Episode-1091- Listener Feedback for 3-18-13 — 35 Comments

  1. There’s a local mycorrhizal fungi industry where I’m at and a farm that did tests with seeding and transplants. The difference with the control was minimum, sometimes even none at all. Depending on the cost of the fungi it might not be worth it for big scale production.

    That said, If you’ve got poor quality soil it may be a good idea to try these products out. I’ve heard that a good soil or compost already has lots of beneficial fungi and from there they multiply and quickly equal that in which we add with the mycorrhizal product.

  2. Just to be clear, the tax / theft story is referring to Cyprus, not Crete. All of the larger points that Jack is making still ring true, but if you’re searching for more info, you’ll need to google a “Cyprus” bailout, not a “Crete” bailout.

      • When an episode has at least three “bitch!” bombs in it you know there is going to be some passion… and some collateral damage.


        Great show!

      • Because you’re human, and you do admit when you screw up. And that’s one reason why we like you partner!

    • Haha – probably the same way that I’ve screwed it up for a number of years. Whenever I read old Greek mythology, or any writings from the great era of Greek culture, Cyprus was another one of those big important islands, just like Crete.

      However, last year when I started reading about Cyprus banking issues, I kept on wondering why they dont just mention Cyprus and Greece in the same breadth. It did not make any sense! So I did a little homework and found out that Cyprus is its little own sovereign nation (I had no idea).

      At least you knew that there was at least *one* little sovereign country down there (though you thought it was Crete instead of Cyprus). You’re a better man than I though, because until a year ago I thought all of those islands were still part of one big Greek empire.

      Regardless, I think your points on the subject were spot-on, Jack. This is a very sad example of savers being punished during a country’s economic turmoil.

    • So I was telling my wife about that tonight after hearing it on the podcast but for some reason I kept thinking why am I saying Crete and not Cypress… now I know! I had seen the news articles on it but I guess Crete just stuck in my head from the podcast. Not like my wife listened to me anyways so it really didn’t matter 🙂

  3. Jack,
    Good to see your comments on MycoGrow. We’ve tested it and used for several years and have been selling it for a couple of years. We’ve been very happy with it, especially in helping to establish an initial population in new beds or re-establish it in older, fallow ones. Many of our customers have seen positive results with it, but I’d like to see what your experiences are. Let me know and I’m happy to send you some.

  4. I have spoken of my daughter here recently. She is in Illinois, thinks she deserves her union everything. But she has a problem. I’m her mother and a few drops of me did trickle through. The principal of the school called a meeting regarding all of the financial issues and said that some teachers may be losing their jobs. My daughter chimed in and asked why everyone couldn’t just take a pay cut to prevent this from happening. She was totally BLACK BALLED. No one would speak to her. When she went to the lunch room and sat down, anyone near her would move to the other side of the room. She was totally scorned for her logical suggestion. She finally started eating her lunch in her classroom just to avoid the drama.

  5. Jack, just wanted to second your comment on turmeric. I took an unexpected trip down some stairs and hurt my knee. When it finally recovered enough to lift weights again, couldn’t do it without major knee pain/soreness. Only changes I’ve made is adding turmeric to my morning eggs. That and time and my knee feels great. And if I go about a week, week and a half without it, the soreness does start coming back.

    Also, I find it so damn sad that communities is Pennsilvania and Michigan are being so tyrannical. I grew up about 30 miles from San Francisco. And now, until I graduate college and bail out of CA, I live in SF. There are cummunity gardens in every suburb. There are several in SF. As restrictive as gun laws here can be, there is a huge hunting and sportsman culture. Hell, there’s even a skeet shooting range out over a lake within SF city boundaries. It’s really sad. This state could be so amazing. I hate the idea of leaving it. Grew up with all of my family, and it is still this way, within a 50-mile radius and would love to raise my future kids that way in an area where I have generations of family history. But unless enough people wake up and get the unions, pensions, and taxes under control…I’m gone.

    • It would appear unfortunately that her website’s bandwidth has been eaten up by probably an extreme (unexpected) increase in traffic. It is likely that she either pays very little for her blog or nothing at all, which isn’t surprising.

      Perhaps she should be contacted and perhaps funding for the blog to be put up is necessary?

  6. On Cyprus..
    Cyprus is an EU member, which means they can’t ‘print their way to freedom’. Instead, they have to appease their master.. I mean the EU aristocracy, before they receive their welfare check. (Think feudal lord appeasing the king.. guess who gets the shaft, that’s right.. the peasants).

    The US/Fed aristocracy instead of being two separate groups is just one.. so before you get too smug about ‘that can’t happen here’.. the M1 Money Supply increase by.. wait for it.. 11.7%

    So I guess that ‘tax’ in Cyprus wasn’t so bad. 😉

    I’ve read several opinions around the web (which I tend to agree with) that Cyprus, much like Greece, is a ‘test case’ to see just how much our owner.. I mean ‘governments’ can get away with without triggering an overthrow or revolution.

    And don’t bother buying the ‘its all Russian drug dealer money’ BS.. (seriously.. stop believing this crap).. if anyone was really concerned about drug money BofA and HSBC execs would be on trial, fined or jailed (P.S. the head of ‘our’ ‘justice department’ has said that charging them might ‘destabilize’ the global economy.. so he ain’t going to do it). This is standard blame the victim crap (the rape victim was ‘asking for it’).

    On Harrisburg..
    LEOs, military, sheepdogs.. don’t be the ‘thugs’ that keep these clowns in power. There power comes from your application of force. If its wrong its wrong, I don’t care if its ‘legal’.

    (I realize all of this is totally preaching to the choir on this forum)

  7. My awesome wife got me a rogue hoe as a birthday present. Absolutely one of the best, most useful tools i own now.
    Been using it today to plant seeds!

  8. Jack, two things:

    re: pill bugs and dead bean sprouts / gardens cause crime

    You’re dead on about this. It’s as common as nails. The media seems to be a terrible offender in this case.

    re: your accent

    Not picking or making fun here, but I’ve noticed that when you get a fire under your kettle, the “southren” kind of distills right out of your accent. It’s like you’re Texan when you’re mellow and PA when you’re riled.
    Just something I notice pretty regularly.

  9. Jack,

    How does your boom theneeeeeennnnnn bust scenario deal with the fact/idea that Karl Denninger is putting forth: As of now ~ 85% of tax revenues are spent on interest on the debt, Social Security and Health Care spending. In two years (MAX) that # will be 100%+. (Probably) before then the market will figure this out and force the fed gov to stop ALL deficit spending overnight.

    Interested to hear yours and others thoughts on this.

    Karl’s blog can be found and should be daily reading at

    • Karl has posted a minimum of 6 “its over now” posts in the last 4 years. I no longer consider his predictions worth commenting on. I love his work but he is the guy that thinks cancer kills in a week.

    • KD also said in the spring of 2012 that (paraphrase, but pretty darn close to a quote) ~There is no way they can kick the can to the 2012 election~ He expected the market to call this bluff before then with a spike in interest rates and a stock market crash before the election.

  10. Jack,
    You mentioned that you couldn’t comment on whether banks in Cyprus were closed. Just to clarify, yes the Cypriot government declared Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th “Bank Holidays” which to translate Euro-speak means “banks are closed, no transactions in or out”.

    The last news I heard was that the bank holiday will extend to Thursday 21st.

    Readers should know that these Bank Holidays always seem to be announced after Friday close of business and involve the next Monday and days following.

    For what it’s worth department if you are planning transactions.

  11. A friend of mine recently moved to Harrisburg and I just sent him the article and his immediate response was:

    A guy with a metal detector could have checked for guns in the beds, a bulldozer didn’t need to do it.

    I told him that maybe he should run for city council himself!

  12. I liked this letter to the editor.

    “…But maybe there is a silver lining in this unfortunate event. We might now have a one-stop shop for anyone with a concern in the city. If you suspect drugs or guns somewhere, don’t call the police, call Ms. Williams. You see a mouse, call her. Weeds too tall, you know who to call. ..”

    I’d love to think people followed up on that and called her every time they saw a mouse. 😀