Episode-1758- Listener Feedback for 4-4-16 — 19 Comments

  1. Greeting from the western front of Colorado. Thanks Jack for the song of the day. It has been a while. 12 years old back in BR,La when this came out. I’ve used that song for a plethora of questions from people about “when do you think ‘they’ are going to…” I sing back “In the year 2525…” Have a blessed day…enjoying the new format.

  2. Jack is right again…

    Just read an article from my e-mail website (they put news articles where you log in) because I signed up for the economic term e-mails.

    And surprise surprise politicians are already pushing for more laws. The”best” part is where they say that nations aren’t enough to stop this and we need more international centralized authorities.

    I hate it when Jack is right….

    PS: Link (in German!)

    • This is the type of thing I was talking about when I said it stinks.

    • If they continue to become softer and softer like the ones before we should call em Generation P, you can figure out what that means but a lot of people are already calling the Millennials Generation P, for good reasons.

  3. What vs Why, Thanks Jack once again you’ve put things into perspective. I guess after listening to you for so long I should have thought of it myself. “It DEPENDS”. So this could be boiled down to Strategic vs Tactical reasoning.
    Knowing when to switch between the two is the key!

  4. Just fyi, Oikos’ website went down shortly after this aired and still isn’t back up yet. Bummer.

  5. I ordered a pound of the Red Fuseau Sunchokes linked above; received them yesterday. The problem: The total was less than one pound using my digital scale and weighing them immediately out of the package–14 7/8 oz. I sent a message to the seller on Amazon last night and have not gotten a reply yet (says it might take 2 business days). As I mentioned in the email to them via Amazon–if the price was $5 per pound it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it costs a total of more than $20 with shipping. Not happy.

    • I’m feeling impatient since they haven’t replied to me. I’m planning to return for a refund.

      • Really you have your ass this bent over 2 ounces? Have you ever grown these things, put them in the ground and in the fall you won’t even begin to care. I was sent 4 a long time ago as a gift, I cut them into 8 pieces and that fall harvested 5, 5 gallon buckets of them.

      • No, I have NOT grown them before, but I did pay for a pound and that is what I expected. If I would have paid less than full price, I’m sure they would have their ass bent about me not paying the full price. Guess it depends which side of the transaction you are on.

        Thanks anyway.

        • Frankly I can’t believe you weighed them. Send them to me and I will pay you what you paid for them.