Episode-2204- Listener Feedback for 4-16-18 — 6 Comments

  1. It is legal in Canada to use a firearm to defend your life or that of another provided the response is appropriate. You will find yourself in court because even if they do determine you used appropriate force they will likely charge you with illegal storage. However, groups like the Canadian Coalition of Firearms Rights will provide legal defence for $92.00 a year. That’s pretty cheap considering defending yourself will cost thousands.

    In addition to that Dave Young will be coming out with a book later this year called Use of Force Truth & Consequences then he will be starting a course for use of force defensive firearms training after the book release.

    His website is


  2. Prices are skyrocketing here in WA.  Property taxes are following.  Simple 1 AC ranch with an out building that is falling down. 3 bd 2 ba 1500 sq ft $450K That is INSANE.  But CA people think it’s a good deal and the market is dry here.  I’m on 5 AC in 1800 manufactured home next door our taxes just went up to 2600 have 2 wells and yr round creek could sell for $400 and then have a bidding war on top of that.  Now that is insane but could be time to take the money and run.  If we could find a good place to go to before this bubble pops.

  3. “Dealing with squirrels eating fruit from your trees”

    My two dogs are peach eating fools!  It took a few “painful poops” for them to learn NOT to eat the pits.  I have caught them standing on their hind legs and stretching up to grab my coveted “Belle of Georiga” peaches more times than I can count!

  4. I tried to instalm MeWe from Android Play store. Comodo said there was a trojan so it unistalled it.