Listener Feedback for 9-26-23 – Epi-3383 — 5 Comments

  1. I had no idea what BRICS was. Took five minutes and looked it up on Wikipedia. OH BOY!!!
    I asked some questions to myself then looked up the answers. Within one hour I had answers.
    The biggest oil companies are based in?
    World top wheat exporters?
    World top rice exporters?
    World top corn exporters?
    Most of the countries listed under BRICS are in the top 5 of each question. Plus the other countries getting on board with BRICS provide either a service or resource (gold, oil, etc) that is needed. United States is not needed as much as the US population thinks.
    As Patriot Nurse said: Get your beans, bullets and bandaids together.

  2. QUESTION: I live in a zoning area and cannot have livestock…but do you think it would be doable to raise rabbits outside for meat? To have meat that doesn’t have all the shit in it and to save money. I live in Ohio…in the winter, I could keep them warm with straw. Please let me know

    • Well I would just say they are pets, and do it. That said I don’t have any experience with rabbit raising in cold climates. You’re gonna have to buy bunnies so talk to suppliers about their set ups and get the infrastructure in place before getting them.

  3. Thank you for your response to the bio-char question. Part of the question goes to ascetics. Burn barrels aren’t super good looking. To make biochar while “having a nice fire” to sit around, at an economical price is the question. Maybe “The Best Cooker” is the best. It did sound convenient and time is a cost.