Episode-1743- Listener Feedback for 3-14-16 – Pi Day Edition — 15 Comments

  1. Sure wish you’d chill out on the political stuff. Enough of that noise everywhere else in my life right now.

    • May be if you paid attention you’d get that my comments are antipolitial

    • I certainly get that… I was indeed paying attention. I was simply stating that I enjoy your content on things outside the political realm altogether (regardless of what your specific positions on those policies are). But don’t mind me; I don’t know why I posted this comment… guess I was just tired of hearing about it at all… overload. You blog about what you want.

    • I’m sure Jack will blog about whatever the hell he wants.

      If you listen long enough you’ll see that he is pretty anti-political as Jack wrote. While this year will certainly be an interesting political year, it is constructive to analyze it, even if you you are anti-political.

      There are almost 1743 episodes. Download some for the days when Jack has a topic you don’t like.

      • The assclown circus is a spectator sport, one to enjoy from afar. LOL The ones I pity are the ones sucked in and that think that their caring about it and voting for someone who will win or loose their state by tens of thousands of votes has any influence on it.

  2. You are right Jack about injuries. They can be a real pain(pun intended). About 8 years ago I really hurt myself with an ax to my left leg. I was using a new ax with a shorter handle I was not use to, since my other axes had longer handles.

    I was chopping on a log for awhile when I started to get tired and my right hand slipped off the shorter handle losing control of the cutting edge. That was my mistake you should never use an ax if you are getting tired because that is when you can get hurt.
    Had my first and last trip in an ambulance I hope. When I got to the hospital I had to waite for the doctor to stitch me up. As an aside every medical person from the ambelance to the hospital wanted to pump me full of morphine. I kept repeatedly telling them if I did not move it it did not hurt so I did not need the stuff.

    This injury could have been worst, since I was lucky the injury did not leave me with a bad limp, lose that part of my leg, or lose my life from lose of blood. The ax curled the wood it did not chip it. That is how sharp this ax was and was probably the only reason their was not more trauma. The ax cut me like a hot knife through butter.

    In closing here is something I did not think of until much later. That night and for a week my area did not have power because of a storm. I realized much later what if that was the start of a MAJOR SHTF. This injury basically crippled me, since the ax sliced into my calf muscle it effectively made me the slowest person in a race away from a hungry Bear, Zombie, and the Scum of the World.

  3. Yep that was me!

    Thanks man.

    And thanks for the ideas.

    The picture idea was brilliant. I had something like that rattling around my head, that solidified it.

    There’s a TON of opportunity to teach people, along the lines of “10 things to ask somebody before you hire them for masonry” because there’s so much crap stonework out there.
    “How you deal with the soil shifting caused by the heavy clay in Colorado’s plains?” “How do you minimize freeze thaw damage?” “Do you know about Colorado buff flagstone’s tendency to flake and chip over time?”

    Thanks for the motivation on my climb. Seriously.

  4. I love shows and listening to Jacks take on school systems, education, economics, money, police corruption, business and investing and so on.

  5. I found a coffee container with comfrey roots in my shed I had forgotten about. They must be from 2 yrs ago. Think they can still be used for something?

  6. What’s the new router you got? I need a new one and am going to start looking at what is out there. I know you research the heck out a everything so your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks.

  7. I took another oath while in the Army and your podcast today made me wonder about it here it is:

    The Agent’s Oath:
    I do hereby swear (or affirm) that I shall support and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States; that I shall endeavor to discharge my responsibilities as a United Stars Army CID special agent in accordance there with; that I shall at all times seek diligently to discover the truth, deterred neither by fear nor prejudice; and that I shall strive to be worthy of the special trust reposed in me by my country, the United States Army, and the Criminal Investigation Command.

    I thought why not the UCMJ, and then I realized we did have arrest authority under title 18 (federal crimes code as well)

    Just something extra to think about.

  8. I didn’t listen to the whole episode yet, but I hurt my knee last summer and it’s still not 100% better ..

    The analysis on Trump could have some truth there