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  1. Justin Amash is a libertarian at the federal level (might even be more libertarian and Uncle Ron).


  2. Yup, in Canada, my bank offers 1.2% on a ‘high yield’ savings account
    Hmmm that is 12,000 a year in interest; on a million dollars Could I live off that?


      • My grandmother used to have about 400k in the bank and lived off of the interest. That was in the early 1980’s. Times sure have changed.

        • @Mysterion –
          While you’re probably just a disinfo agent.. 😉

          ‘just raising capital gains taxes..’
          ‘stop allowing money to be transferred..’
          ‘they already came for our pensions..’

          look. you are living in a fascist state. ‘those people’, you know the ones you feel need to ‘pay their fair share’.. we’ll they’re in charge. your little D & R shirts up on the hill work for them. so no, THEY are not going to be taxed. ‘The Government’ is THEIR stooge.. when the government comes for your money, its not for you, its FOR ‘THEM’. right now, the government is NOT CONTROLLED by ‘we the people’, and therefore it is NOT INTERESTED in the welfare of ‘we the people’.. its only interested in the welfare of its ‘corporate’ masters (Corps are just people hiding behind a legal facade.. so its really a group of elites).

          So, seriously. WTFudge r u talking about? The republic is being systematically looted. All of the seed corn has been eaten.. and the average sucker on the street still thinks that ‘the people’ are in control.

          People that were promised (SS, a fat pension, a comfortable old age).. were LIED TO. The money was either stolen.. or never put aside in the first place (underfunded pensions)..

          You can ‘demand’ all you want.. if the cupboard is bare, the cupboard is bare. The seeds weren’t planted, there is no harvest. And like every time in history this has happened (no.. we’re not ‘special’).. the starving will demand that the seed that’s been planted.. the seed we’re depending on for tomorrow, be dug up, so they can eat it now.. making the problem worse. (that’s called taxation by the way.. lets destroy all the seed in the ground, and confiscate the seed before its planted)

          so yeah.. fight away.. march in the streets and demand that the laws of realities be changed to match the lies you’ve foolishly believed. TANSTAAFL and the check is about to arrive.

          P.S. on ‘just raise taxes’.. my taxes went WAY UP this year.. you know what I’m doing? working a LOT LESS to lower my taxes. Why bust my ass to stay in a high tax bracket just to have it taken away from me? My goal now? Get self-sufficient to the point that the amount of money I need puts me in the ‘poverty’ category.. so I don’t have to pay ANY income taxes. So.. how are those higher tax rates working for you? You just incentivized a highly productive individual to stop working and shut down his business. Ahh progress.

      • The ira issue is a red herring.

        Just raising capital gains taxes back to the rate it was under Reagan and stop allowing money to be transferred to offshore tax havens without penalties would fix alot of the revenue issues that plague us –allowing the concentration of wealth at these levels is destroying the middle class and government.

        because you have more than others. It is just a special privilege created for those who have more than they can spend in a lifetime, because these people are special, and of course deserve special rules because they are better than everyone else and need to be rewarded for their specialness.

        We all can’t be special, of course, and those people are just better and deserve to rule.This is how those that have power and privilege retain power and privilege over the rest of us common peons.

        Look Jack, they already came for the pensions, and government allowed business to steal the pensions of workers that bargained for their retirement and won the contracts through collective bargaining. This is why you hate collective bargaining–it empowers employees to get a better share of the wealth created by their labor. You cant manipulate wager earners individually with collective bargaining. It is why union workers have kept up with the rate of inflation and standard of living that no union workers don’t enjoy.

        We talked about wages in right to work states vs union states last time we had this conversation. It’s clear to everyone that right to work states have the worst poverty and uninsured workers , and we know where they worst region is for this lack wager earning power is.

        This war we have with taxation and power that is happening is really all about who gets to retire and who doesn’t. The wealthy are destroying the retirement of those who worked for wages. That is it in a nutshell.

        The wealthy don’t need social security of course. The working man depends on it, and should get it because they worked for it. Wage earners didnt steal it, they worked for it, and they worked for everything else like safety regulations in the workplace and unemployment insurance. The working class should fight for the things they earned through working their entire lives, and they shouldn’t allow you to destroy their retirement because you don’t think they deserve it any longer.

  3. If you want to get a handle on just how far Russians are ahead of us in the West in regards to home vegetable gardening just look around for Google Earth for a town with a reasonably clear image taken at the start of the growing season. One I can point to is the town of Onega. Cleared earth in practically every backyard -and that’s at the same latitude as Fairbanks.

  4. Hmm . . . is boneless KFC the next money-maker for Monsanto? Reminds me of Margaret Atwood’s 2003 book Oryx & Crake, where she predicted “ChickieNobs”, a transgenic organism:

    “This is the latest,” said Crake.
    What they were looking at was a large bulblike object that seemed to be covered with stippled whitish-yellow skin. Out of it came twenty thick fleshy tubes, and at the end of each tube another bulb was growing.

    “What the hell is it?” said Jimmy.

    “Those are chickens,” said Crake. “Chicken parts. Just the breasts, on this one. They’ve got ones that specialize in drumsticks too, twelve to a growth unit.

    “But there aren’t any heads…”

    “That’s the head in the middle,” said the woman. “There’s a mouth opening at the top, they dump nutrients in there. No eyes or beak or anything, they don’t need those.”

    Animal rights activists try to free the ChickieNobs, but they can’t move, see, or eat independently.

  5. I’m going to start calling my garden a “Liberty Garden” in honor of my Grandparents “Victory Gardens.” Everyone growing some or all of their own food is the only way I see to survive what is coming.

  6. I have several illnesses from agent orange.I do have 6 months of freeze dried food.I have bought a 4 wheel new truck just to bug out.I have the book on strategic relocation. I am worried about loosing my V.A pension if shit happens.I have enough to relocate and asked my family to go but you get three answers to that question. Physically i suck but can drive and shoot.I am trying to get stronger but it will take a while.I have been a back to the earth movement foe 30
    years but didn’t think I would still be alive,so I didn”t prepare like I should.Where to go where there are people like me.

  7. Jack,
    I’m a 36 year old that is guilty of not liking to eat foods like ribs because it’s a pain to deal with the bones. I eat tons of hard boiled eggs though, which doesn’t seem like a big difference compared with ribs. I still agree with your view though.

    • This boneless chicken rant is ridiculous. All of you know when you buy any meat whatsoever, you are paying for it by the pound. I don’t know anyone that sucks the marrow out of bones. We know the indians used to do it–and it was for a good reason–hunter gatherers in north america didnt have alot of fat that they needed in their diets. In the middle ages,people made feasts before famines because they knew they were going to star later. Indian tribes often went hungry during the winter.

      It wasn’t even until the late 1800’s that the mortality rate started to rise because of better methods of agriculture and they use of ice to get food to the market without spoilage from longer and logner distances away from the food supply. You know the rest.

      I always debone all the chicken I buy, and remove the fat and the skin. Now if people want to buy it laready prepared that way at the butcher, more power to them for eating healthier. OTOH, most people don’t know that many butcher counters at supermarket chains will take the cut of meat you buy and do this for you free, if you just ask….

      • Sorry, but removing the fat, bones, and skins is not healthier.
        Fat-free is not healthy. Look up “rabbit starvation” or “protein poisoning”. Your body needs fats.

        Bones add flavors and nutrients that your body needs. Look up “bone broth”.

        Leaving the skin on provides flavor, a small amount of fat that your body needs, and barely any more calories:

        Judging from all of your comments here tonight, you really are dug in to your myths and assumptions, and seem very defensive and angry that this show has challenged so many of them.
        Hopefully that’s a sign that you’re about to wake up. Living in the matrix might be comfortable, but it’s just an illusion – break out of your paradigm. You’ll definitely learn some new things, and there’s a bunch of us out here so it won’t be lonely.

        • Funny that you mentioned The Matrix Carrie! Last night when I read all of his comments this is what I almost posted but just didn’t feel like it.

          “You sound like when you got the choice of the red or the blue pill you took both and now are having an argument with yourself.”

          The reality is most people are deeply attached to these myths so much so they get very angry when anything points to flaws with them.

      • Yes, we all know that we pay for meat by the pound. Thing is, bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts cost less than half the cost of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and what you consider “waste” doesn’t make up half the raw weight.

        You said you don’t know people who suck marrow out of bones, but I know several people (including myself) that will eat bones. I also save the bones after I’ve cooked something like a chicken or a pork shoulder and then I make bone broth. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like bone broth that’s so full of gelatin that you can cut it when it’s cold. Here at the Wittekind homestead, we extract every last bit of food value from our foods. It’s cheaper, and it’s much more nutritious.

        I’m not even going to get into the fat-free fight. I know too many people who’re brainwashed by the government. In fact, just this morning, I almost through my TV because of a new “study” that “proved” that eating red meat gives you heart disease. My husband said, “Yeah, maybe — when you eat it with a baked potato and rolls.” We’re so willing to challenge the government every place else but on the food issue, and I just don’t get it!

        Even growing up as a blind kid, I ate meat on bones. I love chicken wings, ribs, pork chops, and steaks that still have the bone. Nobody ever took care of the bone for me, and even when I remember my grandma telling my mom to cut my food when I was 10, I was astonished that she thought I couldn’t do it.

        For some, bones might not be a sign of teacup kids. Some folks might not want to eat messy foods in public. (That’s why I never liked eating spaghetti in public because I didn’t want people staring at the blind person making a mess all over the place with long strands of spaghetti.) I do think, though, that removing the bones is a sign of how removed we’ve become from our food. My MIL who’s about to turn 58 won’t eat meat with bones and she won’t touch raw meat. In fact, my husband had never had a steak until he went to college, and even now, they don’t have adequate knives to handle a dry, overcooked piece of boneless beef roast. We HAVE to show our kids where their food comes from. If we don’t, we’re gonna have much worse trouble than boneless chicken from KFC.

      • To: Sarah, Jack, Carrie, Lisa, KC, and Rick:

        You have all spoken to various degrees about why we need to have chickens with bones in it, and one fully comment about raising chickens without bones like jellyfish fleshbag–which was amusing 🙂

        I only operate on one premise when it comes to this “healthy eating vs Obesity” debate.

        The premise is simple:


        This changes the perspective to address a serious problem we .have in America. As Jack correctly pointed in all of our discussion on this up to this point, the south is not the only region where obesity is high. Since 1985, obesity has exploded in this country.

        The CDC’s parameters for defining obesity is a 5′ 4″ tall person with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30% or greater. I don’t want to argue abot whethere the CDC chose the right parameters for their study. This is just a baseline figure to study the change in obesity rates of all of the states of the Union since 1985.

        I will post a link to the CDC study at the bottom of this post when I’m done. All of you should look at the PDF or Powerpoint presentation about the changes in obesity in the USA, and you can find that when you go to the link I provide, and on the right hand side column, and you will see two blue highlighted text links representing the adobe format and the powerpoint format, and then you can download them.

        Pay attention to Utah in particular. For one thing, that is the state I live in, and it is a republicans state filled with mormons that don’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol, or smoke. This in particular is atypical of the rest of the country, and Utah is considered a decent state as far as health is concerned.

        In 1985, Utah was a state that had 10% or less of the populace that reported obesity. There were several states that had zero reported obesity rates. None of the state reported obesity rates of 15% or greater.

        By 1995, there were no states that had obesity rates lower than 10%, and over half of the states reported obesity rates of 15-19%.

        By 1997, 3 states reported obesity rates greater than 20%.

        By 2000, only 1 state reported obesity rates lower than 15%: Colorado.

        By 2002, no states reported obesity rates less than 15%. Three states exceeded 25% for the first time.

        By 2007, only 1 state reported obesity rates less than 20%: It was
        Colorado again. The majority of states had obesity in the 25-30% range.

        By 2010, no states reported obesity rates less than 20%. This is where we are today.

        This is all self induced health care risks created by the people and their dietary habits. Heart disease is the Leading Cause of death in the USA. Cancer is a close second in death rates. Strokes are 4th, Diabetes is 7th. From a survivalist standpoint, it makes alot of sense to eliminate these health problems in our lives if we can.

        Only heart disease is almost entirely preventable. Strokes and diabetes also can be reduced in the same way with changes in diet.

        That is the entire basis of my argument about eating a healthy diet.

        • And boneless chicken will help this how? You do realize the problems with chicken from KFC, Popeyes, etc are not related to the lack or existance of bones or skin right. They are

          1. Chickens raised in filth fed GMOs
          2. Breading full of carbohydrates deep fried in fat

          Besides as usual you are missing the entire point and showing what an idiot you are. The teacups KFC and others are courting are not looking for skinless and boneless because it is healthy they are “grossed out” by bones and find “bones to much to deal with” from their own marketing studies. Your point is meaningless because yet again you “tilt at windmills” (please look that up and lean something).

          You are arguing a point no one made! This isn’t about people needing bones, we discussed it a bit because you took it there and are even wrong about that but the point is about resiliency in our young people.

  8. Query:

    So, a state goes ‘broke’ (can’t meet its obligations with tax revenue).. obviously on the way they increase taxes and decrease ‘services’.. but then what?

    They can’t really go ‘bankrupt’ the way a city can, and the Federal government doesn’t really have any sort of ‘jurisdiction’ over a state (without some serious constitutional changes.. the state would have to become some sort of federal territory).. so what happens exactly?

  9. Jack, could you allow us to edit our own posts after we post a reply? It is aggravating to not be able to do it here.

    • Jack, libertarians have a giant problem. You want to define everything in the world for the rest of us, and supposedly we have accept your definitions on everything, including the role of government and the constitution, how we need to regulate morality, and why we need to trust the invisible hand of Adam Smith , so the markets can goose us all in the natural way, because the invisible hand determined we needed an economic wedgie to punish us for our purchasing choices of the past.

      I vehemently disagree. We need to quit letting you conservatives to define how we are supposed to think, act, and feel. We will determine the role of government, because we are the people, and the government is the people, and that means all of us, not just the privileged few. The government isn’t the enemy. The government is US. Elitism is the enemy. The tyranny of elitism YOU stand for stands in the way of OUR progress,a we should stand up against it at every opportunity.

      • @Mysterion, you could start by learning that definitions of libertarian and conservative and STOP lumping me in with Paul Ryan and other people like him. Again you tilt at windmills sir, and I doubt you know what that means.

      • Mysterion, do you even listen to the show or is this your first time?
        If it’s your first time, shut the hell up and listen for a few more weeks before making your ASSumptions.

        Libertarians don’t want to define anything for you. We want to leave you the hell alone, and we want you to leave us the hell alone.
        That means you can’t steal from us, you can’t hurt us, you can’t infringe on our rights. Do whatever the hell you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt me in any way.

        That’s not elitism, that’s freedom.
        There’s either two choices, dude: Freedom, or Chains.

        It doesn’t matter if your chains are fuzzy and comfortable and they only hurt a little, once a year on April 15th. They’re still chains.

        It doesn’t matter if you use those chains to make people act in a more healthy way, to be safer, to take better care of themselves. They’re STILL chains.

        It doesn’t matter if the person holding those chains is the smartest person in the world, the most benevolent person in the world, the one person in the world who never, ever makes a mistake.

        Liberty or Tyranny. Freedom or Chains. Voluntaryism or Statism.
        There is NO in between. Period.

        If you choose chains, that’s fine. May they rest lightly upon you…

      • Libertarians do have a giant problem. A few giant problems actually. One problem are Democrats. Another problem is Republicans. But the biggest problem is the alarming lack of freedom we have and the public apathy towards retaining any freedoms what so ever.

    • To Carrie:

      I disagree with your premise that this is choice between freedom and chains. For one thing, Freedom is a state of mind. Letting others control how you think and what you feel is bondage as much as wearing chains is. As an atheist, I understand the freedom that comes from breaking the chains of bondage from religion and superstitious myth. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like good stories or that there is nothing to be learned from myth and legend.

      Joseph Campbell understood this well. He wasn’t concerned with whether a beleif system was truth or fable, he was interested in stories behind the beleifs, and wanted to understand how all of the myths and beliefs had common themes that linked them to each other. He was born an Irish Catholic. Whether he remained a catholic I cannot say.

      I dont think the main cause of america’s independence was freedom at all.
      It was about governance and self rule. it was not about aristocracies, plutocracies, or oligarchies, or about the priviledged ruling over the cooman man. It was about the people governing themselves. I am consistent in my arguments about libertarianism from this self rule idea. It is the equality and governance by ordinariy citizens that is the greatness of the USA. That has been destroyed by wealth and power that buy votes and elections and our congress that no longer represent the average citizen.

      My entire beleif is that the problems we have in America are almost solely the problems created by congress, who have changed the nature of representation in this country simple because wealth and power have corrupted every aspect of our lives. Libertarians in my mind support wealth and privilege, not freedom and independence.

      • @Mysterion –

        ‘Libertarians in my mind support wealth and privilege, not freedom and independence.’

        From Wikipedia:
        ‘Libertarianism is a set of related political philosophies that uphold liberty as the highest political end. This includes emphasis on the primacy of individual liberty, political freedom, and voluntary association. Libertarians advocate a society with a greatly reduced state or no state at all.

        The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines libertarianism as the moral view that agents initially fully own themselves and have certain moral powers to acquire property rights in external things. Libertarian philosopher Roderick Long defines libertarianism as “any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals”, whether “voluntary association” takes the form of the free market or of communal co-operatives. According to the U.S. Libertarian Party, libertarianism is the advocacy of a government that is funded voluntarily and limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence.’

        So, in your mind, you’re rejecting the commonly accepted definition of the term and assigning it to something else?

        You cannot reason a man out of a position he has not reasoned himself into.
        (Ben Franklin)

      • @Insidious

        Good name btw. The meaning of it is not lost to me. I am left handed, and one of my nicknames I had acquired in life became Sinister. It is a strange thing how people choose their names as opposed to have them chosen for them by others.

        Why do you suppose Ayn Rand made the title of one of her books, “The Virtue of Selfishness”? When you understand that Ayn was an atheist, then you understand her motivation. She was making a slam on Christianity and the virtue of Christ, and the virtue of Christ is about giving of yourself to others, and the selfless nature of sacrifice, sacrificing himself for the salvation of mankind.

        I see Libertarianism completely different from you, because it promotes self over others, and a separation of the individual from everyone else in society for the benefit of self. It does not promote unity, it promotes separation, and it promotes separation in the same way that states rights promotes disunity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There is no other axiom that embodies what Americana has always been about. It has always been about us as a group, with ideas that transcend America from being just another country into being the example of how humanity should govern themselves.

        Just like all ideological ideas, the utopian dream never materializes in the real world, and this is because the nature of man is imperfection. The utopian ideals you seek with individual freedom and independence don’t work when you need to govern a country. Sovereign citizens are just anarchists . Anarchy isn’t government, and it is never permanent. It is always a transition phase from one set of rules to another. People need government, and if there is none, they will create it. Individuals never created a civilization. It was the work of groups of people working together.

        • @Mysterion –
          Jack already mentioned objectivist v. libertarian.. and in my case, the name was given to me. 🙂

          Self-Sacrifice, as taught by Christ (and many other religions) is a conscious choice made by an individual. In no way does libertarianism (or objectivism) object to people choosing to sacrifice for the good of their families, communities or nation.

          What both object to is INVOLUNTARY sacrifice, also known as SLAVERY. Christ in no way taught that slavery was meritorious or to be desired (don’t get me going on ‘Paul-ianity’).

          Again.. CHOOSING to ‘sacrifice’ = good.
          Being FORCED to ‘sacrifice’ = bad.

          Even if others swear, completely unselfishly of course, 😉 that its for ‘your own good.’

          Sacrifice in and of itself is not virtuous. Choosing to is.

          As to anarchists..

          Yes, the definition of ‘Libertarian’ is VERY broad, and personally I don’t think the AVERAGE citizen of today is mature enough for personal autonomy. Simply based on current government program participation rates, half of the population is unable to care for themselves WITHIN a nanny state.

          But that doesn’t mean that I won’t work to move the ‘average’ away from dependence, and towards maturity and personal responsibility. The only other possibility is to continue to promote dependence, therefore ensuring collapse. [currently underway]

      • @Jack

        Listen. Hear that? The sound of silence…I dont hear any trumpets of the seven seals breaking wind just yet.

        The entire comment and references to Don Quixote make me laugh since you clearly don’t understand it. We arent talking about Bill Clinton’s blowjob, Fast and Furious, Social Security, or Ben Gazi are we? What about the idea that Obama is a Kenyan double agent that works for Islam? These are the windmills of the right, making mountains out of molehills and then presenting us solutions to complaints about problems that don’t exist. I would rather you go back to being the Do-Nothing party–the cure is always worse than the disease with conservativism.

        What you say you represent and what you really represent are two different things. I don’t know why this is so difficult to accept, since you say the same kind of things about Liberalism that just isn’t correct either, in my estimation. It is all subjective.

        And since we are here, I certainly didnt claim that she wasnt an objectivist, I did make the claim that she was an atheist and that that her book was a slam on the virtue of christ, since her book is about ego and self. As an atheist myself, I should be able to understand another atheist…. and I do

        So lets just call this a lesson in subjectivism, because we are never going to agree on what anything stands for..

        • You really are an idiot you know that right. Times the following have been mentioned on TSP.

          Bill Clinton’s blowjob – 0
          Fast and Furious – 0
          Social Security – Plenty though it would be impossible to discuss economics with out doing so
          Ben Gazi – 0
          The idea that Obama is a Kenyan double agent that works for Islam – 0

          Even when you finally look up the damn reference and learn what it means you keep doing it? Do you know how foolish this makes you look? You are at TSP but instead of debating Jack Spirko you are trying to debate Sean Hannity.

          One of my favorite spoof movies springs to mine and a quote from it, “you really are a spaceball, you know that don’t you”.

          Seriously what the hell are you doing even listening to TSP, what kind of idiot listens to something he disagrees with on a daily basis and doesn’t even know why he actually disagrees. I mean WTF do you listen to Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh before TSP and lump it all together? You just mentioned 5 things above, I have given 4 out of the 5 absolutely ZERO coverage as in none, never. Do you realize how absolutely daft that makes you appear?

  10. The no bone in meat this is such BS. What’s next we have to pre chew their food? Some parents just go to far. How far will some go to make their children “happy” ? This one takes the cake. 8 yr old girl poos and screams for me to come wipe her. I about fainted. I told her no I wont do that. She says well my mommy does because it scares me I might get poo on my fingers. She looked @me like I was going to say oh sweetie pie here let me do it. I just laughed handed her some soap and said here this is what we call poop remover. Wipe your self then wash your hands. Exit bathroom. She sat on the toilet and cried her legs went numb but eventually she handled it just fine. Good Friggen Grief !! I let that mom have it when she got back.

    • Ok, I’ll be honest. I thought Jack was over doing it a bit on the Tea Cup thing.

      Well, I stand corrected now!

    • Oh my dear GAWD! An 8-year-old cannot toilet herself??

      I don’t know what context it was where she begged you to wipe her butt, but if you are a school teacher or camp counselor, that is the kind of scenario where you could get accused of child molestation. Thankfully, the only accusation anyone could launch at you would be your FAILURE to touch her private area.

      As for the mother who raised/enabled that child since the age (possibly) 2 to be dependent upon others to wipe her butt, me be wondering if Mommy has OCD, and so when Mommy was toileting little Susie, Mommy was likely extra hyper about not wanting Susie to get poop on her hands. So Mommy was likely refusing to allow Susie the learning experience of making toileting mistakes at the age of 2 … and likewise at the age of 3 … and even the age of 4 … etc. And thus Susie was likely PREVENTED from ever wiping herself, and remained in such dependency for years until you came along and rescued her from such a crippling degree of helplessness.

  11. Regarding reverse motgages. We just witnessed a major downside for a local woman who had a reverse mortgage and he home was seized by eminent domain. The “market value” check went to the owner of the property, which was the reverse mortgage lender, and this 80 year old woman was booted from her house with no money to purchase a new residence. Just a word or warning if you are considering one of these. If I can find an article on this I’ll post it as a reply.

    • Now that is a huge downside! I don’t blame the bank for it, as usual the government should get 100% of that blame.

      • I once asked a real estate attorney what scenario would allow the homeowner to come out ahead of the game in a reverse mortgage arrangement. He said you should not do a reverse mortgage unless you intend to DIE in that house.

        But eminent domain on the reverse mortgage of an 80-year-old lady?? Shees! Who woulda ever seen THAT one coming??

  12. Regarding meat off the bone. I have to say that when I was growing up a lot of my neighborhood kids would refuse to eat a sandwich that their mothers hadn’t cut the crusts off. And we’re talking about the 1940s here.

  13. For the lady that was needing a clear definition of left, right, etc – this is the clearest explanation you’ll ever get. 7 minutes to give you an understanding that’ll last the rest of your life.

    Total Gov’t No Government
    Left Right
    Tyranny Freedom
    Statists Anarchists

    • Bah. There should be arrows and lines in between those sets of words. Figured wordpress would just use markup to keep them from being seen as code, but guess it didn’t. I’ll try curly parenthesis.

      Total Gov’t { – – – – – } No Gov’t
      Left { – – – – – } Right
      Tyranny { – – – – – } Freedom
      Statists { – – – – – } Anarchists

      • I like this is the most word thrifty explaination from the late Joseph Sobran:

        If you want government to intervene domestically, you’re a liberal.
        If you want government to intervene overseas, you’re a conservative.
        If you want government to intervene everywhere, you’re a moderate.
        If you don’t want government to intervene anywhere, you’re an extremist.

        He went on to explain the goverment-media lexicon:

        “Need” now means wanting someone else’s money.
        “Greed” now means wanting to keep your own.
        “Compassion” is when a politician arranges the transfer.

    • Thanks for sharing that video. It seems to affirm Jack’s assertion that our Republic is being consumed by modern neofascism.

      If you hear about a movement (headed up by progressive liberals) where the states come together to amend the US Constitution for campaign finance reform and lobbyist reform, then please consider it based on its merits and not by who is behind it. An Amendment by the states might be our only hope to get needed reform in DC.

  14. Not surprised about the boneless chicken being preferred by tea cup kids. My sister-in-law used to make different meals for her two kids if they complained about the food. Making different meals and other things she did for them pretty much ruined them, so they have little ambition and expect many things to be done for them, even through they are in their 20’s.

    On a more positive note, my wife and I are helping raise our grandchildren and they are not spoiled. My two grandsons love having a whole turkey leg to eat, of course, on the bone. Granddaughter is a little picky, but not afraid of bones. All of them spend a good deal of time playing outside, where there’s plenty of dirt, rocks, sticks, and room to run and yell.

    • You know how this starts right? Parrents terrified that the picky eater will never eat and starve to death. Parents need to realize this is a battle of wills and they are in charge, hence I present to you the Jack Spirko Top of the Refrigerator Food Therapy Methodology. Patent pending of course!

      It works like this, dinner time comes and food goes on your plate. You don’t eat and dad or mom says fine, they take said plate and put it up on top of the fridge and say the magic words, “when you are hungry this is what you will be eating”.

      Then the real magic, walk away, do nothing your child will not die from a few hours without food, meditate if it helps your nerves or have a home brew on the back deck. Sooner or later phase two will begin, it will start when little Johnny or Janie says, “I’m hungry” at that point take the food off the fridge and even be nice and put a bit of heat into it with the microwave and put it back in front of said child.

      This will cause crying, temper tantrums, etc. The longer you have let the little tyrant rule the roost the worse it will be. Your response to this must simply be that you don’t care, not at all. Simply return the food to the top of the fridge (make sure it is visible at the edge to the child) and again say the magic words, “when you are hungry this is what you will be eating”.

      Now this is ghastly but your child may in fact go to bed hungry that night. At this point feed the food to the dog and provide a breakfast that you consider healthy if they refuse to eat it, repeat the above.

      When I met Dorothy, Matt was only 6 and spoiled rotten on the food issue. This method took exactly 9 hours to correct the problem. Today he is 6 feet tall and will eat you if you remain motionless for to long.

      The solution to “picky eaters” is hunger. You won’t find any picky eaters in a third world country, not a single one.

      • I’m sure we’ll cure the granddaughter from being a picky eater. Her mother and two sisters are not picky eaters, so I’m sure it’s not genetic. 🙂

        • I love the “Top of the Refrigerator Food Therapy.” That is how I was brought up but my parents never had to really use it.

          Of course in today’s world, all little Jimmy has to do is go to school the next day and tell his teacher that his parents didn’t give him dinner the night before. Can you say visit from Child Protective Services? Jimmy would have his revenge.

        • If you are doing it right this therapy long proceeds the public education system.

      • I don’t have kids, so I’m sure this is probably a naive question: Do you put locks on your cupboard and refrigerator? How do you prevent the little shits from sneaking food?

        • We used cabinet locks when our son was so young that he might have eaten poison or something, never the food cabinets or fridge. Let them sneak then they get another lesson, actions have consequences. Hope you enjoyed the twinkie, the video games are gone for a week and the password has been changed on the wireless router so no internet for you. You also won’t be playing with friends for a week, no TV time for a week, you will watch what we watch and your bedtime just got reduced by 30 minutes, man I really hope that was a good twinkie!

          Seriously what the heck happened to parenting?

          For those that find this too strict let me make two points.

          1. If you do it, specifically do it early on, you almost never have to do it at all. Our goal was for several rules to be eliminated every year we discussed this with our son and told him rules only existed in areas where he was not yet able to control himself without them. Every time he earned trust more rules would go away. It worked really good! Don’t think a 7 year old can’t understand those words.

          2. Watch Dr. Phil a few times and see what the total opposite approach leads to.

          Lastly, before you have any kids Sobert, stop referring to them as little shits. When my son was young, if you had called him that in front of me I would likely have dropped you where you stood for it. My son knew that, it also had a lot to do with him respecting my authority. If you want to have a child respect your authority first he must respect you and know you are his protector. Today my son has a girlfriend with a 2 year old son of her own, he isn’t married to her, the boy isn’t his and the relationship is very young and may not go anywhere. Yet I can tell you if you called that kid a “little shit” in front of Matthew, you would also find your ass on the ground. I am very proud of that boy!

        • Let me add I was being a little (just a little) tongue in cheek there. Little shit can be based on how it is stated a term of endearment, I do get that. I did though want to make a point of what works and why it works. A child must know his parents have his back. They must know any threat to them will be met with undeniable force, that a parent will never let them out to dry in a bad situation. When they know this is transcends many other areas. They know a rule is there for them not against them. They can’t articulate it but they know.

        • I don’t know how to reply to your reply with your comment plugin (there doesn’t seem to be a link).

          In regard to the “little shit” reference: That was meant as humor amongst adults. Lighten up, Francis. 😉

          I’m 42 and I’ve been snipped. I have no interest in having kids, nor does my wife. I’ve nothing against kids and think that people like you are the ones who SHOULD BE having them. I’ve just never felt the tug toward procreation.

          I owned a K-9 Academy in Los Angeles for several years. One of the interesting patterns that I would see time and again was that if you watched the clients who came in with kids; if the kids were well behaved the parents would pick up the dog training techniques very, very quickly.

          And the parents who came in with kids who were little monsters? They’d never get it.

  15. Bone in chicken problem is solved!!! Let’s just genetically modify chickens to be like sharks! A cartilaginous skeleton is the answer! No more disgusting biting into bone and risking chipping that beautifully veneered grille! Just suck it right off the cartilage. You may want to avoid their toothy maw when trying to catch them though. I hope folks enjoy the sarcasm.

    • You are correct, Sarah. They are obese yet starved for adequate nutrition.

      On Jack’s point, though, I’ll bet they would never scuff at any type of meat on a bone (if they were fortunate enough to get their hands on it).

      • Indeed! If you want to know the meaning of “luxury” in many third world places it is meat.

  16. Food cooked with the bone IN is SO much better tasting.
    No comparison. And saving that “meat jelly” for soup the next day- priceless!

  17. I wanted to clarify one thing on the KFC boneless chicken issue. You can be mad at the generation that finds it too hard to eat chicken with the bone in but you can NOT be upset with KFC if you believe in the free market at all. KFC is a company that has struggled the last few years in the US, they can like any good capitalist enterprise adapt and offer a product people want or they can go out of business adding to the massive unemployment in this country….this might make Bloomberg happy because how dare Americans eat fried food after all.

    • Oh trust me I am not upset with KFC, again this is a symptom. I am not even upset with the kids of this generation, I am upset with MY OWN GENERATION that raised these teacups. GenX and the Tweeners get the majority (not all) of the blame here.

      • Jack, I have a few comments on bones. I totally love bones and think they are God’s gift to mankind. But here’s what I have found in other folks other the years.

        1) All it takes is ONE choking incident to scare some people off of bones for life. Doubly so for women/moms who either suffered a choking incident themselves or else witnessed a particularly tragic choking incident first hand in someone else, and thus are scared permanently that one of their children might choke on a bone. I myself have had at least three choking incidents with bones in my own life (read: in my own throat), but none of them ever led to an injury, just quiet embarrassment. And yet I am happy to report than none of those mishaps ever put me off bones afterward. My few lingering bone-caution habit in my own food conduct includes my preference to give very young children (under the age of 6) only chicken thighs if possible because thighs have the easiest type of bone for a young child to manage. After they master thighs, then I am more comfortable giving them drumsticks and wings. Another bone caution I have is I like to be the family member who spends a solid half an hour deboning the turkey after Thanksgiving dinner is over. I like to make darned sure that the bones are all removed from the “loose” meat (I once ate a lovely, cold, after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich at a friend’s house, and went to the ER with a bone ldged in my esophagus). And yet when I -debone a Thanksgiving bird, I also try to keep the wings and legs intact for those folks who like wings and legs. (And then I take the rest of the bones and set them aside set for a lovely session of stock-making).

        2) The “skinless and boneless” craze which ballooned back in the 1990’s is partly a health thing but also partly a gourmet thing. Certain recipes (like Chicken Cordon Bleu and Chicken a la King) require the chicken to be both skinless and boneless. Chicken stir fry also leant a hand in its growing popularity back in the 1990’s. ALL of those recipes require the chicken to be skinless and boneless, so for the sake of convenience/time-saving, the purchase of skinless and boneless became wildly popular. And then I guess a lot of people justified the outrageous expense in their minds by telling themselves (and their children) that “it’s healthier anyway.” So yeah … we have a whole generation today who grew up in the 1990’s when skinless and boneless became THEEEEE thing, and now those kids are all like ewwwwww! when it comes to bones.

        3) That fabulous, amazing TSP guest you had over a year ago named Lierre Keith had something wonderful to say about bones:

        TSP episode #858

        You asked her if there was anything ESPECIALLY healthy about meat which we just can’t get from eating a vegetarian diet. And she said she believed (my paraphrase) that bone-based broths and stocks –especially chicken stock– were amazingly nutrient dense, and utterly unparalleled in the vegetable kingdom, and that their ingestion is capable of promoting health and healing. (And I agree with her 100%. I am of the opinion that chicken stock is a very powerful medicine capable of curing all kinds of ailments.)

        4) I have met no less than two people in my life who have a personal revulsion of the very smell of bones boiling in a stock pot. One person I know becomes physically ill to the point of vomiting as soon as she catches a whiff of bones boiling on someone’s stove. She said she likes “chicken broth” which is the yummy (yet sadly thin) liquid that results from boiling boneless chicken meat. But actual “chicken stock” which comes from boiling the bones is something she simply cannot tolerate. I feel sorry for her. She is missing out on one of nature’s gifts.

        • Oh I forgot … Chicken Caesar Salad became THE hip thing to order over a business lunch back in the 1990’s. So sophisticated! So chic! So healthful! And so during that decade (and beyond) yet more millions of skinless and boneless chicken breasts were sold due to the exact requirements of an exact recipe..

          And I dare you to go to ANY sort of a chain restaurant in the vein of either an Applebee’s (including a Chile’s, or a Ruby Tuesday’s, or a TGIFriday’s, or a Max & Irma’s) or an Outback Steakhouse (including Bonanza or a Ponderosa or a Golden Coral) or one of the other chains (like Red Lobster or Olive Garden) and FAIL to find a skinless/boneless breast item on the menu. I can totally see all kinds of mom’s back in the 1990’s up through to today telling Susie and Johnny that they can ONLY order one of the skinless/boneless chicken breast menu items in such a restaurant.

  18. I’m not completely sure, but if I recall correctly, the expression “eat the bones” is a sexual one. It’s either a reference to oral sex being performed on a man, or it’s a reference to the predicament of a man who WANTS sex, but has to settle for either self-service or just plain ignoring the current fact of his arousal until it (painfully) goes away on its own.

    I tried googling the phrase and all I came up with was the 2003 indie film “Love, Sex, and Eating the Bones.” (A film whose title is a deliberate allusion to the 1989 blockbuster film “Sex, Lies, and Videotape.”) The 2003 film LS&EtB is about a guy who is addicted to watching porno videos at home, and how this addiction continues to ruin his relationships with real women.

    As far as this KFC ad campaign called “I ate the bones!” goes, I find it interesting that the huge lobby poster (seen in the video which Jacked linked) shows a very intimate close-up on the face of a beautiful young woman who has much animation (possibly mischief?) in her gorgeous blue eyes while she uses BOTH hands to cover her grinning mouth. Any hidden sexual references in THAT imagery, folks??

  19. On the IRA’s, if 200,000 a year is all anyone would need, and thus all that will be allowed, then first our elected officials should limit their salaries and retirement to that amount. If you limit what a person can save for their retirement out of their own pocket, because that is all they need, why should they take out of our pockets much more than that for their own income.

  20. Ok, many of these may not have over 200,000 in their federal retirement from their term(s) in DC. I still need better info. But looking at the money many of them spend, there is no way they could live their current lifestyles on that kind of money. Issue I have is like a city manager we had in the area. He had to have double the salary of the guy before him, so he could make some “much needed cuts”.

    • Well how about this then, if none of use need over 200K a year in retirement funded by or own money, why do any of them need it in tax payer funded income while working?

    • I ok with limiting politicians to $200k, including perks such as tax payer funded vacations, etc. even if they don’t start taxing all IRA’s over 200k.

  21. Regarding the segment “Russia Proves that Organic Farming Can Feed the World,” it has become clear that Americans, multiple generations removed from any kind of struggle against significant adversity, will need a swift, hard kick to balls in order to illicit a shift back toward self-reliance. Russians by and large, being victims of a failed economic system and continuous government corruption, have had to rely on themselves, their families, and their communities to get by. This is a lesson that Americans WILL learn in the future if things stay on its current trajectory.

    I do see glimmers of hope, though. My wife actually mentioned to me yesterday how she noticed that more than a few of her Facebook friends (Millennials, mostly) have been posting pictures of small backyard raised bed gardens, containers on apartment patios, etc. She said, “Oh, that’s so last year…” in reference to the fact that we were “ahead of the curve” by already have been doing this for the past couple of years. That felt really good – knowing my wife is becoming a believer.

    So, while I do believe that the teacup generation needs to harden up, I do have faith that as Americans, we’ll rise to the challenge and rebuild this thing – but only after it falls apart, and I believe the it has to before any of that can take place.