Episode-442- Listener Feedback 5-25-10 — 18 Comments

  1. Jack!
    Dead spot on!
    When you answered that question about the New World Order I wanted to cheer!
    I did know you were going to say exactly that!
    On whatever minor points we may disagree, its amazing to me how much we see through the same lens!
    Rock on Jack!

  2. Poison Ivy: I know it may not be the best for the environment, but if you’ll take new motor oil or the used oil when you change the oil in your vehicle, and pour it around the base of the poison ivy vines, the oil will kill it. One of my kids had a bad case of poison ivy during the dead of winter. The pediatrician told me the vines have more poison in them than the leaves.

    Whatever you do, do not burn poison ivy. The poison gets in the smoke and you’ll be covered with the rash & blisters, it gets in your eyes and will also inhale the poison.

  3. Jack, I like the answer to may question yesterday and I also like the response you gave today!!! When new people come out of the Matrix they can be dazed as I was and I wanted some prospective so that the new information is not overwhelming!Yelling on a bullhorn while effective for that moment does not help one sleep at night and should not be the only prep and that is why I am here to live that better life!! Thanks

  4. i know i’ll get criticized for this reply… but for the last answer about the new world order… my personal opinion is that the person to listen to about the new world order is Walter Veith. he gives seminars linking all the information together, he’s on youtube, and i’ve never watched alex jones, so i cant say anything about him…. but Walter Veith makes it plane and clear… take it or leave it… that’s my opinion.

  5. If you inhale the smoke from burning poison ivy, your lungs will break out in itchy blisters from it. Burning–bad idea!

  6. I just wanted to know what you pay attention to, as far as indicators of how the market is progressing, positive or negative? What do you read,watch, liten to?
    My next question has to do with the insurance advice you are offering. I know your an intelligent man but your advice doesn’t seem to be inline with your overall philosophy. (or at least how I have taken all the shows i’ve listened to.) Do you see the term insurance product as a preferable short term investment? What do you see as a good long term investment as far as insurance products are concerned between term, whole, universal? Or do you not consider life insurance to be a viable need or valuable financial product? Do you just not like whole life due to the extended period of time for premium payments? Do you not think the cash value or colladeral is worth the length of time or the premium amounts? I can understand the company solvancy issue. However if we treated all financial based desicions with the same idea that all systems are going to fail, how do we trust any desicions we make. Sorry this comment ran long. great show. keep up the work. Mahalo Nui.

  7. great show jack, loved it as usual. I would like to add some things to the 380 debate. Gun in hand is always better than gun across the room, ie nothing. If she shoots the 380 well just keep her practicing with it. have her manipulate it (safely, unloaded) daily till it gets easier for her to handle. I would also like to suggest PMC Starfire ammo, formerly Eldorado Starfire. I used one out of my 7 1/2 inch Vaquero 44mag on a deer a few years ago and completely removed the head in one shot. Yes i reaalize its a big gun but I am pretty sure that even in a 9mm it will do great things.
    keep up the great shows

  8. I have heard this, but never observed it. Sheep will eat and kill poison ivy vines.

  9. @Noa

    Whole life etc. sucks and sucks beyond words. Life insurance is insurance, not an investment. It covers your death and nothing more. If you look at the cost of whole vs. term it will always work out for the better if you keep the difference and invest it in anything really other than some bull shit hybrid life insurance policy.

    Making life insurance part of an investment makes about as much sense as making car insurance into an investment.

    As for what to pay attention with the market to know when it is time to get out there are a few main things I look at.

    1. Identify the one or two main sectors currently driving things. Last time it was real estate and oil, had people really looked at those two seeing the coming crash was easy. In 99 it was tech and telco, both sectors were screaming to investors that “it ain’t that pretty at all”, but investors were in denial.

    2. Watch out for the “all time high”. As soon as that happens turn up the radar and pay very close attention. This is not always spot on but it is a strong indication that correction is on the way.

    3. Pay attention to people like Schiff, Celente, Rogers, etc. Now these guys are almost always sounding the crash alarm but if you really listen and examine what these sources say in CONJUNCTION with the first two and think for yourself well, you will be able to time at least the giant ice bergs better than the average so called “adviser” ever will.

  10. NEVER BURN POISON IVY! If the smoke gets in your lungs it can kill you. I had several friends in High School accidentally put it on a bonfire. Several were in the hospital for days/weeks.

  11. Good lord guys enough, LOL. I said to burn out the root system, not to pile it up in a bonfire. When you do this you don’t really burn anything you cause the cells to rupture and die.

    I have done it with poison ivy before with no problems. You are right though piling up and burning it can cause a lot of problems. Again though there is a big difference in torching a root ball and doing that.

  12. Anyone who might know more about Zack and Jen’s house please let me know! I already live in NC, I am looking to move out, and it sounds like a great location. Feel free to contact me with more info at

  13. Good show- your listeners always have great questions.

    Our Cub Scout leader says that goats will eat poison ivy as first choice over just about any other food, but afterward they’ll eat everything else! 🙂 We have a creek directly behind our house so poison ivy is always present. My husband and son are both highly allergic so the key to working or playing in that area is covering up exposed skin with long sleeves, long pants, gloves, boots, etc.. and washing up immediately to remove oils. Wash the clothes that come into contact with poison ivy separate from other clothes- not because of cross-contamination, but to give the clothes plenty of room to agitate in the water and get really clean. Use a good detergent, and you can even put a little vinegar in the rinse water to help release the residual detergent from your clothes. I personally don’t believe you have to dispose of items that come into contact with poison ivy- the oils will wash out (if the fabric is washable.. leather gloves are another story).

    I also keep a small sprayer bottle of RoundUp so I can spot treat little sprigs that come up too close to the yard or in the kid’s play area. If you have poison ivy that is growing in close proximity to some other plant that you want to protect, either place something like a piece of cardboard between the ivy and the plant before spraying to block the drifting mist. You can also put on a rubber glove, wet the glove with RoundUp and then apply it with your hand directly to the leaves.. works best on a really hot day during the growing season. I’ve tried organic approaches like 10% acidity vinegar.. this works on wimpy weeds, but in my experience it does little to harm poison ivy. I agree with Jack, however, on the beans issue. If poison ivy is intertwined with your food plants, I’d just cut my losses this year, kill it out and try again.

    RE: Alex Jones, spot on in your answer. I will occasionally listen to Alex (or watch one of his videos) until he gets so weird that I can’t wrap my brain around his opinions. I also listen to Gerald Celente on occasion and get a fear rush comparable to a Steven King movie, so I turn it all off and go on with business as usual and keep prepping. However … that hole in the ground might actually be a good idea, and for now I’ll just call it my “root cellar”… yeah, that’s it!

  14. Your last answer/rant made me think of one saying that I’m particularly fond of, whether it’s the New World Order or anything:

    “Never assume malice for that which can be explained by stupidity.”

    I don’t think the government does stupid things because they’re evil (well, not all the time) but that because they’re STUPID.

    (Oh, and Alex Jones is part of the NWO, he’s really a secret 33rd-degree Freemason and part of the Illuminati, his dissemination of information is all part of the misdirection and OH MY GOD IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY, WHERE’S THE TINFOIL …)

    Love listening to this podcast. Jack, don’t ever change. 🙂

  15. As a supplement to Dene’s comment:
    I have friends with goats who claim that they have gained an immunity to poison ivy from drinking the milk of their goats who graze on the stuff. It seems to be a built up immunity since they drink the raw milk daily and the goats graze in it frequently. Interesting concept though. I wonder if this concept could be applied in any other circumstances?

  16. @bbuubb, that’s pretty cool.. we have so many young pecan trees right now — goats would most likely destroy them… but maybe some day we can get a few. I was reading an article (or it might have been in a forum)that stated that only certain breeds actually like to eat poison ivy, so it might take some research to get the right ones for the job.

    On a side note, I just found out that my neighbors may be selling their land and house soon. 🙁 Very nice elderly couple with natural “survival” mindset. I hate to lose them but they feel that they can’t keep the property up anymore. It’s just a little over 6 1/2 acres with a small pecan orchard, garden, small barn, pond, well, green house, wood burning stove, and a cellar. I think they have a chicken coop as well. Wish we were in a position to buy it, but we’re still working on getting rid of our own mortgage. For some reason, I keep thinking that there’s a chance that their son, daughter-in-law and kids will move out here and take it over (hoping)…