Episode-2447- Listener Feedback for 5-28-19 — 6 Comments

  1. I am curious if the orange oil would work on Ticks and Chiggers. Do you think it might?

    • How can I put this, how about, yes but no.

      Orange oil is a contact killer, it dissolves exoskeletons. So if you pour or spray it on any insect it will kill them. But if you spray an area, 10 minutes later, you go nothin but a nice smell. Adding to it spraying it will kill everything it touches.

  2. So I graduated very recently from A private liberal arts college. I made the decision because, believe it or not, it was less expensive for me to go to private college than community college growing up in denver co, zero scholarships to community or state colleges 9-12k/yr vs scholarshipped/granted  to 5k/yr. How they were keeping up when I left was freshman class was probably 1/3 or more of the college population then only half came back for sophomore and then a little less coming back as juniors. Basically they burnt as many young adults for a years worth of dues fees and other random costs. Rather sinister but effective.

  3. That has been my general strategy for retirement is to spend more time at church or meditation groups or finding some kind of volunteer type thing or similar activity. I don’t know exactly what activities or churches. I do find some challenges because I may often find disagreements about things with some churches or groups about religious issues but I have learned to avoid talking about some of that and focusing on the positive though it’s not always easy.

    When others or friends complain about being lonely or similar I try to tell them to try going to church but usually they don’t take my advice or I have to bring them to a church service myself. I am not catholic but I have ended up at some catholic masses because my friend won’t go alone so I have to take her to mass

  4. My memory might not be perfect, but I seem to remember it necessary to upgrade to Jaxx Liberty wallet in order to continue using Shapeshift for converting cryptocurrencies. I also seem to remember having to do some additional registration with Shapeshift as well.

    Overall I like the Jaxx Liberty wallet. The only issue I ever had with it was at one point it couldn’t seem to finish updating itself whenever an updated version of the wallet came out. But everything else works great.

  5. Go to Wal-Mart and get clear Rubbermaid tote that’s what I have for a filter on a 5 gallon fish tank which is a bit of an Overkill