Episode-1970- Listener Feedback for 3-27-17 — 15 Comments

  1. Re: Posting of “TSP Rewind” episodes

    I was actually just thinking about the TSP Rewind episodes yesterday, and I’d take the listener feedback a step further. They’re a great representation of what can happen with a well designed business model after you put in a ton of hard work to really get it going. TSP has reached the point with close to 2,000 shows that Jack doesn’t have to do a show everyday and there’s still tons of informative and entertaining content to choose from. Isn’t that one of the features that all of us should be trying to build into a personal business — passive income?

  2. Jack, I think I speak for everyone when I say please extended our condolences to Dorothy on the loss of her father. I recall you telling his story at least once before and the world lost a great man.

    I agree with the listener and his assessment of the Rewind Episodes. I was really digging them last week. I do like new content but I like hearing old episodes, and I like them so much I normally do it on my own. The newer format of last week with the extra commentary was great.

    Thanks for all you do, jack.

  3. Sorry to hear about your and Dorothy’s loss, Jack. Hope all is well. It was very cool to hear my comment read on the show. For anyone interested, Postmates is a courier app as you correctly guessed. It’s mostly for food. I make a little more money with it than I did with Uber, but that could vary depending on your region. The main benefit I see with the courier app is not having the liability of a living person in your car in case something goes wrong.

    Anyways, thanks for all the excellent content Jack.

  4. My condolences to you and Dorothy on her father’s death.

    You’re doing a great job and I wouldn’t sweat those complaining about the rewind episodes.

  5. Jack, my condolences to you and Dorothy.
    Love the rewind episodes! But I love the new stuff too, so…. glad you’re giving us both. Keep up the great work!

    I agree with Jack that you should be the one interacting with social media but I do automate the postings by using a site called it stands for If This Than That. Falls in line with code writing and you can use platforms like FB, Instagram, Twitter, WordPressa, Amazon, Cell phones and the list goes on. When I post a video IFTTT takes it shares it to my all my social media then I monitor it to interact with everyone.
    Jack i’m sure you would love this site for so many other things.

  7. CJ Knives,
    Automation of wordpress w/ social media, but avoiding the not so personal aspect Jack mentioned. Akismet. It’s free and easy. Then, make sure you get Pages (Facebook related app) downloaded to your phone. That way you see any comments to your posts. Not to say Jack doesn’t have a completely valid point in regards to making a more strategic post and customizing it, I just don’t have time at this point, so it works ok for me. Yoast also lets you customize your twitter & FB posts & titles. I use a text editor to keep them under 120 char, then paste over. Best of luck!

  8. Hammer analogy continued. …

    Another guy will take the hammer and pass it on to someone else who’s never used one. That guy already has a hammer and has built many things with it. Now he will use the new hammer as a gift for to hook a new guy into being taught how to use the hammer.

  9. Jack,

    You keep saying that you don’t change peoples lives, but you’re wrong. As proof I site the observer effect. Taken from Wikipedia “In physics, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed.” The inverse is also true. A person cannot observe the phenomenon of The Survival Podcast and not be effected. Someone very smart once said “the truth will set you free.” Once you know the truth you have to deal with it one way or another, but you will make a choice.

    Keep being phenomenal Jack.

    And thanks for changing my life.

  10. On ammo selection.

    I can’t speak to ammo selection for hunting/pest control. For 9mm personal defense, I would recommend the listener check out this thread and pick out a load off 9mm list: ( (Click on 9mm) ). Dr. Gary Roberts is widely recognized as a ballistics expert and “the list” of duty grade ammo as being authoritative. I buy a few hundred rounds of whatever’s available and least expensive off the list, run a box through the gun to check function and accuracy, and rock and roll.

    Another good standard is to use whatever your local law enforcement agencies use. If it’s a reasonably decent sized agency, it’s probably a safe bet they’re using decent quality ammo.

    Either way, make sure it’s accurate and functions out of your gun.

    Avoid outdated options like Hydra-Shok, generic JHP’s like the Winchester White Box, or overly marketed garbage like G2 RIP.

  11. Another new shooter, cool.

    As far as .22 goes, give CCI Mini Mags a shot. They cost a little more but are more reliable than most, very consistent (read accurate) and cleaner than most others. I tried the CCI Stingers but they just don’t have the accuracy.

    With 9mm, the differences in weight affect the time of the recoil. I shoot the 115’s which are a little snappier but many of the top shooters prefer the 147’s because the recoil “feels” softer due to its more drawn out push. 124’s are in the middle. As a new shooter you won’t know the difference. But… If you do a search for Steel Challenge matches in your area there is a good chance there will be a monthly match near you. Don’t worry about the competition thing, everybody at the club matches loves new shooters, we like our sport to grow. The only additional equipment you will need is a few extra magazines, total of five is preferred along with a gun case (the case it came in is fine) + eye and ear protection which you should already have. You will be shooting with people that are new to shooting all the way to people that are very very good and will learn more about handgun shooting in just a few matches than you could imagine. Those top shooters are almost always broken up in squads with newer shooters and will freely pass on their tips. After a hand full of Sat mornings at the range you will be able to pick out a bullet weight you like. A word of advise, get there early enough to help setup and stick around to help break down. That help is greatly appreciated and you will get more back in knowledge than you put in work.

    One last thing, it is also a great time to test the functionality of different defense ammunition options.

  12. Jack,

    My condolences on the loss of your FIL. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s still never easy.

    On the legumes and Paleo question. Many of the mainstream Paleo folks have been changing their tune on legumes due to more recent studies. Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and Chris Kresser have all come out and said it appears legumes may be ok for some people. Seems like the current recommendations are they probably are not the best thing you could eat, but try them and see how you feel. Additionally, as you stated it’s probably best to be super strict and cut them out for the first 60-90 days. I’m definitely not a “Paleo” expert, but thought I would pass along updated advice I’ve heard on Robb and Mark’s more recent podcasts.

    Maybe Gary Collins could do a follow up on this. I’m not sure if his stance has changed any on legumes.