Episode-2633- Listener Feedback for 4-6-20 — 21 Comments

  1. Figured you might want to know, I’m a practicing physician in Texas and was just notified today that the Texas Board of Pharmacy is no longer allowing retail pharmacies to dispense hydroxychloroquine for Covid, reserving it for hospital use only to avoid shortages. No idea when that’s going to change, but even if you can talk your doctor into prescribing it now, it’s a moot point.

    • This makes me sick as 29 million doses are in reserve and the Feds say they will send it anywhere in need. You doctors need to start pushing back on this shit from your side.

      • Yeah, and call your Senator and Representative if you’re unhappy with how the country is being run. When you’re already busy. You can go soap opera on an individual pharmacist who pushes back on your plan of care and they usually have no choice but to go along in the end, but this is on another level neither of you has much power over.

        Plus, 29 million doses isn’t as much as it sounds. I had given what’s probably the bare minimum which amounts to 12 pills, 5 days with a loading dose the first day. So you can treat a little less than 2.5 million with that. Less than 1% of the U.S. population. No idea what people are giving in the hospitals, probably highly variable, but the standard dose for 30 days for a lupus patient would amount to 60 pills, cutting the number treatable to less than half a million.

        • 29 million is a start, they are making 1 million a day from ONE supplier.

          We have 375,000 cases and many of those need no treatment, we have enough right now to treat everyone.

          Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

        • Oh well, looks like there’s no reason to hate on the Texas Board of Pharmacy after all, more likely just rogue pharmacists thinking they’re making the world a better place.

          On a hunch I checked the board’s website, which just happened to have new rule changes today, neither of which said anything about retail pharmacies not able to dispense Plaquenil. So I tried another pharmacy and hopefully just kept someone who tested positive for Covid out of the hospital.

          Score one for typical doctor arrogance and tenacity, I guess.

        • No score one for you not letting yourself be stopped, stepping up and getting shit done. Fuckin heroic and keep doing it and talk to any of your colleagues who will listen. Consider adding zinc as well.

        • Already done. They were sold out of standard OTC zinc gluconate, but I guess most of the hoarders haven’t figured out Zicam has zinc in it, too, so I told them to use that instead.

          FWIW, my guess talking to colleagues is about 20% of us are early adopters. I’ve started successfully converting the mushy middle by pointing out both the FDA approval and the fact that if I’m wrong, you’re giving someone 5 days of unnecessary malaria prophylaxis, and if I’m right you’re probably keeping people out of the ICU.

  2. So… to get the treatment you have to bypass your primary care provider (which you have the best established relationship with) and wait in an overwhelmed ER. If you actually didn’t have it before you went, you certainly would afterwards. I did see that India has lifted its export ban on the drug. My wife is a physician and also thinks we are treating patients with it way too late to be most effective.

      • #1 in her Medical Class, but absolutely hates me telling anyone that.

        It isn’t all slow progress. There is a Private Facebook group of 70,000 female physicians sharing information in real time.

  3. On eating in a healthy way when you may not have access to the best foods: Time Restricted Feeding or Intermittent Fasting are much more valuable than general calorie restriction where you space out fewer calories throughout the day.  Dr. Jason Fung has a lot of good research on this showing calorie restriction slows metabolism but Time Restricted Feeding does not. Here is one article highlighting the difference:



    • Useful, I do it, it works, I should have included it, but you can’t ignore calories or macros just by doing it, which many claim.

  4. Jack,

    Great show, thank you.

    Yay, Detroit! I’ve been in that hospital as a patient and in a sleep study. Good hospital wonderful staff. I live in Missouri now though, but I’m glad my home state stepped up to the challenge.


    PS: Paul Stamets, does sell an excellent product through his product website “Host Defense” called Stamets 7, which has all the mushrooms you mentioned plus two others he has found important for health. I use his products.


  5. To the listener with plantar fasciitis, John I believe, I had it pretty bad two years ago and have had really good results with Superfeet insoles. They have several models depending on your needs, I bought the Trailblazer Comfort designed for hiking.  They are $50 a pair but I think they are worth it.

  6. Jack,  thanks for your show.  Love the way you get shit done and focus.

    Do we need [these restrictions] to accomplish the same thing, is a totally fair question.”  41:18

    Mandatory restrictions are not needed to control the spread of disease.  People take reasonable and necessary precautions to protect themselves whether precautions are mandated or not.  In fact, rational people will take the necessary precautions even if those acts are prohibited.  It is not the mandatory restrictions which “have done what they said they would do.” 
    The majority of the world is doing as well or better without mandatory restrictions.
    Covid-19 has infected every country.  Yet less than half of the world’s population is under mandatory restrictions.   Covid-19 is not spreading more rapidly in countries that have no mandatory shutdons.  Nor are the covid-19 death rates growing at a greater rate in the portion of the world -where there are no mandatory restrictions.

    While the current lock downs are clearly not good for any legitimate government.  47:36   The greater question is whether our elected representatives are in control of the policies and direction of the nation?   How is it tiny brained to conceive that our “government” has been bought and paid for by persons above (behind, hidden from) the legitimate government?  Since you state, “They’ll use anything to grow the power and size of government.”,  it takes an even more extraordinarily tiny brain to believe that those setting policy just fell into choices, through incompetence, which grant them massive power. Listen to yourself.  “If they can throw a switch and make [their massive new powers] go away, they would in an instant.” Isn’t it your position that indicates someone,  “incapable of using logic anymore”.

      “The government does not want you locked in your home.  The government -tiny brained people, does not want this.  They do not want this. They do not want this. They do not want this.  If they can throw a switch and make it all go away.  They would -this second, they’d have done it yesterday.  You’re attributing to malice what can be explained through incompetence.  They do not want this. They do not want this. They do not want this -tiny brained people, they don’t -this is not good for government.” (Min 47:36)

    You’ve also stated,  “Let me tell you the worst-case scenario here.  … Screw it, everyone goes back to life and 2% of us die. …  That’s the worst-case scenario.”  Min 50:23   
    That is Nonsense!    Yes, life will go on, but your worst-case scenario is mistakenly focused on the virus pandemic, the much greater problem is our loss of the very freedoms that are essential to our health and welfare.  The worst case scenario from this plan-demic is the impending massive economic destruction now coming (and which is destined to eventually lead to war).  Is it tiny brained to be able to foresee that lockdown restrictions are not near as much about a pandemic, as they are about gaining control? “They’ll use anything to grow the power and size of government.” 

    The coming economic disaster will kill far more people than your worst-case scenario.  See the life expectancy impact analysis of Mike Maloney at 10:28 (Loss of GDP has potential equivalent of 22 million deaths).   Lets hope his analysis overstates the case.

    The bad has already happened, the worse is just beginning.

    Final thought, this was a nice heart tugging piece of emotional nonsense.

    “I can see that level of (punching anger) being reached very, very, quickly by people who are watching people die in the hundreds daily -while trying to save their lives.”

    I’ll become a TSP member if you can find even one U.S. Dr. who will publicly claim that he or she has had even a dozen patients who have died primarily due to complications from covid-19.  “The underlying illness thing is getting way glossed over by a lot of people.”

    There is a disease. -Yes.  Some people succumb to it.  -Yes.  It is controlled by mandatory restrictions, –No.  All the world is infected, most of the world is not imposing mandatory restrictions and they are doing just fine without them.

    • “Covid-19 is not spreading more rapidly in countries that have no mandatory shutdons.”

      Sorry I would LOVE this to be true, it is NOT TRUE if we go like for like. There are nations with low density, in the tropics, etc. Those are not like to like.

      Look to Sweden, they are FUCKED, don’t look at total cases but deaths and cases per 1 million and it is going to blow up big time bad.

      I do think we can take a more regional approach but the concept that shut downs don’t make a difference is easily proven false.

    • Also when someone start shit like “I will become a member if” or “I was just about to become a member but”, my response is generally go fuckin screw. I don’t care if you do or your don’t. I have run this business for 12 years and run a program that if you hate me you should join anyway because if you are a prepper vs. a pretender you make money by being a member.

      I have never once changed an opinion or how I report facts to appease anyone, I never will and anyone that thinks such a statement is in any way leverage should find another podcast to listen to, because they clearly do not understand what I do here or what I am all about.

      And to the second part of this, “I’ll become a TSP member if you can find even one U.S. Dr. who will publicly claim that he or she has had even a dozen patients who have died primarily due to complications from covid-19.”

      I will pay you money to say that to a face of an ICU MD in New York right now and have someone video it, because I expect that MD to knock your teeth out of your mouth. The entertainment value would be worth the payment.