Episode-1792- Listener Feedback for 5-23-16 — 42 Comments

  1. Comfrey in Spanish is Consuelda and for the longest time it’s been used as a bone setter for animals. The etymology of the word Con (together) Suelda (weld).

  2. If you want to feel a slight bit better about millennials and guns, I’m friends with a girl, 21 years old, who has bright pink dyed hair and a nose ring, who is a proud owner of an AR and a Glock. She’s an EMT. And a badass.

    But you’re right, my generation is for the most part very pathetic when it comes to guns. And about everything else.

  3. If you have a screw point for pulling your car out, check your tire change kit. My old Jetta, Civic, and current vehicle all have the eye hooks in the styrofoam mold that holds the crappy jack in the center of the spare.

  4. Jack,

    Loved the show. I know that you know what you are doing when recovering vehicles but I think it is worth going over a few safety aspects especially when doing it alone. Ie not pulling the car downhill towards a tree in neutral with no one at the wheel. I’d really hate to hear of a first timer getting run over or crash their car. Just thought it’d be worth a quick mention.


  5. Education industry.. I like it! Maybe it should be coined ‘the education industrial complex’.

  6. I have the 2-ton Maasdam come-along you referenced. You’re right it is important to figure out how to use the thing before relying on it in an emergency. I only used mine once, and not to pull a car out (it was to move a giant log that was placed intentionally by my neighbor across the logging road to prevent riff-raff from venturing down the road… but it stopped me also and I own the land!) It took me an hour of fiddling with it as bugs bit me before I eventually managed to figure out how to make it work. And, I probably can’t repeat that again and will have to go figure it out again. (Note to self: learn how to actually use the come-along I purchased.) It did work though… I moved the log enough that I could get by it. Also worth noting, if the tow strap is put around a tree, this thing pulls hard enough that it could also pull the tree down onto the vehicle you’re trying to unstuck. That didn’t happen to me, but I could see it shifting the whole root ball and the ground was rising up. Yikes. And, that was the largest tree around thanks to recent logging activity so its not as if I had many other options for securing the other end.

  7. Jack I hate to say but I can show you Amish with Autism. I have a lot of Amish friends here in PA. They hide children like that back. With any handicap for that matter. There are some that are now bring handicap children out into the public but there are alot that still don’t let anyone know they have a child with a problem.

    • Again show me one, I have seen Amish with downs syndrome and other problems so don’t go on with “they hide them back”.

      In any event would it not be a valid comparison of say 5,000 Amish children age 1-10 vs. a control of 5,000 randomly selected vaccinated children as an ACTUAL study with the actual variable controlled PER THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD?

      As we can easily identify very large groups of non vaccinated children in America why has the CDC never done a SINGLE study with an HONEST control group, ever?

    • Let me add as modern diagnostics can take up till age 10 to identify ASD’s in a child any study that capped the age group you have ever looked at at age 5 is dishonest in its numbers. FWIW that would be every major study!

      • And just let it sink in that all these studies stop at age 5. Then they are data raked if the researcher doesn’t like the result.

  8. Thoughts one the remote property outdoor kitchen.

    If you made a small closet like area with the cinder block walls and put a drain in the floor you could have a shower stall at other times you could have composting toilet. You could hang tarps to close off an area instead of walls would just depend on the sensibilities of the group.

    This video shows how to make a solar shower out of a 2.5 gallon carboy. Same principle could be used for a sink. I knew a guy that had a bigger one setup above a sink in his garage to wash up after working on cars.

  9. Jack, I completely agreed with your comments regarding the 2nd Amendment and the “20 year factor.” I have had this exact thought about conservatism as a whole while looking at the demographics of a number of certain gatherings and interest. For instance, I stepped up to learn about HAM radio for emergency communications (Got my technicians license) and whenever I go to a radio or community preparedness event it is OVERWHELMINGLY people who are over 50 years old. The same experience if you go to a conservative political gathering. Also, many of the houses of worship are the same (Especially if they are conservative) but they have the phenomenon of being predominately female as well. There seems to be very few males between 18-35 engaged in any truly spiritual discipline at all, of any faith other than Islam. Spirituality itself has become too much of an intellectual pursuit for millennials it seems, especially the males.
    The only thing that liberals have to do is wait 20 years and all those pesky conservatives will be history (Literally)
    Making it more difficult to realize (How short the fuse is of this demographic bomb) is that we who are in our early 50s don’t really see ourselves as the “Last generation” but in many ways I believe we are.

    • Not sure on the churches thing, the churches here in Texas are CRAMMED FULL all the time, all ages, both sexes.

      Though I will say this, I firmly believe no matter what anyone says the vast majority of males in churches are only there because of a female. In other words a mother or a wife. I have watched so many men who went to church every Sunday out live their wives and stop going to church almost at once I can draw no other conclusion.

      My view is there are an awful lot of men out there that believe in the concept of a God but not the ideal of “church” but they are born into families that go, so they go, they meet a woman who goes so they go, etc. Women seem to value church more than men do, why, I could say but it would likely upset many for no real gain and no good reason. And no one would actually hear what I was saying they would write their own meaning into it, no matter how precise I was.

      • I understand. I also have some thoughts on the church thing, but to the larger point, I think each of the examples above (And certainly there are others) are all activities that require self discipline (ie. Conservative) and time, and being engaged with a community of others involved in the same path, which by association lends itself to accountability (If only implied)….Self Disciple, time/effort, and accountability are all things which, in combination, would seem to be anathema to the younger generation. Essentially, all the components of a quality apprenticeship, in any discipline, are rebuffed. The only exception to this aversion that I can see is sports. Sports have become the “New Religion” promoted by the government schools. Especially as sports, and all things related, can be leveraged for additional profit and social control.

        • I find it quite amusing that you equate



          Self Discipline

          I am not conservative, nor am I liberal the way people use those words. I find many of the so called “conservative political policies” to be oppressive. I particularly see using any religious belief to justify what the State says is lawful or is unlawful to be dramatically unconstitutional.

          I am however quite self disciplined, much of what I do and have done requires massive self discipline.

          Faith is a wonderful thing for those that have it, the attempt to use it to mandate what others do is absolutely wrong, I don’t care if that faith is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Paganism, or Satanism, it is all equally wrong.

          I feel people are free to believe and worship as they choose and that means we are all free to be free of what others believe or how they wish to worship.

          A perfect example. Why can’t I buy a case of beer when I am at the grocery store on Sunday at 11:30 AM so I can be home in time for a football game to kick off?

          Because of RELIGIOUS LEGACY BLUE LAWS, that is why. And you know when I bring it up with people who are okay with it, they are always like why not buy your beer on Saturday, and if you can’t wait till noon you have a problem.

          Neither is really a valid point to the issue!

          Another stupid moronic legacy blue law we have in Texas is car dealerships can’t be open on a Sunday. The titty bar, sure that is fine, but not a Ford Dealership.

          Okay so my truck breaks on Saturday night, now because of some misguided religious idiocy (show me where car dealerships are mentioned in scripture) I can’t get my truck fixed until Monday. This law is a direct result of religion.

          Another example is no hunting on Sunday in Pennsylvania, sorry but this is also total crap. People work all week, seasons are short, weekends are when they are off work and can hunt. Why does this law exist, RELIGION.

          So don’t think religion equals right when it comes to how to run a nation. You don’t want to hunt, buy beer before noon or shop for a car on a Sunday, I respect your right to it and all the other religiously motivated laws out there you can follow them and I respect that. To use your faith, any faith to justify the force of the state upon another person is just plain wrong.

        • And just to point out how utterly stupid the car dealership thing is.

          We went to an RV show on a Sunday last year. Great fun, pay your money, go in and look at all the amazing RVs, BUT we were not able to go in and even look at any of the Class As or Class Cs because they are motor vehicles. How much revenue does stuff like this cost the economy? What right does any religion have to tell anyone what days they can be open and do business with others?

        • I’m not sure what is amusing about making a correlation between conservatism and self discipline. Especially since my impression of your views (Do correct me if I am wrong, and every label comes with side baggage) is that you are quite “libertarianish/conservative” in your views, in that you would lean towards as much self government as possible (ie Self Discipline) and with that less government (Again self governed/disciplined) as well as all the implications that surround taking responsibility for your own actions.

          All of this seems very conservative to me. It is the preferred small government vs. large government ideal that is at the backbone of conservatism. Standing on the ideals of private property, liberty, and freedom; Private property being the cornerstone of freedom. If you don’t control your own time, talents and energy, that is essentially the definition of slavery.

          As far as the “Blue laws” you refer to. There are some Historical Aspects to consider as well as some Principle Aspects to consider. (Below is not written as a treatise of defense but of explanation…)

          1. HISTORICAL ASPECT: At the time that most of these laws were written, the overwhelming majority of the American public adhered to, or at least recognized and operated under, a Judeo-Christian worldview. The original intent was to accommodate the fact that since the majority of society desired to honor Sunday – being the traditional Sabbath (One day of rest in seven) of the early Christian church (Distinct from the Jewish Saturday due to the resurrection day of Christ.) these laws were created to facilitate that. No one was forced to worship/believe but that framework indeed mirrored the majority’s lifestyle. Yes, time and the majority has changed. Interestingly enough, in Michigan the Unions dictate that car dealerships not operate on the weekends.

          2. PRINCIPLE ASPECT: While the concept of one day of rest in seven has been shown to be beneficial to optimal human performance, production and health, the concept of forcing the Sabbath, or belief at all, on others is NOT part of the teachings of Christ or the Bible. *The point being, you cannot judge ANY philosophy or religion by its heretics.* In the same way as if someone claimed the label “Regenerative Agriculture” to describe their landscaping practices but utilized methods completely contrary and foreign to the original/orthodox concept. Heretical to Regenerative Agriculture. No, God did not say that you cannot drink beer or buy a car or hunt on Sunday. Those are things done in the name of Christianity that are in conflict with the actual teachings. Heretical.
          It is often said that you cannot legislate morality. However, all laws are/were somebody’s morality. If one’s law, or standard, is only of or from themselves (Subjective) it is mere opinion and of no greater or lesser value than the next person’s. (Hitler did what was right in his own eyes.) If one’s standard is from without, outside of themselves (Objective) then the question goes to where/who does that law come from etc.

        • Please do not refer to me as a conservative. I know you mean well but I consider it insulting. You are still stuck in much of the great lie of dichotomy. That is fine, we all walk as far down the path as we allow ourselves. But I am not a conservative in any way nor am I a liberal. Those words are but masks to hide which way one wishes to trample the liberty of another.

          The only true morality is the principle of non aggression. Indeed one can not legislate morality, everything in your ramble above proves that.

          Even in the government we are supposed to have your religion should never be used to justify force by the State. Sadly it is done all the time.

          See it is this simple, you have a faith, great go practice it, and unless I am physically harming you or your property, keep your rules to the people that believe as you do. FWIW Jesus is a text book anarchist.

        • I certainly did not intend to insult you. As I said previously, all labels come with “Side Baggage” from how they have been used previously. I meant “Conservative” in the best sense.

          I am a little taken aback by the tone in which your comment reads. I have written with respect and the sincere intent to have honest dialogue. Comments like “Your Ramble” and “keep your rules to the people that believe as you do.” Come off as pretty aggressive for someone whose “…only true morality is the principle of non aggression.”

          Would I be speaking too aggressively if I quoted you in saying “Those words are but masks to hide which way one wishes to trample the liberty of another.”?

          I like a lot of the things and ideas that you present on your podcast and wish I had more time to listen than I do, but clearly there are areas that we see differently and that is expected and ok. But you are coming off with a bit of your own flavor of “Religious zeal” while implying the casting of stones.

          I believe this is the first time that we have had a conversation, certainly of this length. Can we “Restart” so to speak, as I don’t wish to be adversarial and is seems that somehow I have come across as that way to you. I understand you to be an intelligent man and I do not discount your opinion.

        • Look, I say what I mean and mean what I say. I absolutely 100% consider it immoral when one group assaults the freedoms and liberty of another group. I don’t care why. Whether it be for direct gain, due to bigotry, due to religions beliefs, etc.

          Telling someone what you think is also not aggression. Good God, you sound like of the college kids wanting a safe space when you say that. And I know you mean well when you call me conservative, and I know you don’t mean it as an insult, sure, I even said so, but I absolutely am not a conservative and hence no matter how you mean it, it is an insult. If I called you an atheist and meant it in the “best possible way”, would you not consider it an insult?

          I am not implying the casting of stones, it is both those using religion and those using secular arguments casting real stones via the force of the state daily. My opinions do no harm to you. A law that shuts a business down due to someones belief system absolutely does clear and quantifiable harm.

          And you may think me harsh but let me point out I have done you a favor several times now. Your “ramble” might better have been called your jumble, a stack of text all mashed together and barely readable due to that. I went and edited your posts, changed no words but edited in paragraph breaks so your comments could be more easily read.

          My stance is simple, the taking of property or liberty from any individual who is harming no one is ALWAYS WRONG, the end. Every person who supports the concept of the state ends up rationalizing it as being necessary. Well that doesn’t argue against the immorality only the inability to conceive of how it can be avoided. Let me tell you this is how I feel, if one believes, simply that again, the taking of property or liberty from any individual who is harming no one is ALWAYS WRONG, then the only moral action is to attempt at all times to eliminate the need for it.

          When you identify with camps like socialist, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, centrist, continue the list as you choose, you ensure that the elimination of the immoral acts of taking liberty and property by the state is impossible.

          And yes you should keep your religious rules to the people who follow your religion, I in fact would call that “freedom of religion”. Telling me who is not in your religion that my business is not to be open on a Sunday is immoral! I know that likely stings but it is, you are now using force to compel me to obey your religion. Well shit, lets close all businesses on Saturday too, the true Sabbath. How about Muslim holy days, lets close for those too.

          In the history segment recently we discussed “the tyranny of the majority”, the majority always thinks its rules to be on the side of right but never wishes to follow the rules of the minority. How about this, no one is to be ensnared by any religious customs or rules without voluntary choice?

          And every example you give of where a law seems just and it is also a religious law will not require religion for the law/rule to be valid. For instance thou shall not murder. Fine violates the non aggression principle, NAP. We don’t need your religion to say killing is wrong. Thou shall not steal again violates the NAP no religion of any sort required.

          Conversely there are many things advocated by many faiths in their holy books that are in my view quite immoral. Stoning people to death, taking slaves, forcing a captive to marry you. You know stuff that is in the religious books but does also violate the NAP. If this offends you, well you didn’t mean to offend me when you called me something I wasn’t right. I am just telling you what I believe. You are free to believe as you choose I will say this though.

          Many of us are about tired of people compelling us to live other than the way we choose, telling us when we can shop, what plants we can and can’t own, who we can and can’t do business with, how much money we must pay because we are productive or own property. There is a limit, I do hope it isn’t reached because the results won’t be pretty.

        • It does not seem that you caught my statement “…not written as a treatise of defense but of explanation…”

          I did not say that I, or even Christianity, condoned the “Blue Laws”. In fact I pointed out that they are primarily contradictions. You seem to often assume that I, or anyone else of faith are responsible for these things that are mostly vestiges America’s past culture.

          The last thing I am is any resemblance to a millennial “Safe spacer” and I am not offended in the least by your opinion. I was just observing how vehemently (Read: sounds angry) your comments appear regarding the topic.

          I think you and I agree much more than we disagree. (Skipping over the existential basis for morality for the moment) and I completely agree with your statement…

          “Many of us are about tired of people compelling us to live other than the way we choose, telling us when we can shop, what plants we can and can’t own, who we can and can’t do business with, how much money we must pay because we are productive or own property. There is a limit, I do hope it isn’t reached because the results won’t be pretty.”

          A few questions…

          Perhaps you have covered this in a podcast that I have not heard…

          Anarchy. 1 a : absence of government b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.

          Assuming you are referring to a desire for definition “C”, who in your utopia determines what is “Harmful” and who enforces violations? Especially if all morality is subjective, justice will also be subjective. (How big of an offense was it and what should be the punishment?) These are the things of generational tribal warfare.

        • A is the closest! There is no utopia, anarchy doesn’t promise that only religions and systems of government promise that as a destination.

          Anarchy – with out rulers.

          That is what the word means, it is the true and only real root of the word. an archos – the absence of rulers

          It is not the absence of rules. In an anarchy individuals and groups at times are given power to lead or authority to make decisions for a group. Such groups or individuals are subject to immediate recall of said power and anyone is always free to leave and go else where.

          Perhaps this may give you some perspective,

          As for religious people not agreeing any longer with many blue laws, yea the latest bigotry was all related to gay marriage. As though their religious belief about marriage is grounds for using the force of the state to prevent others from their view of it. And don’t even try to tell me it isn’t the religious right holding back marijuana freedom. Just look at the states where no movement has occurred, that is all you need to do. I have talked to these people and they say almost to a person, “but we have got to have morality”. Seriously?

          Genesis 1:29 – “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

          Oh yea since you are new another thing you may not know, though now I consider myself a Deist in religious context, I was born and raised Catholic and attended Catholic School. As a young adult I converted to Methodist, I was a teacher in church groups and a lay minister. Due to this the hypocrisy I see from the religious right in how they desire the government to enforce their will upon others is mind boggling. Last I checked marijuana was a seed bearing herb, given to me by God according to the very people who wish that others be put in a cage for its possession.

        • I guess I should add, when I say religion I mean them all, including the worst of all religions statism!

          The truth is any religion that has ever done real harm was only able to do so as an adjunct to the true cancerous religion of statism. The state has been smart enough though to blend the majority religion into what they call patriotism in their statist rituals and training. You know like this,

          The state has always made false patriotism feel like the religion of the majority. It causes a fierce loyalty, it is quite a sophisticated form or brain washing. The group prayer to a cloth, penned by a socialist, who’s uncle owned a factory producing those cloths springs to mind. You call it the pledge of allegiance. Tell a right wing conservative that you don’t say the pledge and they blow a gasket.

          Very few are aware of its origins, or the manner in which it was said prior to the end of WWII,

        • I’m sorry brother, but I find the broadbrush descriptions and your view of the modern American experience for people of the Christian faith to be exaggerated at best and certainly outdated. Actual modern day events (Not left over out dated laws) have Christians being the ones who are being hauled into courts, losing their business, having heavy fines levied against, property ceased. The power to control their own time talents, and energies (Freedoms) are being stripped away daily, often without due process, and the scarlet letter “Bigot” ACCUSATION being the only evidence. State forced labor is what you purport to be against! Your perceived Christian “enemies” are the only people that it is socially acceptable to persecute.

          The articles regarding Anarchy read like a really bad NPR transcript where the inconvenient “Details” are skated over, and unsubstantiated assumptions are presented as obvious realities.

          The fact remains that regardless anyone’s custom, self described, hyphenated version/label of “Civilized Society”, individual people, in their desire to serve self, violate others or are violated by others because humans are flawed. Though they themselves know what “Ought or ought-not” to be done, they act contrary to that even in their own eyes. To assume that ANY other human, or group of humans (State OR religious) is going to flawlessly administer this is a fantasy. (Even the creation of “Rules” is subject to this fact let alone the enforcement.) You extend every possible grace to the fantasy and none to the reality (Which you are correct is definitely not close to flawless.) This does not allow for an honest assessment or debate.

          Your version of “Anarchy” as described indeed would also have a state and it would also be subject to human failings, greed, power lust etc just like any other administration.
          We can debate what powers a state should or should not have, how it should be administered, and what should the checks and balances be, consequences etc – But your redefined “Anarchy” is just another state by another name.

          It dies from it’s original definition and becomes another state by a thousand qualifications.

        • The lack of knowledge displayed in the above precludes me from taking this further.

          As for Christians hauled into court, basically most of it is over blown nonsense. There are a few RARE exceptions. Like the one actual cake thing. In the end if you think baking a cake for a gay wedding is some how harming your faith though, read your own book.

          The issue with most Christians (note MOST) that want to apply faith to politics is their selective use of their bibles.

        • Really? “ …lack of knowledge displayed” ? You are not being intellectually honest.

          When confronted with obvious issues in a simple article and scenario that you presented you want to dodge with condescension.

          Moreover, you are being an absolute hypocrite by glibly spouting “As for Christians hauled into court, basically most of it is over blown nonsense.” AFTER repeatedly bellowing absolutist statements like…

          “I absolutely 100% consider it immoral when one group assaults the freedoms and liberty of another group. I don’t care why.”

          “…the taking of property or liberty from any individual who is harming no one is ALWAYS WRONG, the end. “

          “Many of us are about tired of people compelling us to live other than the way we choose… who we can and can’t do business with”

          Maybe you should have qualified these statements with “Unless it is a group that I have issues with.” (Regardless if the issues are broad-brushing whole people groups)

          You are obviously letting personal prejudices render it impossible for you to maintain a consistent position. That’s being generous. The arrogance, with which you present the hypocrisy, just showcases your anger. Yeah, I’m done with this one too.

        • Again just more stawmen and other fallacies.

          ONE example – I said, “As for Christians hauled into court, basically most of it is over blown nonsense. There are a few RARE exceptions. Like the one actual cake thing. ”

          The point yes there have been attacks that are unwarranted, and my position on this is well known, I think in a private business anyone should be able to refuse service to anyone.

          The over blown nonsense is because there are 2 or 3 actual places where this has happened, and those are awful but if you listen to the right wing you’d think this was happening 20 times a day. You’d think the fing gestapo was making priests marry gay couples in churches every day. Total number of times an actual church has been forced to marry anyone? Zero! It has never happened.

          I speak out for groups that do things I don’t like all the time, all the time. I defend the liberty of all, every damn day.

          And I take exception when ANY GROUP tries to force their will upon others. And the religious right is just one of MANY such groups.

        • Let me add the bitch in TN, the one with three divorces, the clerk that refused to follow TN law and issue marriage licenses. No she should not be able to do that, you take the government money as a clerk of courts you do what the state tells you to especially when it harms no one.

          I just wonder in say 10-20 years how many of the people who were so opposed to gay marriage will pretend they never were. Kind of like racists from the 60s, by the 70-80s there were just not too many left.

          Of course my actual stance on the issue is as follows, government should not be involved in the institution of marriage. Period. However, if they are to be, equal protection under the law applies, and no one should be discriminated upon due to their sex. So the court decision was not only right, it should have been unamious if the justices all did their actual jobs of interpretation of the constitution, without injecting their opinions.

        • Let me add the only reason government started issuing marriage licenses in the US was to prevent interracial marriage. Look it up.

    • Too bad that no one has commented about the CDC

      Interesting that Christianity is a patriarchal conservative run religion that is very popular with women as it goes and many women naturally tend towards liberalism. There’s a yin/yang thing there probably

      Islam has gotten Steffan Molenue inspired to say some favorable things about the Christian religion which I would not have expected from him a few years ago ..

      Trends in religion come and go throughout history so who knows if some sort of revival won’t happen in 2o years .. no way to predict exactly.
      A revival in Christianity is an ideal response to islamic invasion

      • though any revival in religion is likely to be unique in some ways from any previous movements

      • A church being a container is often thought of as female – the mother church ..

  10. I’m listening to the book The 5th Wave. In it the main character who is 16 shot a rabbit with an M16 and blew it to pieces. Later she fired it and it kicked hard. Obviously the author had never fired one and assumed it was very powerful. Now young readers will assume the same.

  11. Jack that segment on millennials and gun ownership/2nd amendment would have been a good video. I would like to share it with some friends (morons).

  12. I love the topic of Homeschooling and how to handle dropping from 2 incomes to 1. My wife left her job to stay home and eventually she decided to get into Network Marketing (basically selling products and signing up other people to also sell products). Instead of opening storefronts to sell their products, the company pays generous commissions to anyone that signs up.

    I’m not here to spam, but she’s been doing it 8 or 9 months now and is making almost enough to be equivalent to a full time salary.