Episode-1753- Listener Feedback for 3-28-16 — 12 Comments

    • For the the love of F! Of course that happened the way the last three weeks of been, it just had to. For F-sake!

      Don’t worry not blaming the messenger, fixing it now but the show’s already been downloaded a bazallion times, way to lead off the new format. Jeez

  1. As a woman who is a beginner with firearms I have to agree about the bit on finding a shop that will work with you. I can’t count how many gun stores I’ve walked out of because either no one will wait on me or the staff talks down to me or outright dismisses what I want. I can’t help thinking about that scene in the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts’ character goes back into a snobby boutique and says “Big mistake!” after spending a wad of cash somewhere else. I’d suggest doing as much online research as well before buying. I’ve already put that to good use in cutting through the ridiculous BS they think they can run on you in a lot of gun shops – even the big box stores. Same with finding a range where the staff won’t hassle you and assume you’ve walked in there by mistake. When I heard about it on TSP, I signed up for a local Appleseed class and after looking around got a 1949 Remington model 550-1 and a 1978 Glenfield Marlin Model 60 ( I like old stuff) to go with my Remington 870 Magnum Express and a Taurus .38 revolver. Nothing fancy or expensive but they work for me. All but the .38 were under $100 each. Around here I can’t use all of those on the same range so like Jack said, changing it out a bit and going to different ranges keeps it interesting. I’m in my 40s and got my first gun only a few years ago yet I’m getting better all the time. BTW, I’m one of those who signed up for your .22 rifle hunting resource publication – whenever it comes out…..

    • One of my best days ever was at a gun store with this issue. Some gal abut 5’3″ was asking to see a gun, don’t remember which one because the following was burned into my brain.

      Counter guy (some fat dude that likely knows nothing about guns by the way) “Are you sure you want to look at that one, it won’t carry well in your purse”?

      Lady – “Yes I am sure, please let me take a look at it”

      Fat Counter Guy – (takes out gun, holds it like he is protecting her from it) – “So is this for your husband”?

      Lady – (clearly having had enough of this shit) – “Look I am an NRA certified instructor, I have trained hundreds of students, I have over 1,000 hours as an instructor, do you have any of those credentials”?

      Fat Counter Guy – (turns red and humble) – “No I don’t but” Cut off by lady!

      Lady – “Okay then how about you stop being a sexist ego driven asshole and let me see the damn gun, I just might buy it, isn’t that your job, aren’t you supposed to sell guns here”?

      For the love of God I wish I had videoed that! But it was long before everyone had smart phones.

  2. I built a insulated smoker from a Terra cotta pot with clay bowl as cover. Uses a hot plate with wood chips in a pie plate to smoke. Got about 60 bucks into it. I can keep it it 250 all day long. Saw it on Good Eats years ago. Miss that show.

  3. Small addition to the Roth IRA spot. When I heard about being able to take original money out without penalties, I called my investment guy. He said that that is the case but only after you have had the Roth for 5 years.

    • I learned this the hard way, rolled my Traditional to a Roth, now I can’t access it. Have to wait 5 years. After that I’m pulling all of it out, every red cent.

  4. Grill’s,

    We have the Primo Smoker/Grill the better looking sister to the BGE, think it cost a total of $1500 with stand and all. Charcoal savings alone will pay for itself. We can grill/smoke for 12 or more hours with less than a 1/2 a bag of wood. Also the grill should last over 20 years which is another good one for us.

  5. Another alternative to one of those expensive green eggs is to look for a Mushikamado or Kamado at yard or estate sales. That’s what it copied. Back in the 60s someone made a US version and patented it as the “Kamado” but much smaller than the authentic ones. We got a huge old one years ago for $10 because it had a crack that was easily fixed with JB weld and the seller didn’t want to get a hernia moving it. It was significantly bigger than the BGE I’ve seen, about 4 ft tall (no stand) and about 2.5 ft in diameter. We could put two fair sized turkeys in it and it was hard to mess up anything we cooked in it.