Episode-2223- Listener Feedback for 5-21-18 — 25 Comments

  1. Jack, is there any way you could post your commentary on the Texas school shooting in a shareable format like a youtube video or standalone audio post? Your insights are too important not to spread to those in our circles.

  2. Jack –
    Just a quick clarification coming from talking to the Taurus guys and gals at the NRAAM. The Millieum G2 has in fact been replaced by the G2C. It’s mostly the same gun inside with the same feature set but has Taurus’s new design language and a few other features. There’s also a G2S that is a single stack (think Shield/Glock 43) to replace the 709 Slim.

  3. Jack,

    Thank you for answering my question about my 401k. Your suggestion is not one I had thought of. In discussing it last night with my wife, we both thought it was a good idea. I’m going to consider it for a day or so and Ill decide then.
    Also, my wife and I are slowly integrating our finances. But your call to do that didn’t fall on deaf ears. We disvmcussed that too and will continue to do that.

    Thanks again, Jack.

    • It came to mind, I didn’t make it clear what suggestion I was referring to above. Just taking what I need to pay off the credit card balances is what I was talking about. Thanks.

  4. The kid was a white supremacist nazi sympathizer who taunted his victims before killing them. He harassed that girl until she couldn’t take it anymore and he was a crap human. Hopefully parents learn to raise better kids and lock their guns up properly. This is the new normal for the current state of America and people just need to deal with it, because the populace isn’t going to do anything about it; schools, properly storing guns, bullying, whathaveyou. I agree, they need to be studied.

    • Really he was a Nazi?  So like all good Nazis he wore the communist hammer and sickle?  Oh I see.

      White supremacist?  So like all good white supremacists he wore the Japanese Rising Sun?  Oh I see again.

      So what I see is you parroting what you heard but not what you actually researched.

      It is comforting isn’t it to just write off this kid as a “crap human nazi”?  Takes away all sense of community responsibility for what is wrong in our youth doesn’t it?  Makes you feel like it could never have been you in that situation right?  Let’s just all pretend that it was inevitable that this kid was always going to be a mass murderer.  That nothing could have ever been different.

      I mean of course he was crap human, we know that because his fucking coach said that he smelled like crap all the time right?

      Yes let’s just all pretend that our current system isn’t creating these shootings, let’s pretend that all of them are crap humans who were always going to do something like this from birth.

      Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, cuz if that is the case may be we can find these people with some sort of testing or something and get rid of them before they hurt any one.  We could have like big camps for them, tell them they smell like crap and to go take a special shower, and then we would, well, wouldn’t that make us the Nazis?

  5. I’m an individualist anarchist, so if you join into marriage, you and your spouse should know each other well enough to decide individually and together what to do with your finances. Do what works for y’all. I would keep mine separate with a joint account for communal expenses, regardless of what the state does. Two make two, not one. So you do not lose your autonomy in a joining- you are your own separate, whole human being; you simply learn to make decisions in communion.

    • You can and should do what ever you want to do.  You know I support that.  However all choices have consequences and in general couples that keep money separate don’t do as well as those that understand they are both all in together.

      If you want to be “autonomous” stay single.

  6. I’ve read the reports from kids hiding in the closet of what he said and did, so yes he was a crap human by those accounts. No, I would never do that. I know myself well. Thanks.

    We’ll have to disagree because you do not lose autonomy in marriage; maybe a religious marriage, but as a joining of two people- no. Binary thinking only gets one so far.

    • You read the reports of kids hiding, and from that you know the entire story. Well, wow, isn’t that jus amazing.

      Let me give you analogy, how you deal with anything in life is a choice, you don’t know what choice you will make until you are subjected to everything that goes into that choice. So unless you had been subjected to the exact life this kid had, every minute of it, you don’t know what you would do. I am sure today you can say, “I would never do that” and mean it, because you know yourself as you say. But how did that YOU become the YOU that YOU are?

      Let’s put it another way, taking a dump is a choice isn’t it? You have control over your body, so if you kind of need to take a dump, you can hold it in. Its a choice. But how long can you hold it before you shit on yourself? I know it is disgusting to think about but it is a perfect analogy. Everyone has a different level of control, but given enough time, sooner or later everyone will break.

      Some people handle stress better than others, but given enough stress, long enough everyone has a breaking point.

      But again let’s just write off every kid that does this and say they are just crap people, because then again, we can feel a little more comfortable, right up until it happens enough times that we are finally ready to actually discuss the problem anyway.

  7. I gotta agree with Jack on the marriage and money thing.  The biggest cause of Divorce in north america is money problems.  Merging your finances doesn’t solve that in an of itself, but it forces you to talk things through that might be hushed over or covered up till they are much bigger problems.  Wife and I got married very young, and on day 1 we got joint accounts, and have merged everything 100% since then.  I think that was a huge factor in us getting through some tough times.  I tell everyone I know to never have his and hers money, its our money.

  8. It is a major issue and I advocate joint and separate accounts, but it depends on the couple. At the end of the day, the problem is couples not knowing each other and not learning to collaborate and compromise. Personally, I think it’s because the global focus is always on leaders and leadership, rather than stressing the importance of working together and cooperation. None of that means you have to lose your independence; not even monetarily. Which is where I disagree.

    • Isn’t marriage all about interdependence?

      If you want to be independent just keep seeing each other now and then. Maybe one of you can lease a bedroom to the other

    • If you don’t know each other well enough and work together well enough for a joint bank account, you don’t know each other well enough to be married.

  9. “I was bullied and I got over it” is exactly the point.

    The reason kids used to get over it was because they were expected to.  Prior generations thought of it as, not something for kids to be 100% insulated from, but as a learning experiences for being able to deal with the future failures, rejections and confrontations we all experience in life.  Just like letting a little kid fall down and get a scrape or bruise.  That is the best way for them to learn to watch where they are going.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying bullying is a good thing or that it was encouraged or condoned.  I’m just saying that this incessant bubble wrapping of kids today is, in the long run, much worse than the hurt feelings and bums & bruises we experienced while our bones were still made of rubber.

    By insulating kids from all the “bad” things in life, all we are doing is postponing the inevitable until they are old enough and big enough to do real damage to themselves and others.

    Who in their right mind would think that it is a good idea to have a boys first experience with rejection come from a pretty girl just after puberty while hormones are raging?  Should we in any way be surprised with what we are seeing?


    • Sorry you are missing a great deal here. One big on is that when we were kids and a kid was bullied when he or she got home, it was over and done. Today these kids are taunted 24/7 on social media. And don’t say something like, well then they should not be on it. Because it doesn’t matter the other kids do horrible shit to them with it anyway, so even if they don’t see it at home they know it is going on.

      Additionally you are correct about the bubble wrapping to a degree that is for sure, but not as it relates to bullying. Letting kids deal with failure is fine, we need to do it. But bullying is in two words in general “fucking assault”. There is no place other than the school system and prison that humans are expected to “just deal with it” when it comes to shit like this.

      It also isn’t just bullying that is the problem, again schools and the programming they are doing to our children are the problem.

  10. Thanks for providing an alternative way of looking at these school shootings. IMO, you’re absolutely correct in the need to think of a solution to this as a whole/holistic one and not simply view this as a problem that can be resolved by a simple cookie cutter one-size-fits-all solution.

    Definitely food for thought.

    On another topic you raised in today’s show, I’d like to add my vote for a future episode to discuss ways to get a better price for selling your house. Given property is something most people want at some stage, I think it would make a great show.

  11. There was only one thing missing from your rant. They teach about school shootings in school. I noticed a writing assignment about Columbine laying on a table today. Wouldn’t that likely inspire, kinda like DARE actually increased drug use?

  12. When I saw this in itunes, this episode had the E for “explicit” next to it.  LOL.  Good episode.  I’m interested in that book about selling houses and these discussions are helpful.

  13. Regarding couples with separate checking accounts… my wife and I have separate accounts. This was not done willingly, but my wife was pissing me off so much with her crazy spending that it was either separate our accounts or divorce. (She is much better now, but we still have separate accounts.)

    I transfer a lump sum of money from my account to hers for running the household, clothes and medical things. I no longer track all the dumb things she buys. They are dumb to me. To her they are vital. With separate accounts we no longer get into arguments over every little purchase.

    Now I no longer feel compelled to control her spending. I can let go and trust because if something goes south she will come to me rather than taking the money because it is “ours”. Yes. It is “ours” but I am part of the “ours” and “us”. I have plans for that money too. Having separate accounts forces us to consult each other and that’s all I really want.

    I’d rather be happy than right.

    Alex Shrugged

  14. Regarding non-alcoholic mead, I once looked into making non-alcoholic ginger ale. I drink a mint and ginger tea that helps with my vertigo. I thought a little carbonation might really help. As I paged through the directions, they said that I had to be exact in certain processes in order NOT to create alcohol at the same time.

    I said to myself, “Oh. No. I don’t want to make any alcohol,” and continued reading.

    Then it hit me.

    “Is that a possibility?”

    I chucked the whole idea. If I want to carbonate anything I’ll set up a CO2 tank and do it that way.

    People trying to get sober by substituting a non-alcoholic version of an alcoholic beverage are called… ALCOHOLICS. Try Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s free and less likely to get you drunk again.

    Alex Shrugged

  15. I had an old Explorer (1993) I used as a cheap off/on road vehicle.  (Paid $750 drove 4 years and sold for $1200)  It was our backup car, had a 4” lift and wide tires, but otherwise stock.  We are mostly concerned avoiding leaving deep ruts and the EX would go almost as good as a SxS.  To soft for that and I go to a 2×4 Honda 300 with wide tires on the rear.  If the Honda is leaving ruts, so would walking.  😉

    Besides weight, my biggest concern with the F150 is width.  The EX could turn tight and slide through some overgrown trails.  Not as good as a fourwheeler, but better than the pickups and I had a place to keep gear and kids out of wind and rain cutting wood or working fence.  🙂

    Best bet is to find a recently wrecked old Ranger, Toyota 4×4, 4Runner, etc. that still runs and drives but has “significant cosmetic issues”.  Then fix the cosmetic issues with a torch.  LOL

    • Thanks for the kind words but I dread the next time I have to speak on this subject, my fear is the next one is going to be far worse than any so far.

  16. I think you got into the we can see these things coming because of “red flags”. I think a serious discussion about what constitutes a red flag and is it actually a false positive needs to happen there, but I largely agree with you that toxic schools are a major factor. As are a lack of discussion about and support for mental illnesses and a major focus on glorifying these people as well.