Episode-2194- Listener Feedback for 4-2-18 — 14 Comments

  1. As a resident of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, I had to shrug my shoulders about the cancer thru coffee warning. Our state is plastered with so many “Proposition 65 Health Warning” signs that your mind doesn’t see them anymore. The next logical cancer warning signage should be for the air we breathe, but where should the sign be posted? Who has pockets deep enough for a civil penalty?

  2. With respect to YouTube’s “questionable content” dilemma (what to show or not show), why couldn’t Alphabet just monetize it by making such content part of a restricted, Adults Only paid version of YouTube Red (like a premium cable channel)? This way they don’t loose the current content, the viewers or advertisers (who WANT to target such viewers) and could simultaneously appease the whimsy of Jon Q. Public and ass-clown legislators. More upside if they play the ends against the middle?

    Do you think they love their politics more than their profit? Maybe. I’m not sure sometimes.

    Decentralised content provisioning of media is for sure a significant threat and Alphabet knows it. So it seems unlikely that they would purposely want to drive people in that direction.

    Thx Jack!

    • The truth? Most of those millions of viewers are broke and or cheap, they will never pay for the service. People expect the typical shit on YT to be free, it always has been so it always should be in their minds.

      Putting it bluntly if people really valued the content, people like Hickock45 and say Wranglerstar should be rich just by opening a patreon account. I mean really, say 10% of your subs give you a dollar a month on average. 750K subs is what Wranglerstar had about last time I checked in on him. So if just 10% will anti a buck averaged out, he should make 75K a month, or say 900K a year, if he or any of them were doing this do you think they would give a fiddlers fart about ad demonetization?

      The truth is ads is the most effective way to monetize the YT audience and YT is caught in that crossroad do they become a netflix for all or try to stay in this weird hybrid world. Frankly they are about to con some money out of me for red just because of this, I know it seems sad but hell this is my childhood being returned to me, we may even do a watch party. So if they keep doing cool shit they can make even people who hate them buy red, but can they make enough of us do it?

  3. Hey thanks for the suggestions for my dog. I think I’ll be going with electro fence because I’m planning on moving his area once the new growth is established.
    Any suggestions on brands? Amazon link? I want to fence in about 2 acres at a time. Oh and how are these fences on cats? I have one who I’m sure is going to touch it
    Thanks again for everything

    • Well what I am referring to is stranded wire and t-posts, the key there is the fence charger, if you have AC available this is what I would use. It is the exact one I own.

  4. I heard the crack of your bat 17 hours ago when first listening to your response to the You Tube question.

    I don’t think that home run ball has even hit the ground yet Jack.  LOL

    • Thanks it was not planned that way, just when I thought about it, I was like go ahead and do it already, please.

  5. Buried wire dog fence:

    A few years ago I had a plow crew come locate and dig up a damaged spot I found on a buried fiber optic cable.  When they turned on the locator the dog in the yard started screaming.  I saw the E-collar on the dog and told the guy to turn the locator off.  When he did the dog quit crying.  I have no idea if those locators all run on the same freq’s or if all the perimeter fences do either, it may have been a 1 in a million thing, just something to think about.

    (I took the collar off and held the dog while they marked out the line)

  6. Great trailer on Cobra Kai!  Looking forward to that one.

    Regarding YouTube, interesting with the events today (female active shooter).  I’m wondering if this will embolden them in some way.  I spoke to a buddy of mine who is Oathkeeper in AZ and he says they have been talking about moving away from Google already.  He suggested I look at for email (good marks) and BitChute for peer-to-peer content sharing.  He admitted that he had not looked at BitChute so I will throw that out there.  I will be looking at this and D’s Tube? as mentioned on the show.

    MSB for 20 months…..!

    Thanks Jack…

  7. On the teacher strikes.

    WV teachers went on strike because the state passed a budget that gave them a 2% raise over two years but gave the rest of the state employees 5% over two years. (Gee, now why would they feel that was unfair?)
    Because there was no real way to justify why the state park clean up guy gets 2.5% a year raise but a teacher gets a lower than inflation raise, they were successful. Like you said the reason other states have taken action is because they saw news saying “and WV teachers got a 5% raise because they struck”.

    OK has the lowest paid teachers and had so many teachers leaving that schools had cut down to four days a week. They struck and got a $6,000 a year raise (making them 48 instead of 50), they were excited. Now they are demanding more money to fund the school with supplies and repairs.

    KY teachers are “striking” but this is the week the state has spring break for schools. So not really much of a strike as no kids are being kept out of schools. They are mad because the law changed several things: new people put in a 401k like system. (See below), revoked the legal stand that an agreement made in a contract can not be changed unless both sides agree to one that the state is able to change the contract retroactively at any time, and increased what the teachers have to pay for their pension fund but that money was not directed to the funds debt. (The state gov “borrowed” $70 million this year from the surplus in the fund). Add in that it was passed with no debate, no budget analys, not even its own bill. (It was an amendment to the State Sewage District regulation bill…and they say politicians have no sense of humor). So they are not happy, and are expressing it.

    The 401k like plan is not like a 401k you and I would get. We put money in the 401k on Tuesday and it buys some stock. Next Tuesday you buy more. Etc. This plan you put in every pay check, the state waits one year, then sees how they did managing the fund and gives you a % of growth on all the funds you put in they year prior and what you had in your account at the time. So on the end of the first year, your blanance is $0, so you 4% of $0. Then they credit your account with what you had for the year. Next year they give you the % of growth for the prior year, say you put in $1,000 and they give you 4%, then they add the next years amount to your fund. So you don’t start getting growth for the first year, then only get an annual lump growth on the prior years investment. And you don’t get to chose the investments, some appointed political hack does. So it sucks. Worse, the teachers are prohibited from paying into Social Security, or if they do, from a second job or the like, those funds get capped and the state could (and has) transfered them into the pension fund. Unlike Social Security, your pension can’t be transfered to a widow in the same amount.

    The state has been looting the pension fund for the last 21 years, now the benefits promised over the next 30 years are $41 billion short. (But local and state government “owe” the funds $47 billion)

    I know about KY’s pension stuff because I’m in the hazardous duty pension fund which has not been looted (can’t by law) and while not fully funded, is only a few million short due to down turn from the stock market in 07-11. Of course we pay 9% of our pay into it, 1% additional to cover health insurance, and our employers put in 11% (and we are also paying into social security on top of that). Our fund needs 5% a year average growth to cover promised payments. Mostly because our fund has not been looted. It is not a problem.

    Teachers here are upset, instead of being able to count on a steady retirement check of $2,000 to $2,500 a month (a bit more than what Social Security would pay) they are being told to use this “hybrid” 401k and ending up with an estimated $2,500 a month for 29 months.

    • Sounds to me like they are angry about having to live in the real world like regular people. I am willing to bet the guy that cleans shitters in the state park, first works harder than teachers and he also doesn’t get three fricken months of paid vacation a year either.

      Someone who works for the schools in WV wrote in not long ago, he said he was tasked with fixing their “equipment” which amounted to a on demand TV with all the lessons pre loaded. The teachers main job seems to be pushing buttons to play things the kids watch and making sure they don’t screw off or go to sleep while the machine teaches them. When he fixed one the lady said, “thank God I can’t teach without it”.

      Frankly state based education is dying and it cannot happen soon enough.

  8. I think there were a few technical errors in your discussion of the census. It was included in the original constitution (not part of an amendment). The first census occurred in 1790. And the constitution doesn’t give any provision for not counting non-citizens.

    I do agree if they are going to ask anything beyond “How many people live at this address?”, “are you a citizen?” would be reasonable.

  9. The cost of living comment about teacher pay is important.  Here is a study that adjusts average pay rate with average cost of living in that state.
     If, for sake of argument, we say state salary rankings are legit, OK would be position 38 start.  The $6k raise would move them roughly to middle of the pack.  If they get $10k raise, OK would be in the top 5 with simple addition (and maybe top 3 working the $10k raise through cost of living adjustments) in the nation. 

    What chaos would that cause in other states…  They may hasten their own demise… 


  10. You are right that some of the people protesting are afraid of living in the real world.

    But most of the anger is at the government for doing things that only a government could get away with.

    In the real world, when you have a contract, if you want to change it you have to get the other person to agree to the change.  If Joe and Jack set a contract that says Joe will give Jack two ducks a year and Jack will give Joe two eggs every two months.  Jack can’t announce a year later that he is changing the contract and Joe now has to give him four ducks a year AND owes Jack two ducks for the prior year as well as that Jack will no longer give Joe two eggs but just one.

    But that is what the bill in the middle of the night did, made the contract only binding on the teachers but subject to change at any time and retroactively at the whim of government.  It would be very hard to make anything in the real world with a contract law that let only one side change when and what ever they wanted.

    The government also is playing on words to cause people to be divided. You are a smart person but also fell for it. You read that the new teachers were getting a Hybrid 401k and were upset about it.  Then cut in something about “gee everyone else gets a 401k but that is not good enough for them”.

    The goal was simply to get people mad at teachers for not being good enough for what everyone else gets…because “everyone” knows what a 401k is.  But the new teachers are not getting a 401k.  They are getting a cash credit account in a pension fund called a “hybrid 401k”.

    This is not a 401k, it is a pension fund that collects money from the employee and employer, pools it, invests it as the state sees best, then gives the state 2% or more of the increase that year, and directs the remaining growth towards accounts that credit individual employees with an amount.

    Unlike a 401k you can’t roll over the fund into another plan until you have worked 10 or 5 years (the bill is not worded well and sets both as the vesting dates).  At that point if you leave working for the schools, you can roll over your contributions and all the growth -1% per year those contributions made.  The employer share of funds and growth are left with the state.

    Add in that unlike a 401k the real world has, you pay in for 1 year, the fund determines how much it grew, gives 2% to the state, then credits the amount in your account with the remaining % of growth, then the state credits your account with the funds you paid in for the year prior.

    Say you pay $1,000 for the year, the state fund grows at 6%, 2% goes to the state, and you get 4% growth on the funds in your account…$0.  Then the state credits the $1,000 you paid that prior year.  Next year you pay in $1,000, the fund grows at 5%, the state chooses to take 2.5% and give you growth of 2.5% on the amount in your account of $1,000. Then it adds the prior year funds.

    No business would be able to get away with that.  No one with a choice would ever think that was a good deal. But it is called a “401k” so there for what are these teachers complaining about?  I have a 401k, I take my lumps if I made a bad choice why can’t they?

    It is about dividing the voters so they won’t see the shell game going on. Teachers get pitched as greedy and not willing to live under the same rules as the rest of us.  They only work 9 months of the year…well mid august to early june, but get a full pay check! How dare they get that deal when the rest of us have to work all the time.

    Just like those lazy fire fighters, they only work 1/3 of the year! And EMS gets half the year off!  (that was used against us in the last contract talks, fire works 24 hours on 48 off, EMS works 12-16 hours two days on two days off.)  It is about dividing people and keeping them fighting each other. I think you called it the crab bucket effect.