Episode-1535- Listener Feedback for 3-16-15 — 24 Comments

  1. Don’t think they won’t continually raise the mileage tax either. Anytime something is voluntary, they wait until there are enough people volunteering and then mandate it. A penny a mile to begin with sounds very benign but wait and see where this all goes. It’s only the beginning!

  2. On the Charbroiler, I got the same one you recommended. How do you keep those little holes from not getting clogged? I like using it, just takes me 20 minutes to clean the damn thing 🙁

  3. I can totally see corporate agribusiness going all-in on vertical farming – except, as Jack mentioned, in soy, wheat, and corn. Instead of spreading out, they can just build up. Most of their produce is devoid of nutrients anyway, so why not just skip the soil?

    And maybe this will be what it takes to kick our soy, wheat, and corn habit. The irony.. not health, but corporate expedience.

  4. I have a possible solution to the mileage tax.

    Since the company is producing these to plug into a vehicles data link connector, or the OBD2 port, we can drive cars pre-96. Most cars 95 and older don’t have a OBD2 port. A few do but they were ahead of the federal mandate. Its a possible solution, though we shouldn’t be taxed by mileage in the first place obviously.

    • Four words,

      TV Set Converter Box

      Think about it. Don’t think the nice man from the government won’t create a solution for all us poor folks that have to drive old cars.

    • Very true, but I’ll bring up something you speak of often. If everyone is driving an older car, can they make enough gadgets or prosecute us all? The thing is, I don’t think society has the stomach for that that. They want the new cars that will park themselves and brake themselves.

      • It will be a simple device out of Hong Kong, it will cost them 14 cents and they will require you to spend 100 dollars to buy it. Stop playing chess while your masters are playing 3D space chess.

        In the end this is all fluff, they don’t need any of this, a simple RFID in your registration sticker will do just fine.

  5. Really? a gas grill??…. If its not real wood, charcoal and smoke — its not really grilling. ;-P

      • What distinguishes grilling or smoking from cooking? To me it’s that natural wood smoke, the rest is a matter of technique.

        • Well you’d be wrong. When you cook meat at short durations, there is little to no difference in charcoal and gas. Smoke only really does something in long slow cooking.

          I have had people swear this is false, cook them burgers on gas and charcoal and they were no more able to distinguish between the two then a flipped quarter.

          Grilling is about cooking over flame, not smoke.

          Smoking is about cooking with smoke.

          BBQ is made low and slow with a smokey fire.

          Cook chicken breast, you are going to do it fast, get it off before you dry it out. Charcoal won’t even be ready before the gas grill is done and the flavor will be the same.

          Cook leg quarters, now we can cook it at lower and longer temps, now we can get that smokey character into the meat.

          Like many myths this is based far more on ideology then reality.

        • Oh and let me add, if I put a few handfuls of wood chips in a foil pack on a gas grill, I can get that same smokey character in something like skin on bone in chicken, I only really need to go to a charcoal and wood fire for things that you are going to smoke for hours or more. Like say a full on pork shoulder.

  6. My sister in law has a ’09 Ford Fusion with the Ford Sync in it. Her insurance company gave her a break on her premium if she had Sync turned on. As i tried to turn it on i quickly found out the only way it works is if you have your phone communicating over Bluetooth with your car. Im thinking they can track your mileage this way already. Plus, she also gets service updates now, which i assume is communicating with Ford somehow.

    • That’s scary, I’ve always refused to get Sync, OnStar (or something similar) in my car because I instinctively felt that was inevitable, but I didn’t know it was actually happening already.

  7. One way to keep a gas grill is really long time is to keep it uncovered but sheltered, like in a garage or shed. If you cover it, moisture is usually trapped inside and like magic, corrosion starts. I’ve had my Weber for 12-14years, not sure of exact time I bought it and it still looks like new. Sure, I’ve replaced the flavor bars a few times but thats ok. I’ve raised the grill surface by placing an aftermarket grate where the warming rack was and it takes a lot of grease for it to flame up.

    As far as indoor greens, I’m not excited about eating greens filtered by greenhouse plastic let alone grown by artificial light. I wonder how much outgassing there is of the plastics of all the materials that it is grown in? And I like the idea of plants grown in soil grown in all that harmful bacteria and fungi, better uptake of minerals and nutrients I would think to boot.

    I think it is best to practice leadership when given opportunities. I’m primary driver of the van pool I’m in and have been on the board of my kids sports teams. Both provided experiences that I didn’t have before, it’s not like running a company but it does provide experiences to see how others push their goals or agendas and it also gives you insight in how little some people care and become involved in matters they could make better.

    • Now on worrying about light that filtered though plastic and “plastic outgassing” with greens, I think that falls under things you worry about that are not worth the effort required to worry about them.

  8. You mentioned using lemon oil and water as a killer for flying insect. What is the ratio to mix this? Also, will this have an affect on honey bees, butter flies, lady bugs, etc?

    • It will kill most insects the ratio seems to be 2% lemon grass oil. It ONLY kills though if you spray it on them, not from secondary contact. So if you are using it on a porch, in a duck house, etc. it really isn’t a concern about what it does to “friendlies”.

      I also should fix my mistake it is LEMON GRASS oil, not lemon oil. And you can even use it to attract bees to a vacant hive, again it must be misted onto the body of an insect to kill it. If a bee drinks it, it is harmless to them.