Episode-2662- Listener Feedback for 5-18-20 — 7 Comments

  1. Regarding Texas Tomato Food:  They are making it as fast as they can, but run out frequently.  I tried placing orders 1-2 times a day for 3 days, and was finally able to order.  My shipment arrived 2days ago

    UPDATE:  As of 5pm Pacific time May 18th, TTF is back in stock.

  2. Another nutrient option which seems to be readily available…

      I have used Greenway Biotech products in the past and happy with the results.  Their’s is a 2part dry mix, so be sure to get the Tomato Nutrient AND the Cal Mag Plus.  They offer a variety of sized of both, so purchase accordingly.  Below links are just examples.  In round numbers you need about 5lbs of each to make about 1000gallons of nutrient.

  3. Hey jack, another great alternative to the master blend is fox farms. I’ve used their products for years now. You can get a trio pack or my best choice the 12 pack which comes complete with all micros and your macros. I’ve ran master blend also and really love the product but if you can not get your hands on that then fox farms is awesome. General hydroponics seems a little too hot. I’ve burned a lot of plants following their recommended dosage. Just a thought.

  4. Re: CO2 poisoning

    Jack, I will match the ‘CO2 poisoning from masks idiocy’, and raise with a greater idiot with an article on Zerohedge last week. Said greater idiot, in a stunning display of anti-mask retarded rationalization, likened ‘wearing a mask is rebreathing your own air which is JUST like drinking your own urine!’. If I remember right, he also likened it to eating one’s own poop. I mean, WOW…

    I thought about finding the article to link it, but I already feel slightly dumber for having read the article so I will spare the rest of you. As a rule I expect to see a lot of dumb shit on Zerohedge, and accept that as the trade-off in finding the handful of worthwhile articles there. But for the past couple months they’ve abandoned any semblance of an idiocy filter with the articles from 3rd parties they post.


  5. pretty sure you can order TTF from

    I call in orders all the time but they are about 20 min drive from me. They carry all kinds of local to mid-west products.