Episode-1980- Listener Feedback for 4-10-17 — 25 Comments

  1. My vet. has my dogs on liquid heartworm must be Ivermectin.
    It costs less so they get it every month like one gets flea and tick monthly it stops his irritated paws. The other gets it during tick season 10 months this year.

  2. Jack – Robert here. I WILL NOT hold you responsible for any bad investment in Bitcoin or Silver!!!! But thanks for the tips. I at least have some info to use as a starting point considering a 10% drop on bitcoin (maybe…) and a $15 floor for Silver (Perhaps, given no other economic indicators…)

    I actually had a client that hired me to build predictive models for hedge/mutual fund investments. I learned a lot about what they watch. But they were pretty “classic” investors; Starbucks, Chipotle, Kroger etc…

  3. Canoes: June, 2016 Oklahoma changed boat registration. Two prow canoes and kayaks do not require registration. Those with a transom are still required to pay state boat registration.

    • I was going to mention as always, people NEED TO CHECK THEIR LOCAL LAWS. Here in Michigan if your floatation device is powered by anything other than a human you must have boater registration. Yay government. Although for my canoe its only like $15 for 3yrs of registration, but you can bet that price will only go up. Another honorable mention is life jackets. Here if you’re under the age of, I believe 16, you must be wearing an appropriately sized approved life jacket, adults must have one for each adult readily accessible. Seriously I’ve known people on those stand up paddle boards who have been told to get on or get a ticket. I personally believe if you want to do things that may mean you die or only harm yourself then you should be free to do so. That said, if you are taking young kids out in a boat please wear one. You could be thrown out and your 5 year old is stuck in a running boat headed Gods knows wear and no one will even know where to look. In Whatever we’re doing remember there is always someone depending on you, so be responsible.

    • And you believe this bullshit?

      “The official offered circumstantial elements to back up his claim, but no concrete proof.”

  4. Comment on the herding dogs and heartworm medication.
    For our Australian Sheperd Lab Mix we don’t use any sort of heartworm medication. She was given one “complementary” pill at 4 months old when she went in for her first round of shots. She had a seizure that night and when we questioned the vet they denied giving her the medication. She continued to have horrible diarrhea for an entire month after her seizure and nothing would help her. She still continues to have seizures every couple of months. Needless to say we don’t go to that vet anymore, but when I told the next vet when I was getting her rabies shot they tried pressuring me into buying the medication saying heartworm was “so horrible” and it wasnt worth the risk.

    Risk of neurological damage and death is not worth that pill. Most medication they give them as preventatives is the same dose as what they use to treat the animals when they actually do get it so you’re essentially treating them for months on end on the same dosage as when they actually do have it. This I see as unnecessary stress on the immune system and unnecessary treatment. Just my opinion and experience. In my opinion I believe heartworm in the northern states where I live (wisconsin) to be over used and overpushed by vets and pharmaceutical companies same as flea and tick medication. We have never treated her for fleas we use a natural soap with rose geranium oil ans lemongrass and she has even played with dogs at doggy daycare that we later found out fleas and hasn’t got them. We rarely find ticks on her either (we check every night) even though she’s outside almost all day.

    When you’ve got hundreds of clients paying$40-100 monthly for medication you have to look at the position of the vet clinic and realized they have a very vested interest in getting every single client on that medication. At least use skepticism and do some research before you accept or use a drug on your animal.
    I really wish we had prior, but we were pressured with fearmongering into using a medication (in the middle of winter no less when there is zero chance of trasmission) that ultimately caused problems in my dog that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life.

    • If you are in a colder climate with a very low mosquito population, I would agree. Also, that vet was an idiot. In Florida, without heart worm medication, you can’t expect more than about a 7 year lifespan and at 6 the dog will be an old dog. With the meds you can double that.

  5. My small town mall had lost most of its larger stores. What I thought was interesting was that the spot that used to be Lazarus Dept Store is now a small hospital. Seems the only thing growing here is the medical industry.

  6. I have wild blackberries on my property. They produces hundreds of pounds of blackberries every year. I’d say its definitely worth it!

  7. There seems to be a little confusion between sectional density and ballistic coefficient. Sectional density is weight to diameter. Ballistic Coefficient is how “slippery” the bullet is. The only round I might recommend over the Federal Premium’s would be the Hornady SST’s IF AND ONLY IF your rifle likes them. Every Federal Premium round I have used has shot better than .75 MOA. That’s pretty hard to beat overall with factory ammo so you want to try both at the range. Dittos on the toughness of elk. A Colorado guide friend of mine has found broken off arrows from a previous season, through the lungs, that had completely healed over in elk that his clients had shot in following seasons.
    The calibers recommended are all sound, I might add the 300 WSM’s and the 7mm mag (only with adequate bullets.) The best information I have found for caliber and bullet selection is at

    • Elk are tough, I have shot many…and seen two that had a broken arrow in them….. one in its neck, and one below the spine in the backstrap and lived……
      I can say this with certainty tho: NO living animal will survive a double lung shot…

      • “An animal with a hole in both lungs will run as far as it can hold its breath and not a step further”. ~Jack Oconnor

        And I totally agree, my concern is at times that is pretty far and with out an exit wound a animal can go a long way without bleeding. Ensuring you don’t just get both lungs but punch through the other side, changes that.

        That elk may go 100 yards or more, BUT a half blind guy can track it even in thick timber.

        • Agreed sir… I had an elk I shot with my bow; double lunged it (no pass through) with no blood trail.. after making several circles it was found 75 yards in thick timber. I always tell that to my kids and people I take on guided hunts to check once, twice, or more if you are sure you hit it, cuz sometimes they don’t always leave a blood trail……
          Also funny you posted that quote from Jack O’Connor. I remembered part of it, but couldn’t remember the whole quote… I tried to look it up to no avail…. and then there it was .

      • Bad wording on my part, what I was trying to say was that he has cleaned multiple elk which had survived an arrow through a lung. Plurals in the wrong spot.

  8. Actually the president can declare war for 90 days without congressional approval…

  9. Aww, man. If I had the 20k for that oyster farm. Plenty of black bear and black tail deer to be had in prince of wales island area in addition to all the rest Gary mentioned (and a Bigfoot or two as well 😀

  10. Canoes:
    First thing, get a kayak paddle. They make a huge difference in speed and range for your effort. One person with a kayak paddle can easily keep up with 2 people with conventional paddles with equal loads.

    I’ve had one of those 16 1/2 foot flat back canoe for close to 30 years, great boats but don’t put too much power on the back. A 2 hp can get unstable in a turn, they rock towards the inside quite a bit. An electric in the 30# thrust range works nicely.

    For fishing, they are ok maybe. With smaller fish they are fine as long as you are not trying to cast to your off side too much. With larger fish that you have to fight to get in, not so much. You can’t get up and walk around the boat like you can with other boats.

  11. Jack… please for the love of Dog read this caveat on your show… and also of particular note to Ms. Frohmader above…

    WARNING for using Ivermectin in dogs!

    Some dogs are genetically unable to clear ivermectin from the brain, leading to fast accumulations of the drug to toxic levels which can lead to lethargy, seizures, and even death. Certain breeds (mostly border collies, collies, australian shepherds, and sheepdogs as well as some german shepherd and other related breeds) are more disposed to this mutation (MDR-1) than others. Before treating your dogs with this drug, you can have them tested… and of course, if you treated them with it anyway and they begin to show adverse reactions, DO NOT USE IVERMECTIN ON THAT DOG.

    Links of note to give more information than I can dole out from memory with my ham fingers:
    WSU Department of Vet Medicine, which offers a ~$60 test kit

    More on canine multidrug sensitivity (yeah, its more than one drug)

  12. The Worm Inn is supposedly supposed to be really good for vermicomposting. Supposedly it creates better worm casts and the worms get through the food faster since it has better breathing capabilities. And it can be used indoors and doesn’t have odor (besides smelling like dirt I would think. It comes from the worm dude blog, he also sells worms. I’m going to try it out since we go through 1 to 1 1/2 gallons of compost a day.