Episode-436- Listener Feedback 5-17-10 — 10 Comments

  1. Jack, the advice you gave to the military wife was beautiful. Especially the part about making sure both husband and wife are focused and have common goals.

  2. Where do I send my photo for The Revolution is You? (What email address?) Thanks.

  3. @Linda,

    Sorry if I didn’t say it on the air but I say it every day but never type it anywhere online, I HATE email bots that harvest addresses.

    That said my name is Jack and if you sent an email to jack at the name of this site it just might end up in my inbox, ;>)

  4. my husband’s uncle had a safe deposit box during the great depression and the bank took everything in it – they closed their doors then reopened under a different name – he never got back the contents of the safe deposit box, his checking acct or his savings. They did however foreclose on him for failure to pay his mortgage after stealing his money. Another man had his gold coins in the safe deposit box – he never got it back and committed suicide after that Be wary of banks. I keep only a small amt in checking and have no loans with the bank. I would not trust banks.

  5. Just because it is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. My favorite example to customers at the garden center I work at is the death angel mushroom. It’s natural, but I wouldn’t eat it.
    Jack, I have to disagree with you assertion that neem oil does not kill beneficial insects. The organic oils and soaps kill by suffocation and smothering, so neem oil sprayed on eggs of benifical insects such as ladybugs and lacewings will be killed by the smothering action of the oil. So care must be used regardless of wether or not the pest ingests the pesticide. It is labelled for control of scale, and in the adult stage of scale, they don’t move (only the immature or “crawlers” will). The only way it could possibly control the adult scale is by suffocation.

  6. @hotpepper,

    When used at the recommended concentrations neem doesn’t kill the way other oil based organics do. The key is how much oil is used per gallon of water, again at the recommenced concentrations there isn’t enough to smother anything. What you are saying is true of things like canola based pesticides, neem simply isn’t used the same way.

  7. We’ve always tried to stay as close to the “natural way” as possible with our garden and orchard. I love the idea that I can pull a strawberry, rinse it with the garden hose and eat it on the spot without worrying about what kind of residual sprays might be on it. I do, however, use DE (diatomaceous earth) from time to time. It is non-selective and will kill your beneficial insects, but sometimes there’s little choice when you get an infestation of some critter. What I’ve learned, however, is that there is usually some underlying reason for the infestation (unhealthy plants, too much or too little water, etc) so bugs are attacking for that reason. Treating the cause rather than the symptom usually does a better job.

    Thanks again for great topics, Jack.

  8. Some additional points to consider on getting a post secondary degree. 1st the number of letter carriers with degrees doesn\’t necessarily translate into debt for them. I am a postal clerk with a BS in Criminal Justice. About 80% of postal employees are veterans, myself included. I used the GI bill along with scholarships to avoid debt.

    Of my fellow postal employees who have degrees I know of none who have debt associated with it. As a lot we tend to be fairly open about money matters.

    Regarding the viability of a degree with out the direct link to employment, I feel getting a degree does help you become a more well rounded person. I liken it to my time in the military. I got exposure to people, ideas, and stresses in both that I would have difficulty replicating outside.

    My degree did allow me to get a part time job teaching Marksmanship at my alma mater.

    My wife, a stay at home mom, has a BA in Marketing. Her degree was earned with little debt ($5K) which has long ago been payed off. Her experience has helped us in managing our family as well as various short term business ventures.

    She wants to get certs in Permaculture and as a residential electrician.

    All are or could be tools in our tool box.

    Thanks for the work you are doing.

  9. Jack, I\’m not trying to be a Sh**head, but I looked up a label and it clearly states \"Kills eggs, larvae, and adult insects.\" when used at the labeled amount. If you are using less than the \"Mix 70% NEEM OIL at the rate of 2 tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) per gallon of water.\" you run a greater risk of pesticide resistance building up. If you are using a product that says otherwise on the label, please share it with me. Remember, \"the label is the law.\" (eventhough I think they don\’t know the difference between their butt and a hole in the ground)

  10. If you have a bugout location but are worried about somebody raiding any building that is on it then think about having a “Disguised Location”.
    Sort of a hidden bunker to stash your supplies in that would be very hard to find.
    Check out this thread on TSP Forum for some scans of plans for a shelter that just may be the ticket for keeping your stuff safe while your away.