Episode-1741- Listener Feedback for 3-10-16 — 31 Comments

    • I remember watching an old rerun of Laugh-In from 1968. They did their show “News from the past, News from the future.”
      The news 20 years in the future included a bit about President Ronald Reagan. The audience thought that was a funny idea…

  1. Welcome to the transformed America, Jack the House has already approved a bill making the Strong Cities Network program a nation wide UN take over. Guilty until proven innocent will become the law of the land. Police will have immunity from prosecution for their actions. It will be just following orders. (Krisanne Hall not A.J.).

      • I believe socialism vs communism it what politics has evolved to. I will try to keep out of the way.

        • The greatest political deception of modern times is the concept that communism and socialism are different philosophies. They are in fact identical philosophies. We just call the more murderous nations communist, but they are the exact same concepts, there is literally no difference in them. It is once again just marketing.

        • Pretty much the only difference between socialism and communism is that communism is Marxist-style-socialism.

          A specific brand of socialism.

  2. I too choose not to get surgery on my knee. The only problem I still have is kneeling. That is due to a loose chunk of cartilage in the way.

      • I have full range of motion without pain.
        Kneeling is what really hurts. I took CPR training on one knee. Passed.

  3. That bee scenario happens all the time here in FL since it’s almost impossible to grow your own queens without introducing Africanized genetics. Pretty much all wild hives around here have some percentage of African hybrid genes and around here enterprising beekeepers make an extra profit by specialized queen rearing since even the experts have found it better to re-queen than risk the introduction of aggressive genes into their hives.

  4. I saw a post today on Regenerative Agriculture about quails eating fire ants. Didn’t read the article, but thought you might be interested given that you have quail and fire ants. I have neither, but will know where to look for information should that change.

  5. In the history segment, Jack asks if any British soldiers turned their coat and joined the American Revolution. The answer is yes, although I cannot name anyone as prominent as Benedict Arnold, except perhaps Thomas Paine. Paine was born in England, became an accomplished engineer and was formally convicted of treason to the Crown. The Continentals (British subjects born in North America) were not considered traitors per se and when captured they generally received the rights of prisoners of war. (There were some notable exceptions.)

    The Hessian mercenaries were practically slaves to the Hessian Prince and the British forces hired them to fill out their order of battle. The Hessians had no family in Great Britain and thus were susceptible to enticements to switch sides.

    In case anyone was wondering… Baron von Steuben (the man who wrote the training manuals for the Continental Army) was Prussian, not Hessian. He was discharged from the Royal Prussian Army as a 1st Lt. and quartermaster. He sought out George Washington and offered his services. (He laid out a line of BS that no one believed but he seemed to know what he was doing so Washington put him to work.)

    Generally, traitors were offered land grants… mostly west of the Appalachians in what was known as Kentucky back then. (That area included Tennessee.)

    Alex Shrugged

  6. Ten Percent? I can’t speak for other regions, but here in Pierce County WA it’s more like 50-80% of the Police Force are scumbags.

  7. Kasich is a good VP candidate. Cruz would be better, but that well has been poisoned. Not only, per Trump, is Cruz a liar but perhaps also ineligible to be president due to his Canadian citizenship. My prediction is that Kasich will endorse Trump in exchange for the VP nomination, Rubio will endorse Cruz just before FL primary, over the weekend or Monday.

  8. ?If I am a hippy for being anti war so was Dwight Eisenhower would be a great bumper sticker. I would put it on my cars.

  9. My bees did the same thing. I worked them for 2 seasons with only gloves and regular clothing on, then they swarmed. About of dozen of them got me good before I tapped out. My one hive swarmed 4 times in about a 30 day period.

  10. On the trooper thing…sometimes you just have to stand your ground, and I think those days are becoming more prevalent everyday. I wouldn’t have let him come in my house and confiscate my phone. I would have called 911 and told them there was an irrational officer waving his gun around everywhere and everyone was scared of getting hurt. Anyways…now my bloods boiling…

      • Also there is a cop watch app (at least for Apple) that will automatically upload your video to YouTube.. As the cop takes your phone kindly tell him that the video is already on YouTube. When he tells you to give him that password tell him only your lawyer has that.

  11. I had a good chuckle at the song choice in combination with the lack of intro for it.

  12. Jack,

    Prolozone Therapy! It works, these are inexpensive injections you can get at a chiropractor’s office and it worked on our teenage son really well. He got hit from behind in a football tackle and partially tore his MCL. This sped healing big time and tightened up his ligament, and three weeks later he was playing basketball and then did track and field. This was over 1.5 years ago and he’s been fully active in sports and pain-free every since.

    Happy healing,

  13. Jack,
    What was the comfrey stuff you ordered to put on your knee? I can’t seem to find it.