Episode-2398- Listener Feedback for 3-11-19 — 15 Comments

  1. Great show Jack!,

    On the dying newspaper business; my wife and I owned and operated (and on paper, still own) a small town newspaper for over twelve years, and I just laughed all the way through that segment because it was oh so true!

    I could puke out all the justification for maintaining print papers (because of all the seminars I’ve been to) but ultimately I agree with everything you said. I do, however wonder if many people know how many laws are in affect today supporting, feeding and funding every “established newspaper in general circulation”.

    From federal regulations requiring postage permits, and then doing the job of a post master, to state laws mandating and prescribing certain notices to run in print at certain times, font sizes, and even paige size. No bullshit, the city, county and school district were our biggest customers (required by law) and the biggest critics we ever had!

    Our newspaper business is over 120 years old, and I do hold a value on that, but even I feel it’s a dying industry for most of the reasons you pointed at, but unfortunately, I can tell you that it’s because of the laziness of the general population compounded by the general population “asking for the drama/gossip”.

    Jack, I promise that every time something came up even remotely controversial in our community, I personally covered it, and ultimately pissed someone off, and once the print went out, I was continually told it was “Biased, boring, or inflammatory”.

    That’s why I love this community (your TSP community). Even when you dive deep on subjects, everyone listening is here for a reason.

    I value that experience, but never again! And just thought I’d chime in as an experienced media owner.

    Thanks Jack


  2. It’s not just MAGA hats… they’ve also pepper sprayed a girl wearing a red bitcoin hat.

    It is truly insane.  Of course the MSM ignores and supports this behavior.  It is my opinion that the eventual breaking point is the goal.  It is something that could definitely be used to defend even more fascist behavior by the “socialists”.  Even though the MSM is suffering greatly as a business, a majority of the population still uses it to define what is “normal” and “acceptable” behavior and thought.

  3. Jack,

    Thanks for covering my question. The permitless status seems to even be confusing to our politicians and LEOs here in OK. I just wanna do my proper CYA planning. And no, I don’t plan on going over state lines with my EDC. I know that can get ppl in all kinds of trouble.

    By the way, the bill covers open or concealed. 21 yrs of age for citizens, 18 yrs old for military. The bill actually got passed a year ago, but Governor Mary Fallin vetoed it before she left office. RINO in action if ever there was one.


  4. That glyphosate story is pretty old. It came out last fall and it’s a follow up of the first study from 2016 by the Environmental Working Group.

    The New York Times and pretty much every other media outlet ran it.

    They make a kit that you can test your food at home with now. I’ve used it and found roundup at high levels in beer. The first thing I tested was my well, which was clean.



    • Ran it? So a single page that run for a day online? The media does not COVER THIS STUFF. They just don’t.

  5. So just an FYI. In the state of California you can not even operate a firearm and less it is registered to you you deafly could not have it on your CCW in less it is registered to you. And inheritance must go through an FFL in become registered to you before you can take possession of it.

    • That was written pretty incoherently and I am pretty sure even with that it is not fully accurate.

  6. Though it’s been a topic before, the timing of dying news organizations being the lead segment for the show is eerily uncanny.  

    Yesterday, marked the 12th anniversary of the disappearance of Karen S. Adams from the Mountaineer Racetrack, Casino and Resort in Chester, West Virginia. Prior to her disappearance, Adams worked in the Hancock County school system, and lived in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

    Neither the local daily newspaper, the Weirton Daily Times, nor the two television stations (one of which is owned by the Irving, Texas-based Nexstar Media Group, and touts ad nauseam how it’s “working for you”) published nary a word about Adams’ disappearance.  One of the television stations did enlighten viewers about March 11 being National Napping Day.



  7. You dont need to go thru an ffl for inheireted if from parent or grandparent, BUT they do want you to send in a form so they can register it to you….. I wonder wehter they can legally require that form or not….

    • I need a source on that because again there is no gun registration in the US. The form 4473 you fill out when you buy a gun DOES NOT go to any government agency it is retained by the FFL that did the transfer. Or in the case of a CCW holder a simple journal entry is made by the FFL saying this gun, xxxxxx9999etc was transferred to Joe Blow of 123 Road Way Street, Shabogenville, IN on Day, Month, Year.

      A company called Defensive Strategies does private transfer form. I like this and didn’t know it existed! It is a great way to not have to explain well I sold the gun to a guy. A guy at a gun show in I think 07 or may be 08, his name, um Peter something. (fans of that 70s show know where that goes). But this form DOES NOT EVER go to the government. You make two copies and each party keeps a copy.

      But it is only for residents of the same state. Here is that form