Episode-2866- Listener Feedback for 4-27-21 — 11 Comments

  1. I also work at a commercial door hardware company (that is what I think you were explaining with the hinge and door knob guy). We used to be able to get metal pieces to whether door frames together in 2 to 3 weeks now it’s taking 6 to 8 weeks. This is for our normal stock. Even a lot of our locks and stuff are taking much longer than normal.

    We’ve also already been shipped the 10% hike on the price on our metal frame pieces and we’re about to be hit with another 10% hike. This is all in 2021. It can be difficult on bigger jobs so you have to build a job that is 2-3 months out from being ordered.

  2. On criticism from content creation:

    I honestly felt like a real YouTuber after I got my first troll. (Didn’t take long, kinda surprised me.) There might be some teeny tiny nuggets of truth in their comments, but just ignore or block ’em and move on. (That particular one had an excellent tool recommendation, but then went off on a leftist rant on a few of my vids because I dislike modern gas cans. Annnnnddd BLOCKED.) Genuine feedback has been great and certainly helps, even giving ideas for future episodes. This has led to excellent offline conversations, teaching and other opportunities.

    Bottom line is YouTube counts all interactions with your content, positive or negative, and will give more impressions accordingly. More impressions across their network equals more genuine viewers and subscribers. I’m not sure yet how Odysee uses interactions to promote content, but they do have some more features like sorting comments by “most controversial.”

    Win the click, keep ’em watching, and remember that even trolls are helping you succeed!

    • You ain’t shit until someone says you suck! So I must be really important. HA!

      • Ha. Im working like a 1 armed paper hanger getting ready for SquatchFest. It’s tunnel vision time.

        Hope you get a bucket list fish this go round. Good luck

  3. For some reason the “protection” video about NYC does not work. It appears that account doesnt exist.

  4. Yes, I’d like to hear another show about the airsoft training weapons. Particularly, is there any better tech since the previous shows or any companies you recommend for good quality equipment? Thanks.

  5. I have something regarding the ANT situation. When we lived in central Florida, little tiny black ants cause huge problems and damages in the garden. I was following Pete Kanaris Green Dreams on YouTube and he put out episode with a guy introducing his KM AntPro liquid bait stations. GAME CHANGER!!
    I’m attaching a link to that video.
    You can buy the bait stations in Green Dreams store. Good luck!

  6. Any more details on the fuel tank? I didn’t follow where it came from.

  7. We moved to Gilmer, TX and I’m having a tough time finding a farm fuel tank provider.
    Has anyone had any luck getting a supplier in Texas?