Episode-1137- Listener Feedback for 5-28-13 — 12 Comments

  1. Awesome I just paid almost $900 for Geoff Lawton’s PDC!
    Now there is a free one?

    No so far the course has been worth every penny! Mr Lawton is an incredible instructor.

    • Well you get what you pay for you know. Geoff’s is a real PDC with certification at the end, real time feed back, all his videos for free, the entire thing on DVD, the earth works course as a bonus, etc. The other is just a bunch of vids from a PDC by people I have never heard of.

    • I’m currently about 15 videos in on the free course Jack talked about. You get what you pay for, I’m learning some from these videos but nothing close to what I’ve learned from listening to Jack & watches his videos. I’d tell anyone interested in permaculture to give the free course a try but you get what you pay for. If I had $950 extra laying around I would of signed up for Geoff’s course in a heartbeat.

  2. that Victorian Kitchen Garden series is excellent – i want to watch it again after the Lawton PDC…!

  3. just thought of a good tshirt for TSP:

    “If you don’t know about The Survival Podcast,
    then you don’t know Jack!”

    I know I’d ove one… if anyone makes it I just want one.. feel free to steal this tagline.

  4. I registered for the free online pdc, and it said one of the instructors is Larry Korn who studied under Fukuoka

  5. Jack, I think you overstate the case for the BRICS countries ability to work together. China is definitely heading for #1 economically, but there are long standing issues between China and Russia to the north, and India to the south. India is concerned enough about Chinese power that they’ve started naval exercises with Japan last year and are assisting Vietnam’s oil exploration in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

    My opinion is that China is pushing territorial claims against Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam so hard they may overstep. Especially, if they continue to build their military. All bets are off in that case!

    Here’s a good article from The Economist on the topic –

  6. BRICS thoughtt: As more internation exchange happens outside of the US dollar I expect we’ll see inflation. Image that the international dollar expenditure if 10 time greater than the US GMP – then when we print 10 units of money we only see 1 unit of inflation. As the US loses control of the world reserve currancy printing money will have a more rapid inflationary response.

  7. Jack, you were saying that nobody you knew was predicting back in 1984 that Brazil would be a world economic power. Funny you should mention that. I read a science fiction book in 1984 called “America 2040” by Evan Innes. In the book, Innes describes Brazil of 2040 as a major economic player, with control of strategic metals (in the fiction, the big deal was rhenium) and a huge space program of its own.

    I remember thinking back then–Brazil? A major player, and a space power?

    I think if Brazil wanted a space program today, they could have one, and it ain’t even 2040 yet. And for sure, they are a major economic power.

    Thanks for the clear discussion of these issues.

  8. The online permaculture course mentioned in this episode is pretty terrible. I had high hopes for it, but it’s so poorly done it’s hard to watch. After giving up on that course I searched a bit and found what looks to be a really top notch course on permaculture. It’s 29 lectures of over an hour in length. It includes reading assignments and projects. I have only just started the course, but I’m very impressed so far.

  9. I found the reference to storage of grapes. “The Book of the Grape” by Henry William Ward. On page 69 through 71 explains the method of storage described in the video link I sent to you.

    I found the book online at Google books and downloaded it.