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  1. @Jack,

    As a follow on to some of the things we were discussing from Friday’s show. This Liberty Dollar guy. Good example–that US Attorney A-Clown sees that guy as a TERRORIST, and is justifying prosecuting him on what is really little more than technicalities.

    This guy is one of those unlucky ones who drew the ire of the government too strongly and they’ve gone after him. We’ve got such an insane net of regulations and laws that the common person isn’t even aware of that almost anyone could be made into a criminal if they put their minds to it.

    It’s a pretty scary thing to consider. That’s I think why some people are nervous or wary about things like a 4473 form, even if problems arising from that are on in a million.

  2. Jack, regarding Bernard Von Nothaus getting convicted because he was bartering with Liberty Dollars …

    Back in the early 1980’s, a starving yong artist named Boggs was flat broke and down to his very last dollar. He bought a cup of coffee and a donut at a small diner and the tab came to 90 cents. When the waitress set down the check at his plateside for him, she looked over his shoulder and saw that he was busy doodling a very elaborate drawing upon one of his paper napkins. She said: “That’s the most beautiful one dollar bill I’ve ever seen! Will you give it to me to pay for your coffee instead of a real dollar?” And that marked the beginning of his own personal niche artworks of drawing mock US currency. He made a decent living off of it for a while. But then the Secret Service decided to get involved. First they siezed some of his work from an art gallery. And later they broke into his art studio and confiscated everything.–articles-research-a-concepts/boggs-the-art-of-making-your-own-money

    Here’s a quote from the news item:

    Boggs made his own versions of US as well as other countries’ banknotes – although instantly recognizable as “funny money” (one of his most famous notes was created for the Florida United Numismatist convention shown above, complete with “IN FUN WE TRUST”), Boggs were repeatedly arrested for counterfeiting in the USA and abroad.

    “Boggs Bills” typically feature the same size, coloration, design patterns, and symbols as the bills he is inspired by, but with a few noticeable variations usually aimed at comedic effect. There is no evidence that he has ever attempted to pass his bills off as authentic currency, or that his “bills” have been mistaken for the real thing.

    Nonetheless, in 1991, U.S. Secret Service agents seized 15 of Boggs’ pieces from an exhibit in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The following year, Secret Service agents seized the majority of Boggs’ remaining work from his studio, home, and office at Carnegie Mellon University. In neither instance, however, was Boggs charged with counterfeiting. In 1993, Boggs sued for the return of his work, claiming the seizure of his work violated his First Amendment right of free speech. He argued the counterfeiting statute was written too broadly, allowing law enforcement officials to apply it to works never mistaken for actual currency. His legal efforts were unsuccessful. Both trial and appellate courts upheld the seizure of Boggs’ work, finding that the federal statute served the government interest of preventing counterfeiting without unduly restricting free expression. To this day Boggs has never been charged with counterfeiting, yet his work remains in the possession of the Secret Service.

  3. On all the government inspections and control, it’s about protecting stupid people from themselves.

    That’s why I call these folks the “Airbag Generation”.

    ‘It’s not my fault I ____________ ! The government needs to make _____________ protect me.’ Ad infinitum… sadly.

  4. Jack, you offered advice on long term storage of gas and diesel. But please help me out with this one hitch: when I mow the lawn for the last time in October, and then I put the lawn mower away for the winter and there’s still gas left in it, the gas in the law mower tank all goes bad by April. So when I take the lawn mower out again. I try to start the mower but the gas is useless because it broke down during the winter.

    How do you prevent long-term stores of gas and diesel from breaking down in mere months?

  5. Any suggestions by any of the listeners or Jack on where to donate money for the Japanese disaster relief? Normally I would donate to the Red Cross but after hearing that they really did nothing much in Haiti with A VERY LARGE SUM OF MONEY DONATED by hard working people I am now looking for ideas where my donation will have the best bang for my hard earned bucks. Thanks.

    • @Dan I don’t have a great answer because you just never know any more but after what Brandon told us about the Red Cross I can never give them a red cent again.

      I know for a fact that the United Way and The Salvation Army do have boots on the ground in Japan so they are there and they are responding. That still doesn’t guarantee that money for this won’t go into their general funds but hell they are there. The Red Cross is probably there I mean Japan is a first world country with tons of media watching this time but again they get NOTHING from me.

      We personally supported Mercy Corps for this event they seem to check out.

      On the Red Cross they donated 10 Million to Japan thus far, given they took in over 100 Million for Haiti and Brandon said and I quote, “I never saw a single Red Cross tent or met a single Red Cross worker in Haiti, I shudder to think at how they could use this event to further their “general fund”.

  6. Replying to Oil Lady-I put Stabil in my gas tanks for all my motors as a prep them for the winter. I mix the stabil in the gas before I use them for the last time in the fall (Motor Cycles, Lawn Mowers everything) and even in Minnesota where dang it they are forcasting more snow this week!!!!!! the start the motors up when I need them in the Spring with little or no trouble. Make sure all the gas in the motor has the stabil in it, and make sure you run the motor so you have the mixture in the cylinders. Or drain all the gas and run the engine dry and store it that way. Thats how I do it but I am sure others have other ways.

  7. Oil Lady, like Dan I use Stabil but I put it in all my gas for my small engines. This way I don’t have to remember if I’ve stabilized a given can of gas. Somewhere I also came across the tip that if you live in a State that has ethanol in all the gas the Stabil will help your engine last. Now I don’t know if this is true but I don’t think it can hurt.

    Another thing to do is to run all the gas out. I’ve got a siphon device that I use to suck as much fuel out as I can to put back into the gas can I pulled it from. I then will start the engine up and let it run until it dies from lack of fuel. I use this with both my lawn mower and snow blower without any issues.

    Dan, I agree that it sucks that we might be getting snow later this week. Unless it’s more than a few inches I’m going to pretend it isn’t there and just let it melt. I MIGHT hand shovel the sidewalk.


  8. I have never heard stabil helps your engines last-does that seem to be true steelheart or you’re not sure? If it does seem to help I may have to try it otherwise it seems like an added expense. One things for sure though-its been a long snowy winter and I am ready for this stuff to melt. Over 5 months with snow on the ground is just too long!

  9. Hi jack

    I have been watching the radiation levels on the west coast, as i see, so have you.There has been no massive radiation cloud as of yet however, this does not mean that there is not a risk to health.The fact that low levels of radiation are reaching the US means that the cancer rate will rise as there are no safe levels of radiation.The rise might be very slight but could ammount to a few thousand deaths over the years. I see you took my advise and took the radiation seriously by monitoring the levels as the slipstream took the radiation towards us.

    great shows my friend

  10. @Dan @Steelheart and @OilLady

    Yes stabil is the answer and Dan it isn’t that stabil helps the engine you put it in the gas that is in the engine and it keeps the gas from going bad. So that will give your engines longer life because Ethanol based gas breaks down so fast that many times even when the engine is running it isn’t running optimal. I think that is what Stealheart meant.

    Lastly Steelheart is right that the best solution is really to drain small motors of all fuel if they will be stored a long time with out use. I don’t do it with mowers and the like down here because well we don’t have much of a winter. I cut grass right up until the end of November and had to cut the grass about March 1st. I am with Steelheart on small engines that use fuel sparingly I use stabil in all fuel all the time and in our stored gas as well.

    If you over winter a boat with out it you are just asking for trouble.

    • Another product that I’ve had good luck with is Seafoam. I get it at auto parts store. I use it in the lawnmower, snowthrower and motorcycle when stored over the winter. It is a fuel stabilizer and fuel system cleaner.

  11. This is for all people whose spouse doesn’t want them to carry a gun.
    There is a Documentary at a prison. The criminals interviewed all said the same thing. “They do not fear the Police because they know the police can’t shoot at them. What they all fear is an Armed Citizen who has the right to protect themselves!”
    If you want to know what is really going on in your very own neighborhood, get a Police Scanner or download a Scanner Program to your computer. Listen to all the calls on a warm Friday or Saturday night. You won’t hear about 99% of what happens on the news and it will shock you.
    You can also go to and get an email with a list of crime in the area you specify.
    The world really is a dangerous place and the Police are always minutes away.
    A little known fact is that the Police ARE NOT required to protect you. Their job is to check the crime scene for clues, take statements and possibly solve the crime AFTER it hassd occured!!!
    It is the Duty of every citizen to protect themselves, their neighbors, their city and their country!

  12. Jack, Thanks so much for the YouTube video of The Urban Farming Guys. It is very inspiring to me. They are not far away from me, and I will look into how I can help them.

  13. This is in response to the gentleman who was asking about cast bullets and reloading. I decided several years ago to get back into shooting, more than just plinking around with my 22. I spent several months looking around at what I may want to shoot and the costs associated with the various rounds and it occurred to me that reloading was the way to go.
    When I started looking into the how’s of actually reloading I ran into a website that changed my outlook completely. It has got to be about the single largest repository of information on casting and reloading out there.
    It is .
    I spent about 3 months lurking around reading everything I could before I decided on a caliber and rifle. They have a 200+ page free e-book to download on many aspects of casting if you can’t find the information there or searching there stickies, just ask. Most everyone there is falling over themselves to help newbies such as myself to learn about the joy and satisfaction of casting.

    • Thanks Lunk, that was me that asked the question. I’ve browsed the castboolits site a bit and can’t locate the book that you mentioned. Can you tell me where to find it from their main page?

      • @John what book? I am working remotely and don’t remember what book you are asking about.

        • Lunk mentions above a 200+ page free ebook downloadable from the castboolits website. I was asking him for info on it. Thanks.

  14. Yeah, I don’t see the link off there front page but I found it within like the first hour I was there if I remember correctly. The link is

    I do not know if you have to be a member of there Yahoo group to download it but I am so I was able to link to it directly.
    To join you just have to apply and you are automatically in, so if you have to join that group to get it it should only take a min to do and download.