Episode-1766- Listener Feedback for 4-14-16 — 17 Comments

  1. I love my carbine 995. I also bought a 9mm cause its what I have most available. Cool thing is I live in the town were there made and there a customer of mine. I helped them with there new line of camo.

  2. Does anyone remember the book that Jack has talked about several times that he bought for his staff, that discusses business and he said was the best business book?

  3. Either system for the mileage can be worked around fairly easily. The chip in the tag will not stand up to a strong magnet. The other tracker would run off of the obd plug and either gps or the trucks computer and cellular. With the gps, a faraday shield will block the gps signal and with the computer, just tell it that you are running 44″ tires. Both depend on a non corroded obd plug.

    For those of you that still don’t think this is coming, the city of Tallahassee fl is about to spend 300000.00 to do a study on how to make this happen.
    This ties in with the judge story. The local governments and the buracracies have seen the impunity in which the Feds have acted and are just following suit. We quit being a nation of laws long ago. We are just now becoming aware of the results.

    • Sorry those ideas are not going to work an will result in prison. Cops will be driving around with SCANNERS that verify that your vehicle is “legal” they will claim it is no different than radar. Wait till you see the penalties for intentionally tampering with a device!

  4. Hey Jack,
    One little disagreement: You keep saying the our current education model is an outdated 19th century model of education that has out lived its purpose. My disagreement is that that model of education was bad when it was created and it was created with bad intentions. It has always been bad for children.

    Your shows are always good, but you have really doing well the past few months. Thanks for all your work and passion.

  5. Hi Jack!

    Do you have an amazon link to your electric chainsaw you mentioned in the part of the car battery bank? Thanks!

  6. I looked for the plant propagation course discount on the MSB discount area and couldn’t find it.

    • The code for the extra discount for msb is ON THE FRONT PAGE WHEN YOU LOG IN BOLD RED, sort of like that pretty hard to miss it.

    • Once you get the code you can just go to Permaethos and sign in… if that’s what’s hanging you up? I get lost easy so it took me a bit to figure it out. The code is right at the top of the page. It’s not the same as some of the others where you get there from the discount area. 🙂

      I hope you get it. 😀

  7. Regarding the fake Court threat. Our Provincial government pulled THIS little pile of sheep-shit in our neck of the woods this week:

    Alberta Legislature turned into a “Goat Rodeo” over Parental rights to chose how and where to educate their children: