Episode-2189- Listener Feedback for 3-26-18 — 6 Comments

  1. I hot smoke my ribs on my Weber for 5-8 mins after pressure cooker, all the flavor, less time and more consistency.

  2. Regarding property use and neighbors, my wife dealt with this in her first home before we were married.

    She was approached by her new neighbor while planting a maple tree. He said all the neighbors had cut down their trees to make things nice and open. No lie, it was like a grass desert, for about four houses in a row. She simply responded(politely) that she was sorry, but she liked trees. No il will came of it, and everyone got along after, but it always seemed bold to me that they would try to push their opinion like that. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground.

    Incidentally, the tree is still there with the new owners and it has been several years since she sold.

  3. Jack: “If you didn’t hear one of the states (Nick) mentioned and you’re not in… I dunno, Hawaii or something…”

    Doh! We’re out here Jack! There’s at least two of us. 😉

    Hey Nick, how about a Hawaii tour? I only have a postage stamp lot, but hey. Hawaii!

  4. RE: Nick Ferguson Consulting Tour – I’m up in Eastern PA and we’re trying to make it work. If anyone else is in the area and wants Nick up here, be sure to let him know!

  5. A homestead “bible” would if it covered every topic with any depth would be too heavy to lift.  It all depends on interests AND climate.  (Don’t try raising Highland cattle in LA or Lemons in MN.  LOL)  A few books that go deep are better than a bunch that have breadth but no depth.  Though, if you intend to be profitable, books by Ron Macher, Joel Salatin (You Can Farm), & Mark Shepard are all valuable with wide applicability and diverse insights.

    Have to chuckle about the goat=hate your life comment.  After 5 years with meat goats, I think they have an inverted bell curve of where they fit in relation to herd size.  Great if you have a very small herd (think a couple milkers or almost pets) or a large herd.  Pretty miserable in between as the cost of fencing per animal is too high.  Having hit 56 breeding does for this fall, I think I’m finally over the hump and as we continue expanding, the financials look better and better.  Especially once the fencing is complete.

    With that said, our goats are more profitable than our cattle.  The caveat is I have to add “other than fencing”.  Our cattle stay in place with fence that should have been replaced decades ago and a single strand hotwire.  Whereas 4 strands of good barb wire barely even slow a goat down.

  6. Job easier = fewer employees OR lower pay.

    Frankly, I think tax structures have been, are, & will be formulated to keep jobs, though most will be low paying.  I think this is how things will go as it is more palatable to the public in the US than UBI or UBS, IMHO. 

    Also notice how many companies have begun offering or have increased tuition reimbursement as a direct implication of recent tax law? 

    Powerful groups want the status quo maintained.  Go to school, get a job, work your way up.  As long as there are a few success stories, enough people will keep trying and keep the system running until it collapses…