Episode-1966- Listener Feedback for 3-14-17 — 15 Comments

  1. Knowing if the power went out long enough to thaw the freezer: a quart jar half full of water frozen, with a narrow jar in the middle also half full. Turn them upside down after they have fully frozen. If the water has all fallen to the bottom of the quart jar but not the narrow jar the power was out at least a week.

    You can test your freezer by using gallon jugs frozen and filling your freezer as if it was stocked with food, (granted food has more air space) but it will give you a rough estimate as to how long it will take for those half full jars to melt and refreeze.

    It will take time to make these measurements, because you need to start with three days and increase from there. Refreezing the jugs and alert jars fully, each time, before you begin the next time interval.

    You want to represent being away from your freezer, so don’t open it during the test period.

    • 9000 volts has seemed to have solved the fox issue, wish I had a game camera up for the first time he got hit, should have been funny!

      Young ducks are fine a few losses but haven’t done an update because it is mostly the same until they get to come out, if I get time I will do one today.

  2. Thanks for the reply to the fishing question Jack! Two follow up questions, do you have a picture of the knot you use for that slip bobber? I have normally done ocean fishing but am now near lakes and want to learn to catch some fresh water species.

    Also what reel did you use the medium of the three telescopic rods you recommended. I just got mine and am figuring out which reel to use with it. It’s a pretty small rod though not quite ultra light.

    • Slip bobbers come with the knot “pre tied” it comes on a tube, you put the fishing line though the tiny tube and slip the thread off the tube and pull the ends. I have never tied one myself it seems like it would be a real pain in the ass. Since you get them so cheap it doesn’t seem worth messing with. If you want to do your own rigs you can get 40 of them for 11 bucks.

      On that rod I have a Okuma Avenger ABF 20 the 20 and 30 of that reel are really great for everyday fishing and the bait feeder feature is awesome. I have the ABF 30 on a medium light action Ugly Stik and I LOVE IT.

  3. @Jack, the “Why We’re Giving Up Prepping” post was an APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE reposted from another site, which originally posted on April 1, 2016. It would appear that uscrisispreppers is simply a site which reposts articles from other blogs and this particular repost excluded the end of the article: “…April Fools.” Indeed, the original source of this article,, is still active, posting more frequent original content than uscrisispreppers is reposting someone else’s.

    The article gave the typical non-prepper perspective while the follow-up article from April 2, 2016 gave the prepper counter-perspective: “Why We’re Not Actually Giving Up Prepping (EVER!)”

    • I guess when you auto syndicate others content you in inadvertently shut down your own blog!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations Jack, just picked up the slip bobbers and the Okuma ABF 20 reel (Via TSPAZ of course). I have been a big fan of Diawa spin casters for a while now but all of your recommendations so far have been on point so I am willing to give them a go. The bait feeding feature seems totally great, it’s like getting the benefits of a bait casts/conventional with the casting ease of spinning.

    Also, just to answer your original question to my question for the show, most of the fishing I do is Salt as of now, so the additional line is critical for me and hangups are less of an issue. Even when fishing with light tackle, you never know when that 20 lb bonito or yellowtail is going to crush your spoon or plug as you are fishing from something else. But given how many lakes and ponds there are 5 – 15 minutes vs 45 for the ocean setting some inexpensive mono rigs like you mentioned makes a ton of sense. Thanks for all you do.

    • If I were closer to the coast most of my fishing would be salt water as well!

  5. How do you get to the show notes for the episodes. I was wanting to listen to the episode about the emergency binders.

  6. Jack I got the ABF 20 and was so impressed by the reel and how smooth it is as well as the super cool free spool feature that I just picked up a ABF 30 to go with a high end Diawa 3 Piece Rod i have for travel to Florida and other salty destinations.

    Great Recommendation!