Episode-1763- Listener Feedback for 4-11-16 — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Jack just to let you and the community know about a website and app that I use all the time. Its called Airtasker and you post jobs thay you need done and people bid on the job. I’m not sure if they are set up in the USA but in Australia it is great. Half of all my business comes directly through this site

  2. I think statist beliefs are a result of a lack in faith of one’s self. People don’t believe they have the power to demand better features on cars, or making life better for themself. So they demand the government enforce it.

    That’s also the same reason the “must be nice to eat that even though it cost less than what I’m eating.” I worked at a factory full of those people and I taught them, and I actually watched them brighten up and become more positive and happy over time as I continued to teach them things like this.

    On the evolution of humanity: I think you’re absolutely right that the evolution of the state, along with annual grain monoculture, were necessary to progress humanity to the level of technology we have today.

    So all the darkness of kingdoms and the destruction caused by the way we practice agriculture were all necessary for us to reach the next great heights of humanity.

    That actually came from my girl friend, in a late night conversation under the stars about life and philosophy and humanity. I literally teared up when she said that actually because I never made that connection with the rest of my philosophy. It’s beautiful really.

  3. Your suggestion about the time length for boiling the duck eggs was right on. I decreased the time from 17 minutes for chicken eggs to 11 for my duck eggs and they were not rubbery. Odd that you would recommend contacting Chiropractors for marketing because I am a retired Chiropractor. Go figure. BTY I have previous patients buying my duck eggs who remark that they couldn’t eat eggs without getting sick before trying my non GMO, soy free duck eggs. Guess this stuff really does work, eh?

  4. I’ve pretty well stopped boiling eggs, both duck and chicken. I steam now. Six minutes for soft yolk. Only in about 1/2″ water

  5. Hi Jack, thank you for answering my question about getting a buisness going vs paying debt. Deffinately a lot of helpful information for us to go over.

    Just wanted to say thank you for the help! It’s really appreciated!

    -Matthew from Iowa

  6. It is crazy to hear about how people think of “a few hundred thousand a year”. I tell this to my wife ALLLLL the time. My “political” references are getting so dated (I like it that way), but I basically turn and say…..

    “So this is what it’s like…. being a millionaire and billionaire…. Suck it up and take it in.”
    1500 square foot, rough contractor grade house in the country, on two professionals salary. We aren’t in the highest tax bracket but we sure aren’t far.

    Or I guess we could burn up all of our paychecks living in a McMansion just waiting for the wrong financial times to wipe us out leaving us with nothing at all.

    • Great episode jack. At times I pass over these feedback shows due to politics (I avoid politics, or “whats going on” somewhere else like the plague).

      Having said that, what a great show, especially the end. Great motivation.

  7. My wife purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL for my birthday last year (I told her after hearing Jack and Steven talk about it, that’s what I wanted). I have used it a lot but have found that it makes the best “boiled” eggs ever, so easy to peel. So I thought the time might could be tweaked for duck eggs… just a thought.

  8. Hey Jack have you ever considered applying moral hazard from economics to minimal government. The idea that to big to fail causes reckless behavior.

    The idea that government agencies taking responsibility for a situation causes more reckless behavior. Example FDA makes sure food is safe so I do not have to know what is in my food. Department of Education makes sure my kid knows everything they should so I no longer even have to think about it.

    I would guess that you have in one way or another.

    Might make and interesting segment or thought experiment to walk people through in relation to min-archaism and archaism where would they draw the line and except the moral hazard.

    It might point out some of the lies we believe about where responsibility lies.

  9. With regards to Oikos, I had put in an order when Jack did the original episode. We had two sun chokes (a local native that is very late and Stampede, which is really early) and got two more to try some variety. From an e-commerce perspective (and I say this as someone who spends my days doing high-end web user experience work), they have a lot to improve.

    The original receipt didn’t list anything in the order. Just an order total. I did get a shipment email from UPS that said “OIKOS TREE CROPS”, and the website still said “in process” even though it had already shipped and they had sent a shipment notification. I ran the creative department at a large scale, publicly traded e-commerce company for 2 years. That’s not acceptable at any level.

    I did receive everything I ordered and they threw in an extra sun choke variety as well (I had not called or complained, so not sure if this is standard behavior or not).

    They do have a lot of things to improve, and if I had gotten on the phone and gotten the (complete lack of) answers from a customer service agent, I’d probably have used a lot of words that I shouldn’t 🙂

  10. Hi Jack
    Long time listener from South Africa. Just some feedback on building community. I belong to an online community called the Community Exchange System where you can set up a profile for what skills/products etc you want to trade and then exchange with others in your area for skills/products you may require. Basically a bartering system putting people in touch with one another. Measure of value is referred to as talents which are then bartered between people. Can also build up a kind of bank account of talents to be used in other parts of the country with people who are part of the system. Link below

    Thanks for a great show.