Episode-2422- Listener Feedback for 4-15-19 — 3 Comments

  1. I used to have an original PC4 Ruger carbine. The gun was so fun to shoot and great in every way except…the trigger was the longest, blockiest, strangest thing I had ever pulled. Shot awesome after about 5 rounds, but I had it next to my bed as my home defense gun and the first 5 or so I jerked it bad and was all over the place. Since I had it next to my bed I just couldn’t feel good about it for defense and traded it.

    Hopefully they fixed that on the new models. My Sub2k shoots the same every time and i’m not replacing it!

    • Interesting and honest critique. If they didn’t fix it given it is a ruger there should be a butt ton of drop in options to correct it. Still you hate to NEED to do a new trigger in a brand new gun. I like to do triggers to make stuff better but don’t think it should be necessary. Gonna try to find someone to let me shoot one.