something to piss people off the next year it’s their turn, amazingly the town runs smooth as hell cause it’s only a one year deal and surprisingly no one really wants the job and they try and do things to work out best for everyone.
      The only way i could see one leader working is if that person was a rock solid person with amazing skills and just happened to be in a group where none of the others had few skills at all, personally I think you would need a council where everyone had a say in important matters.

  5. Welcome back Jack. I think Dorothy is killing your computers while on vacation to keep you from working 😉

  6. Great to have you back. Just know the time off was great and what you and your wife were in need of. Easy going time for each other.

  7. Welcome back Jack. Vacation did you well.

    Perry is starting to look more presidential, isn’t he? Would you sit it out if he was on he ballot against any demon rat?

    Least of two evils, but one know how to bring the bacon home. 🙂

    • I would if anything actively campaign against Perry who is a sell out to all corporate interests. The Merk thing alone is beyond forgiveness. Demoncrat? Wow, just wow, how blind can a man be Jose?

      • Just rattling your chain, Jack. I do like Perry, though. He has the most executive experience of any candidate on either camp. Sure, he’s got some baggage, but he also done good for Texas.

        You know, for all the talk that Cruz and Rand do about liberty and states’ rights, throughout the whole Bundy debacle, both remained fairly quiet. Just saying…

        • They did not fully back Bundy because there was more to the story. Rand Paul is the one I want in office but I honestly don’t think it will matter because the system is broken.

      • @Steelpenguin:

        Of course there is more to the story, there always is, hence the premise that in politics it’s always a compromise between the lesser of two evils. At the end of the day, though, as soon as this mess was tied to Reid’s tentacles by Alex Jones, the LMB backed-off. So I say that this was the good fight, albeit not perfect. There were those who showed up, i.e. oath keepers, and those that were absent. A congressional hearing would be in order, if We the People had any representation, to delve into the causes as to why the Bundy’s were trying to be evicted from that dust patch (besides the tortoises, of course) and perhaps even to account for the cost grabbing livestock and the show of force vs. the alleged $1 million owed in grazing fines. I bet this farce cost the tax payer a lot more than $1 million. But no, at the end of the day the Big Bad Racial Squirrel was released and everything else was swept under the rug.

        • When you VOTE FOR the lesser of two EVILS, you VOTE FOR EVIL.

      • Rand Paul would be the only one i would vote for as well and i think he’s playing Opossum, he’s saying what needs to be said to win the masses but I do believe if he gets into office he’ll turn even more like his Dad, which is a good thing in my opinion.
        Wouldn’t it be funny if he got elected President and made hid Dad Sect. of State?

        • If Paul gets the nod it would likely get me to vote because I could vote FOR Rand vs. against what ever suit or pant suit the Dems put up. I would not be voting republican though but for Rand. I DON’T agree with Rand’s Hawklike stance on the use of force but he is BETTER than anyone who has run in likely 10 decades or more.

          Sadly my prediction is Rand doesn’t even get close to a win in the primaries. The press will slaughter him! Worse the average person in this nation doesn’t want liberty, they want to be “kept”. We have the government we have chosen, sad as it is. Many in the liberty movement want to believe the average American does want freedom, they sadly DO NOT. They want to pay verbal homage to the word freedom but they don’t want the responsibility that goes along with it.

          The slaughter of Paul won’t be a lot of lies, it will likely be a lot of truth. Rand will want to eliminate _____________ and ______________ and _____________ and on and on.

  8. Jack we are glad y’all are back. I hope you do a review of San Abel island. It looks cool. My family went to Disney the same time you were gone. I hope you and Mrs Dorothy had a good time.

  9. If I were to move myself and my business I would consider Texas (too hot), but would likely go to Wyoming (no income tax) Somewhere near the Montana (no sales tax) border so I could shop in MT. Although I would likely try to locate my business in MT as to avoid dealing with the sales tax accounting expenses.

    I would really miss the climate and fertillity of Michigan though, also property is cheap here right now because everybody is leaving, mostly because there are no good jobs here anymore.

  10. Welcome back, Jack.

    On the state run business building campaign. How about a bond proposal that investors could participate in where they would earn a dividend from the business that pay back the loans. Then you would have people investing in people.

  11. Conflicted Monday: I often think about the perfect village, and if I were the leader, it would be a Libertarian one, with the 10-12 oldest people serving as elders and council. People solve their own problems, make their own deals, and when there’s an unresolvable dispute, it comes before the elders, and anyone who can’t accept their advice can leave, be shunned or face appropriate penalties.

    Considering Food, shelter, security, clothing, tools, weapons, health and learning, I would opt for at least one person each capable of the following:
    gardener, forager, hunter, fisherman, carpenter/, plumber, logger, stonemason, tactician, strategist, tracker, tinkerer, spinner/weaver, seamstress, tailor, shoemaker, tanner, soap maker, herbalist, medic, midwife, undertaker, chiropractor, primitive skills persons, apprentices. Hopefully there would be cross overs and multiples of some.

    Only homeschooling, apprenticeships, and appropriate skills training for children.

    Glad you’re back, Jack, and had a good rest.

  12. Regarding the modified Michigan Farm Act…I am from Michigan and I just found and signed, on Facebook, a petition going around that is going to be sent to our governor. It needs 10,000 signatures, and it already has around 9500. I’m crossing my fingers that it does some good.

      • Signed it and sent to everyone I know will sign. We are almost there at the goal!

        • Over 21,000 now, the goal keeps rising but that is good. The larger the # the louder the message.

    • Not being a dick. It just comes natural (true story). Has anyone done more than sign some BS online petition? Is there a social media gathering place for us to gather and discuiss kicking this shit away? Please share. If I find one I will post it here.

      That said, thanks for letting me know about the petition. Have half of dozen stories to study now’ after only a cursory search. Will find more tomorrow.

      Any TSP Michiganiacs willing to do more than sign a petition’ lemme know.

      I agree with Jack but wonder if we are gonna work our ass off it we should shoot for the stars? I am thinking state pre-emption on rights of a citizen to raise and grow what they want. Meaning local guberments can not intervene more than state law… ala our gun laws (and to some extent out traffic laws. )

      Lets talk…



      • Well, it’s up to 36,875. The MI Dept. of Ag know people are upset and that there is a petition. Whether or not they heed it or just let the concerned citizens work with their local governments to figure out the rules. Unfortunately, most city governments are uninformed. I, personally, called my city government about a year ago to ask if chickens were allowed and the person I talked to, answered in disbelief, “No”. Come to find out, I can….or could have.

        I wouldn’t know where to begin, beyond the petition, to fight to get it back into state hands. I’ve never been politically active and ashamed to say I’ve only been a “non-sheeple” for about 2 years now.

    • BTW… just signed the petition and it is closing in on 36,000.

      • OOoo, I just found a Facebook site called “Right to Farm in Michigan”! Going back there to check it out.

  13. Jack, as a former teacher, I absolutely agree with you about standards and choice. As the world expands, the educational system is contracting, which makes no sense. The problem is that so many local school districts have promised overly-generous retirement packages without funding them, so they are desperate to keep their monopoly in order to fund those commitments. It has little to do with the per-student cost, but rather keeping the ponzi scheme afloat. The establishment is backed into a corner, and they have to fight change.

  14. “Modern Survival | May 6, 2014 at 9:36 am | When you VOTE FOR the lesser of two EVILS, you VOTE FOR EVIL.”

    Profound wisdom there, Jack.

    • I wrote Ron Paul in on my ballot for the last election. My Romney following friends have an absolutely hissy fit when I told them lol.

      I’m voting Rand Paul this time around though because I honestly just like the guy. He’s the first politician I’ve actually liked in a decade.

  15. Just a heads up Jack, the “Toyota Moving US Base of Operations to Texas” link is incorrect, it directs me to the “Got the Urge to Leave Your State?” article.

    I’ve worked with Toyota over many years and been to the Torrence facility many times. I figured this would happen but not so soon. I always saw Toyota as a California company through and through. Good for Toyota, California is getting exactly what it asked for.

    Will you please also post a link to the sound bite of Jerry Brown’s arrogant comments. I’d like to share this with some of my friends that still reside in California.

  16. Ha!! I shop at AS Labiniacs(interviewed in the sound bite) all the time. I’ll have to ask them about the interview.

    It is pretty bad here. My wife closed her dog day care business because the state just kept squeezing harder. We are out in 3 years if all goes according to plan. We are looking at the lower east coast, and will hopefully be taking a a few exploratory trips in the next year.

    PS – The results of that survey surprised no one here.


  17. FYI – Labiniacs employs easily half a dozen people or more, and they have classes occasionally on various things like animal care, soap making, ect. They would be a big loss to our area and a big gain to any other.

    Welcome back Jack. Glad you got some time away fromthe PC to relax.


  18. Hey Jack,

    Glad you are back, I’m learning myself how important it is to take a break every once in a while. I leave for WA for my “off the grid” project in a couple weeks and I’m chomping at the bit to get started.

    You are dead on about California, I’m one of the many on my way out. Old “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown is a complete ass clown! His statement on taxes says it all. You can take his tax statement in one of two ways: Either he is saying you are stupid if you can’t figure out how to scam the system, which he is an expert at, or you are too stupid to adapt your business finances to balance out for the high taxes. Either way, completely moronic in every shape or form.

    I know many small business owners in my area and guess who has been getting audited like mad by the California Tax Board? Yep, all the small businesses because all the big businesses are leaving in droves. It is only going to get worse, but California is a prime example of where we are as a country.

    The stupider the public gets the easier they are to manipulate and control! Not me my friend 🙂


  19. Welcome back, Jack!

    Conflicted Monday: In a group that size, I would expect that almost everyone would have some useful skill to contribute. My primary objective would be evaluating everyone’s skills and then setting out to have anyone with good teaching ability or deep knowledge to begin cross-training others. I would try to get everyone a basic understanding of any of the skills the group has access to, and then once people could get a hang of things they are good at, they could further indulge in specialization. In this way, effectiveness could be maximized, while the impact of losing a member is minimized (never would ALL of one’s knowledge be lost).

  20. Ever since Jack painted public schools as government schools in prior podcasts, my entire view of the pubic education system has changed. I just can’t think of public schools as anything other than government propaganda centers now. I’m going to be homeschooling my children when they hit school-age in a few years.

    • And that may be worth doing the entire last 6 years of the show alone. One child NOT in the pubic school system! Good for you.

      • Then it gives me great pleasure to tell you that, due to this influence as well, it will be my 4+ children, my brother in law’s 2+ children, my cousin’s 4+ children, and my close friend’s 4+ children. So off the top of my head, I can think of at least 14 children who won’t be getting brainwashed at government schools largely in part due to your influence.

  21. If 49% of the people in Connecticut dislike their state so much that they would like to leave realized that they have more than enough votes to at least start to head in a better direction. This leads me to believe that they are not willing to stop voting for the people that created this environment. Please do not move to Florida and help re-elect that blight on humanity, Charlie Christ, again.

    • Really who would they vote for? Who? What politician in CT is worth voting for, tell me please?

      The illusion that you can change much with voting is just that an illusion. Frankly I would take a lot of West Texas Democrats over most Connecticut Republicans, so exactly who or what are they supposed to vote for? Let me guess the lesser of two evils right?

      Now you do have a valid point, most Americans vote for something, they vote for the “stuff they want” and when the bitch about spending they fail to make the connection that that stuff costs money.