Episode-1086- More Listener Feedback – 3-11-13 — 19 Comments

  1. I have listened to the Peak Prosperity interview with Craig of Farmland LP. The podcast and the investment model is very interesting. But it’s not an investment option for the average guy – there are certain eligibility requirements. I believe they’re closing this fund to new investors and starting another one, that will hopefully more accessible. But regardless of this as an investment option, the concept is great – I hope it succeeds and fosters new/similar ideas.

  2. The #1, supreme, ultimate mouse trap bait is tootsie rolls. Warm them up a little bit with your finger and wrap it around the trigger. It’s pure, sweet death for the rodent.

  3. So ahhh, you can also turn that weapons-ban thing on it’s head. At least the weapons manufactures managed to avoid the current crisis by paying some politicians to propose some fake legeslation, and all of you guys bought into it and purchased overpriced firearms 🙂

    • I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t have to because I had already bought what I need. I have my “set” of pistols, rifles, shotguns. I also have my ammo and gear. This is the reality and purpose of being prepared. You can buy when you find quality at good prices. Value purchasing, not panic buying.

  4. For those of you not familiar with CA geography..

    Oakland is intertwined with Berkeley (liberal central), and across a bridge from San Francisco. Strangely I don’t think any of the residents will be supporting any new gun control legislation.

    Tying into the other story on ‘suburb secession’ Oakland would like Piedmont, to ‘tear down’ its borders and become part of Oakland. Why? So the ‘wealthy can pay their fair share for societal ills’..

    In usual ‘war is peace’ language.. its called the ‘Liberate Piedmont’ movement.

    Strangely enough, the people of Piedmont aren’t particularly interested in this change.

      • @ Insidious:

        I used to live in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek/Concord area). Berkely is also a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone…thank goodness. Lot’s of people there with idle time on their hands, too.

        • Berkeley is the only town I know where most of the panhandlers have PhDs.. idle time indeed.


    • I’ve been out of pocket so I’m a little late getting to this podcast, but listening to it, this part all sounded familiar. This is part of a radical plan to redistribute wealth from the suburbs to the mis-managed cities. From the description of the book Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities:

      Radicals from outside the administration—including key Obama allies from his early community organizing days—have been quietly influ­encing policy, in areas ranging from edu­cation to stimulus spending. Their goal: to increase the influence of America’s cities over their suburban neighbors so that even­tually suburban independence will vanish.

      In the eyes of Obama’s former mentors—fol­lowers of leftist radical Saul Alinsky—suburbs are breeding grounds for bigotry and greed. The classic American dream of a suburban house and high quality, locally controlled schools strikes them as selfishness, a waste of resources that should be redirected to the urban poor.

      The regulatory groundwork laid so far is just a prelude to what’s to come: substantial redistribution of tax dollars. Over time, cities would effectively swallow up their surround­ing municipalities, with merged school dis­tricts and forced redistribution of public spending killing the appeal of the suburbs. The result would be a profound transforma­tion of American society.

      The book:

      • The stuff starting at “Radicals” and ending with “American society” is a quote – I added some verbiage to that effect but it looked like html so it got stripped out.

  5. Did Jack just coin a new phrase in the last minute of this ‘cast??

    ‘shifts happen’


  6. I lived in Berkeley for 5 years and came to the conclusion police in far away cities give their homeless free one way bus tickets to Berkeley.
    Many a time people in Berkeley have solved world peace, world hunger ect. but forgot the answer in the morning. I forgot my share.

  7. Funny about the toilet paper shortage. I worked in a grocery store at the time and remember that, but I didn’t realize the cause. I was 16 so didn’t care. The store could only keep those single roll scotties on the shelf. I would line them up single deep.

  8. The Johnny Carson/TP thing was funny and scary at the same time.

    Imagine what damage Oprah could cause.


  9. Peanut butter is a great attractant for mice, but they can lick it off without springing the trap. I dip a raisin in peanut butter and stuff it under the teeth of the trap. Going for the last bit of peanut butter stuck under the raisin gets them everytime.

  10. Mice will attract snakes if you have them in your area.

    My mother feeds the squirrels close to the house, 20 yards or so…
    Then wonders why snakes keep hanging around the back porch…
    I did recommend she stop feeding the sq–or rather the snakes ;-).

  11. Missourians get a lot of crap from people who don’t live here but at least we have the right to shoot anyone on our properity that doesn’t belong there. If someone is trying to break in to our home we can shoot them. We can carry loaded guns in our cars without a permit. Several years ago the “great” Joe Mokowa chief of police for the city of St. Louis got on TV and said “…cars get stolen what do you want us to do about it?” Car theft and car jacking went threw the roof becoming a nightly feature on the news. Then we finally passed a carry law. Very shortly afterwards 3 men tried to carjack a guy and he shot all three of them. You know what happened to him NOTHING!!! Carjacking and theft dropped. Then we passed CASTLE laws. Crime declined further. Do you really think police are going to do anything to help you when they themselves have a … what do you expect us to do about it?… attitude. Stand up for yourself. I’m NOT telling you not to call the cops just be ready to handle it yourself while you wait for them to do something. Calling the cops just strengthens the case that you had no choice but defend yourself, family or properity.

  12. Haven’t tried this, but was told a method of mouse control for larger numbers. Take a 5 gallon bucket and cut out a spot on each side of the rim to secure a broom handle. Smear peanut butter on paper towel or toilet paper rolls and slide onto the broom handle before placing the handle on the bucket. Fill the bucket about half way with water. Outside of the bucket, rig some way so the mice will have access to the top of the bucket. When they climb up to get to the peanut butter, the paper towel roll will shift with their weight, dumping them into the partially filled bucket. They eventually drown.
    An acquaintance of mine claims to have killed hundreds of them this way.