Listener Feedback and Q&A for 5-23-23 – Epi-3306 — 4 Comments

  1. Jack,
    The Food Security questions are for seeing if a Veteran is in need of Food Stamps and the like.

    Granted, the VA is a part of the Gubbermint.

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Hey Jack. Been a listener since 2012. I reside in cali (I’m an Iowa/Minnesota boy however). For the the feller that’s in Cali wanting to store his boom stick with “easy” access. I use these safes. Link to follow. But I reside in El dorado county near Tahoe. It’s pretty free up here actually.

    I’ve been arrested for manslaughter when I lived in Gay Area. Details are long on that subject. But my advice for this state. Keep your sidearm on your person while on your property. Legally. All firearms have to stored in a compliant storage in your dwelling. Transport is totally different & stricter.

    I’m also a custom furniture & cabinet builder. When I make face frame cabinets. I’ll improvise an easy access place in certain cabinets for pistols & SBR’s. I only talk about that in private. But it’s an out of sight out mind deal. You’d never know a firearm was in such easy reach. Anyhow. I’m going long in the tooth here. Oh! I’ve got two of the best 2A lawyers in cali if anyone needs a reference. I used them both on my case.