Episode-835- Listener Feedback for 2-6-12 — 125 Comments

  1. I think you should do the YouTube video on your interactions with the producer. That way, we can point people to the video when they start making opinions based on the show.

      • I totally agree with Tim. This needs to be known so that we can point people who are not totally on board with prepping to this video and make them see that we are not a bunch of lunatics…that maybe we are more sane for…gasp…preparing for the future. People who save, what a concept.

    • So the producer of Dommsday Preppers said “I compromise my integrity about once every 5 minutes of every day.”

      Yep. That’s Hollywood summed up in a nutshell.

      And, Jack, please accept my own two cents on your decision of maybe doing a video to try and counter this guy’s bullshit …

      If it’s aat all possible, DO NOT mention his show by name, nor the cable channel by name, nor even the guy by name. That is FREE advertizing, and they they actually plan for that –they COUNT ON IT– ahead of time when they engineer their shock and awe shock-schlock. So don’t give them the honor of mentioning their names. If you feel, however, that you truly need to relate to the video audience the details of the dinner you attended last year at the Denver Colorado Self-Reliance Expo where this douchebag producer showed his true colors, then go ahead and name names for the sake of authenticating and lending credibility to that VERY important first-hand annecdote of yours (an annedcote that quite fortunately was witnessed by a dozen or more other key leaders in the prepper movement). But if you want to be more generalized in your efforts to combat the general trend by MOST of Hollywood (not just NatGeo) in this disinformation and slander of the prepper movement, then don’t give him the attention he craves.

      You worked in marketing so you already knew all this anyhow. So because of your background maybe this advice of mine is actually worth less than 2 cents. But there’s my take.

      • And for the record, that NatGeo TV procuder’s FIRST name is the same first name as the actor who starred in the TV show M*A*S*H. And that actor’s last name was Alda.

        And that NatGeo TV producer’s LAST name is the same as the fourth President of the United States. And that president had a wife named Dolly.

  2. @Jack,

    So, this clown from NatGeo’s argument is “Who cares about X, Y, or Z–you can be “Famous” for 15 minutes.”

    Guess what–I don’t WANT To be “famous,” nor do most of the people who listen to your show.

    I say yeah–make a video telling people what these people are about.

  3. National Geograhic Channel is now owned by Rupert Murdoch. For those that don’t know Murdock, he and his empire are all about tabloid media, they are constantly sued for the most exploitive journalism. They are enmeshed in a phone hacking scandal in Britain right now. Hacking the phones of murdered children for the story. Murdoch’s much-used strategy of slashing employee numbers and gutting existing systems is well known among the companies he keeps taking over. Nat Geo is now only concerned about ratings and income from advertisers.

    • @Laurie, thanks that explains a lot. Nat Geo used to be one of my favorite channels for all great documentary stuff they did. They need to stick to that, their foray into “nonreality TV” isn’t going to be good for their brand.

    • @Laurie….Can we agree Laurie that business’s are inherently around to make a profit?That said, Near every company that deals in Print media has taken a hard hit in subscribers and revenue losses from advertisers because of it while at the same time seeing costs of goods purchased go through the roof.
      I think it is unfair to judge someone who takes over a company that is in dire straights and makes hardcore changes to turn it around as being an automatic devil in disguise. Also, Being in court for charges does NOT constitute guilt on its own, and even if the charges prove true, who is to say that the field people didnt make their own decision to use illegal methods in their investigation completely unknown to administrators.. Now, I am not a huge fan of corporate ethics of today which have deteriorated continually through the decades but judging someone and making blanket statements like you have is why so many Preppers are not taken serious. Consider another side: How many jobs did he save by NOT Gutting the company and trying to find ways to turn it around?? How much did he Invest on a failing organization?? An Organization that has put out some very good documentaries and has done alot for environmental awareness… Where is your charity?

  4. Jack, the message needs to be delivered and there’s no one who can deliver better than your own bad self.

  5. Jack, the prepper community needs you to voice your opinions on the so called lifestyle that Nat Geo is trying to present. We all know it doesn’t represent real preppers

  6. Jack,

    I say skip the YouTube video, they are plastic people with out integrity.

    I would hate to see anything happen to negatively impact what you do, however, until they start knocking on your door (or blog) then ignore the ratings mongers. Besides, the word of mouth advertising you are getting from this community is much more important and honest.

  7. I have been told all my life, by people who are a hell of a lot smarter than me, follow your gut! Your first instinct is more than not the better choice. The fact that you are concerned about us, your listeners and supporters, makes it a necessity to make this video. I doubt that we could get all of you round a table again, but I would like to see all of those round that table to stand up together and spell out, beyond all the bullshit, that we are trying to make a better life for ourselves and the best way that we see to do that is to listen to our grandparents. I think that you can best tell the story for us, your people. Why? As my Papa said “you know how to tell how the cow ate the cabbage”. only way I know how to say it.


  8. The only way you could ever go on nat geo’s show – They let YOU produce the episode- and they either run it as is, or don’t run it. And they don’t get rough cuts, raw footage- they get complete episode. But still too chancy they would screw you so forget it. But I don’t think you need to make youtube videos about them & your experience with them though- could be starting a fight with a company that plays dirty. I think this podcast is enough for us about this situation. maybe explain more in a later podcast if you think needed, but I don’t want my fave podcast to become some type of target. Not running from a fight, but i see no need to start one… I’m afraid they’ll somehow poison your rep on their show- and those people are potential listeners and could benefit from your show.

  9. regarding people’s fear of holding cash due to inflation, or even cashing out due to inflation – people forget that inflation happens no matter what your money is in…

  10. The thing I worry about when it comes to the food industry is are we setting our kids up for cancer or horrible illnesses 20 years from now by feeding them this kind of garbage food. 30 years from now are we going to see warnings if you ate at McDonald’s in the early part of the centruy you should have yearly tests for a specific cancer or other horrible problem because of it. My kids are grown thank god, but I see my girls feeding this kind of food to my grandkids. I really get on to them and beg them to not feed this trash to the kids. They say they are so busy and do it to save time…ugh!

  11. It’s really tempting to call these jerks out, but really, I don’t think rebutting Nat. Geo. is worth your time. Not sure how many of the folks who fall for their crap would see the video anyway. Better you should spend the effort on a subject like your permaculture or greenhouse adventures (featuring Max, the wonderdog). JMO

  12. There is no upside to calling attention to Nat Geo’s lack of integrity. Those with intelligence already have discerned such for themselves. Those without the requisite intelligence don’t care so long as they remain entertained.

    If you haven’t read Good to Great by Jim Collins, please do so and run that play.

    If you have read it, then you’ll know what I mean when I advise you to execute one more flawless swan dive and ignore the temptation to start doing flips to a tune played by those that lack honor.

    • I concur, I’d say don’t waste your time with the producer. If this guy sells his soul daily, the only way he’d feel pain would be through his wallet and the viewership will probably reflect that soon enough.

  13. Don’t give Nat Geo any ammo. Do a short review of the episodes on your show about what they are doing wrong.

  14. Yes, I say “make a youtube video”. I was disgusted to learn Nat Geo was owned by Rupert Murdock, too.

  15. Jack please read,
    I say the following with the greatest respect to you.
    I think the comments in the e-mail from Nicholas(?) were premature considering he only saw the “preview” for the show. (30 second spot)
    I did however watch the ENTIRE show, absolutely HATED the title- “Doomsday” preppers. That alone is VERY condescending…

    As for the people portrayed, I feel they were possibly screwed by the producer and the cutting room… As with you, I have great respect and admiration for a couple of them, Engineer775 and Southernprepper being those two. They are common sense preppers just as you and I are.

    IMHO some aspects of the show were overkill, done wrong, or not done the way I would do them, BUT, isn’t that why we are the community we are? …to LEARN from each other and correct our mistakes and help each other improve and survive?

    Perhaps you are more (justifiably) upset by the insulting treatment and comments at the dinner you attended, than the fellow preppers in the show. At least I hope that is the case.

    Yes, IMHO you should absolutely make the video and expose the truth! Truth above all! – There are too many lies in this world already.

    I thank YOU for YOUR contribution to our movement, and will continue to listen and learn.


  16. I have no problem with you making a video about Nat Geo. I think it takes someone plain speaking and respected like you are, to explain the whys and hows to people who don’t understand why this show is not good for preppers and not good for the whole community.

  17. Jack, you shouldn’t waste your time with a YouTube video on the douche bag from NatGeo. People found out that Beat Gryliss is fake but they still hype him up like he’s the best survival guide out there. The ones who need to know about what was said already know. Twenty five thousand listeners is a huge number that will only get bigger with time. NatGeo is jut putting a face to the dumb shits so we know who not to take advice from.

  18. I think Nat Geo got more than they ever deserved when you and Dorothy actually broke bread with one of their producers. They should be grateful that they got even 30-60 minutes of your time at a dinner table. Give them nothing more!

    As for making a video; it will probably fan some flames, but generally, I would say dont even talk about these fools anymore. Still, on the other side, a video on why you wont do doomsday preppers will be a good thing to refer people to when they ask you about your feelings on the show.

    I predict that this whole doomsday preppers show will turn into your next farm bill pain-in-the-neck; the one where everybody was worried the government would not let them grow their tomatoes anymore, and so the audience constantly came to you, asking if you could talk about it. You had to discuss it 10 gazillion times…and then you finally freaked somewhere in the episode 600s and said ‘Never Again’!

    If you make the video, you wont even have to talk about the show ever again. You can just refer people to the video.

  19. Do the video but use it as a tool to attract people and to show them what real prepping is all about. I wouldn’t even mention the producer. Make for people that just got done watching Doomsday Preppers and are looking for more “crazy people” then hit them with some reality of a job loss or electricity goes out from a winter storm and ask them what to do now and that they can learn this and more from The Survival Podcast.

    • Definitely make the video. Keep it calm. If you go negative stick to the facts. Try to minimize the use (hard though it will be) of the words assclown, asshat, etc.

      And I agree with Adam that you should use this as an opportunity to snag a few good listeners from the jaws of NatGeo victory. Use your SEO/YouTube Kung Fu to get views from all of those trying to YT Doomsday Preppers.

      Good luck. Let us all know ASAP when you post it and we will like/share/embed/retweet it and make it the #1 YT video on doomsday preppers.

    • If you do make the video, I agree that it should be for the purpose of introducing people to the actual “reality” of prepping, rather than slamming NatGeo or their tactless producer. If you do tell the story of your interaction, it is important not to react emotionally. Let the facts speak plainly for themselves. I probably wouldn’t do a video purely to slam NatGeo, but if you can keep it classy and use it as an opportunity to frame prepping in a positive light, it could be good PR for the Prepper community.

  20. Gee whiz Jack…cut yourself some slack! You work hard…you put out great shows…sometimes you have some downer stuff to discuss and you have to put up with assclowns. You did just fine. We all love ya!!! (((cyberhugs)))

  21. Jack leave it alone. I don’t want the video back firing on us. Remember the lyrics. Let’s just make our own way and the others will follow.

  22. Great show, I don’t know what you’re talkin about, if I don’t win the free MSB or soil cube I’m totally signing up for full MSB and mostly because of this episode, though I’ve listened since the car days!

    Keep up the great work, I don’t really have an opinion on making the nat geo video but I’d love to see more videos on the greenhouse as well!

  23. My Dad and Mom bought a little 2 bedroom 1 bath in 1962, and my Dad built on until it ended up being a really nice 2500 sq ft home for his family. Pretty nice for his original $6000 (YES, $6,000) investment which was his only borrowed money, and he always built with cash, no loans. My parents lived there until their deaths. The more that I look at their example the more I see how brilliant they were.

  24. I don’t know what you’re talking about Jack. There wasn’t anything wrong with today’s show.

  25. I think you did a great show today. Thanks for getting my life on the right path. I would like to see a YouTube video on the natgeo stuff. that way I can point people to it when they talk about it.

  26. Jack, I’ve got nothing good to say about the casting process of these type of shows. I was interviewed for an “Un-named” survival show last year. During the skype interview, the interviewer kept urging me to “brag” & be “animated” about my survival experiences. After the interview, I emailed and requested to be dropped from the list or prospects. They were looking for “sideshow” type oddities for the American couch potato. It’s as simple as that. I think a video should be made by you. To warn those that will listen that being on this type of show is not in our (preppers) best interest.

  27. I, too, believe you should do a video about “Doomsday Preppers”. A new prepper store has opened here in Boise, and one of the owners seemed somewhat excited about it. I told him it was not a good thing as preppers will be portrayed as nut jobs. He looked surprised at my opinion. It would be nice to have someplace I can send people that can explain it better than I can. I am afraid this pseudo-documentary will cause many people to view prepping as a fringe behavior.

  28. Just a thought, What about all the deer and other animals that eat in the soybean and corn fields when they are green and still have the chemicals on them. I’d wonder how it affects them, and if levels of those chemicals could be found in them.

  29. Nonsense Jack! I thought the show was very very well done. I don’t think there was anything wrong with your timing of course I don’t know what that is but very good job.

    Make the video. Please.

  30. Your doing a service to us, the us that thinks that you should aways have a plane B, C and so on. Nat Geo is looking to cash in on the “flash in the pan” as they see it, you however are trying to bring real change through the prepping community. I don’t agree with you on all things but darn you doing a great job!
    Keep it up.

  31. Thinking about my decision about you making the U-Tube video, I first thought no, we don’t need the video because the true people/preppers know and are telling the truth, and it could be used against us. I then changed my mind because Rick and I were in a brand-new business here promoting overall preparedness and the discussion came up with one of the owners talking about the show and he could not understand when I told him it was just wrong. You need to make it, Jack.

  32. I think you gave %100 today Jack, I on my phone so I will make it short. I done give allot of input on your shows or e mail with questions because I done have one at the moment just keep up the good work. Cya Brent

  33. I think you should let this one go. Bloggers and ordinary people are getting the pants sued off them for telling the truth, this scumbag’s just not worth it.
    That’s about how many of us view television producers anyway.

  34. don’t waste time making a video about an ass clown =)

    there are many other videos that you could make in the same amount of time that will actually help people

  35. I wish I could do as well as you did today, if that wasn’t 100%, it was pretty close. I also vote for you to do the video. I have never seen one that you have done that wasn’t informative and needed. Go for it.

  36. Jack, this episode was in my opinion, is 110% as usual!

    I agree, you should give Murdoch a bloody verbal thrashing! Time about is fair play.

    Pink Slime or not, McDonalds garb is a “no go” for me.

    Keep up the great work!


  37. I vote nay on the video

    To do so would do a couple things, none of them positive.

    1) It would draw attention to a show that would be just be ignored
    2) It would make y0u/us look like a butt-hurt crybaby.

    Not sure why anyone gives a rats ass if it paints preppers in a negative light. We know what we’re doing is right, and we know that what a lot of other preppers do, we consider wrong. And as you have stated correctly throughout the years, if we want to spread preparedness lets do it by example, not rely on big media to do it for us.

    What the guy said to you and the way he said it there is no doubt he’s a scumbag, so I’m not defending him personally, but allow me to play a little devils advocate:

    Some preppers are crazy, some preppers do things that make no sense even to fellow preppers. I think its fair game for these shows to go that route. And while I wish for them to show rational preppers… when is the last time anything geared towards or based on rational people did well on TV? If you want so bad to document rational prepping, get on kickstarter and bust some ass.

  38. Don’t so the video.

    D-bags like that don’t give a sh*t what kind of publicity they get as long as the get it. Don’t stoop and play his game.

    • I agree with Cohutt.

      You put the info out on your show. The people that you are concerned about heard it there. There is no need to do the video. It would just give them some additional publicity.

      • What about people that don’t listen to the show? Is this any different then the 80-year-old neighbor showing up hungry on your doorstep?

  39. Re: the Nat Geo shit – don’t do it. Don’t give them publicity of the honor of a mention. If Sheeple believe the teevee & think we’re wackos, so be it. Eff them.

    • Dude. What kind of attitude is that? If they dont think like us already, then screw ’em?! Have some compassion.

      I had never known more about these ideas and the folk that practice them than the images handed out in the MM before Jack’s podcast. I was persuaded that it was NOT nutty; its just common sense. Why dont you think he could do that for other folks. If the country as a WHOLE is gonna start moving it needs to see correct information rather than cooky sensational crap.

      This an opportunity to reach a HUGE audience with a positive and corrective massage. Sure a lot of people aren’t ready for the message, but if even 10% that catch Jack’s response are receptive, it would mean a TON of helped people.

      I say its worth it.

      • Compassion? The revolution is me, right? Lead by positive example, not by tearing down others. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. If people believe this garbage, they are clearly not ready, and it is a waste of time to try to reach them. My 2 cents.

    • I did not get the impression that Jack was gonna sling mud. It seemed to me like he was gonna address the fact that it was NOT an accurate portrayal of the group and provide an alternative image. I think this VERY important. I am sure that Jack understands all the pitfalls as he is an experienced marketer and can tread the line between corrections and mud slinging.

  40. Jack, you should make Modern Survivalism more overt, and I’m going to tell you why.

    Growing up, I’ve always had a “No Complaints”, “Do Something” sort of policy. If there’s a problem, I solve it. If there’s something that needs correcting, I fix it. I don’t complain — and even if I do, I do so with the intent to correct the issue. The only time I see complaining as okay is when it is something that cannot be easily solved, or is out of the person’s control.

    Which brings me to my point about Doomsday Preppers. You know, I know — everyone knows — that show is going to stuff malarkey down the throats of every Westerner (and other nation(s) that will air this programme), making them think of us as tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists. Show them that we Survivalists are about self-sufficiency, and living the lifestyles that our grandparents lived, not “catastrophic terrorist attacks”, and killing kittens in urban apartments if SHTF.

    THAT’S what Survivalism is — surviving by way of self-sufficiency. We produce our own food, we live as independently and flexible as possible. We fish, we farm, we hunt, we -at times- live off-the-grid. And if SHTF, sure, we do we have to do, TO SURVIVE. Not to make sure that the Illuminatti don’t come after us, or that the “Global Elite” take us to their secret underground bunker. People over-complicate shit constantly, and I can see why you get upset often in your podcasts — Humans are dumb creatures. However, there are the rare minority of us who think for ourselves, and have retained a trait handed down to us from our ancestors; common sense.

    So, Jack, yes, you -should- go more overt/public with Modern Survivalism. Show them what we’re REALLY about.

  41. You should do a video. Some kind of sensible response to the crap they are putting out. There will be 3 million eyes on that show? That may translate to a couple hundred thousand people googleing prepping for the first time. A voice of reason in response to that garbage may bring a few thousand more over to our side.

  42. I should add a bit more. In cases like this I remember Eric Shelton from the Handgun Podcast talking about the movie Thank You For Smoking, and how the dad made the point to his son that he didn’t need to convince him of the argument, but rather all the people watching. If you do a video, then when we see people talking smack about Preppers of FB or wherever, we can point to your video and they can get the other side of the story. In my opinion, if it changes one mind it’s worth it, because who knows what effect that one person will have.

  43. Regarding all of the food talk – check out:

    One can lookup local producers of grass-fed, naturally-raised meat (and other products, but focused on meat) in your area. We used this site to find a local farmer and associated butcher in our area – we purchase our pork and beef from a great farmer with whom we have established a relationship and have it processed at another local, family-owned business. When purchased in bulk you can get a great deal on a superior product and keep your dollars local supporting family businesses – everybody wins. I should also point out I have nothing to do with this website, just thought it was a great resource to find awesome food close to me.

    • Great tip tim!!
      I have only briefly looked over the site, but what I’ve seen looks great and I will look into it further.
      You also gave me another idea.
      I have been wanting-needing- to change jobs and this ‘may’ be a good way to get that food source connection by working at one of these farms without having to raise my own food which I can’t do right now, (as much as I’d like to.) I’m just not sure if it will pay the bills.

    • I did a post recently about market makers (Local Farmers Produce) a site that helps local farmers meet up with potential clients. It pointed me to some interesting sites. Nick LaDieu mentioned on a Save Our Skills episode recently and I tried it out. It came up with the “best choice” I’d found on market makers as well as 3 others that look to be similar quality and also offer a bit of variety (different animals, different areas of the state with different soils/mineral profiles). Bottom line, I was VERY impressed and look forward to making contact with these new farmers. I’m in Mississippi where many folks aren’t hooked into “the internets” yet. So eatwild seems to have pretty good reach.

  44. Most people understand that Reality TV is sensationalism, “Just Marketing”.
    There is no need for you to give this topic more of your limited time, to point out the obvious. You have done more to bring reason and real world preparedness to the “Prepper” community than any other single resource. It’s easy to get caught up in the “cool” aspects of prepping, and miss the more critical points. You constantly point this out, which helps to keep people grounded. The community you have built has helped to equip us with the knowledge to overpower the wants, and focus on the needs that will lead to a preparedness level that exceeds what most of us could achieve alone.
    Thanks Jack

    Stay Classy – Don’t get distracted by the lights and “just marketing”.
    The more attention they get = the more viewing they get = the more seasons they get.

  45. Jack, I would encourage you to use your outlet and skills as a communicator to be a voice for all of us “normal” people that would never be portrayed on Doomsday. Someone has to put the truth out there.

  46. Jack, I’d say skip the video to avoid undue attention being given to NGC’s show. I also worry about it somehow backfiring. However, if you still decide to make the video I think it’d be of great value if you could get some of the other witnesses on camera to give their account of the guy and his actions/words.

  47. Please post the video. Someone needs to speak the truth. I echo the thoughts someone else said earlier that I could point my friends and family to the video when they try to talk down the show. (and they will)

  48. I think doing a constructive deconstruction of why Nat Geo is really in it to show preppers as nutballs is a necessary thing. If you got it out there and tagged on youtube so that it came up on the same page as youtube snips of the show, you’d be reaching a huge audience. I think going as far as methodically de bunking each episode ( kinda like the folks that have done the answer backs to “loose change” ) would be a huge service to the prepper industry. If handled calmly and professionally, I don’t think any Blowback will happen. On the contrary, I think you’ll set alot of folks on the right path. Prepping as TSP knows it is still barely a blip on the public radar, and any chance to gain THOUSANDS of new,sane preppers is what we need desperately.
    Now is not the time to put your light under the bushel ( or whatever the passage is)
    I’d go as far as saying you should make it a priority to track with this show, and do a WEEKLY deconstruction of the episodes, using this as an opportunity.
    Go for it Jack.

  49. Jack…Tell the story…If folks are doing it right (prepping)they will laugh thru the show anyway…I think shows like DD Preppers feed on the ignorance of the viewers and marginalizes the effort to prepare…

  50. I think you should absolutely do the youtube video. People need to understand that “reality television” is anything but reality and that just because its on the discovery channel/TLC, the History Channel/ National Geographic/ etc.. does not mean its quality learning material. Its all entertainment for profit.

    If for nothing else, make it for those out there that see through the crap and find you.

  51. I wouldn’t bad mouth National Geographic, even if they deserve it (which they do!). I think in the long run it wouldn’t be good for you. I would encourage you to make your valid points as to why their show doesn’t properly show the standard real life prepper and how they are sensationalizing it. But it’s not worth your time or reputation to bad mouth these idiots. I’m speaking from personal experience with my business versus a bigger “know it all” business and trust me, the egotistical bad guys get what they deserve in the end (ie. their business goes downhill, they lose their job, etc.)

  52. I think we should all submit the pro’s and con’s of this show existing. All the good and all of the bad that can come from this show existing. I think the forum would be a good place for this discussion.
    Once we figure out the pro’s and con’s of this than we can give a better suggestion to Jack.
    I am not for or against the Doomsday Preppers show yet because I don’t believe I can see all of the good and the bad that could come from this show.
    My thoughts now are that I am against the show but I am not quick to judge because I want to be sure that the show could not bring more good than the bad.

  53. Hey Jack I am one of your 30,000. I don’t think you need to do a video. Your listeners know you. I will defend you and the show against any and all lies. A lie left unchallenged becomes the truth.

  54. IRT the Nat Geo question. When one elects to wrestle in the mud, neither benefits from choosing that medium. My counsel is to not lower yourself and wrestle in the mud. Rather, file the producers comments away for use at a more opportune time. Its always best to retain the high ground.

  55. I wouldn’t advise a direct response to NatGeo’s DoomsDay Preppers (lawsuits). I *would* advise perhaps a “I’m a prepper” YouTube video showing what most preppers are really like, and suggesting other people make similar videos.

    • You can’t sue someone for telling the truth, I don’t fear a law suit, if they want to sue me let them.

    • Besides, if they did sue Jack. His rating would only go up with all the publicity.

      The difference being Jack has real content on his site, unlike the Doomsday Preppers show.

  56. Do it Jack!
    What he is doing is making a joke out of people like us by twisting the truth. More propaganda to make people like us look crazy and turn people away from being prepared.

  57. Yes Jack! Do the Youtube video!

    It is really a shame that 3 million plus viewers are getting a scewed portrayal of the prepper community. I watched the first two episodes last night and came away with a sad feeling knowing that the people who watched are getting the “tin foil hat” impression of us.

    We all need to portray to our own neighborhood communities the more common sense approach to being prepared.

  58. Regarding the youtube video — do it. Some thoughts on this as well — like the guy said, he had 3 million viewers and would be fired over 25,000 watching a show. I am reminded of Fernando’s book which said in the intro “Mushroom cloud caught your eye? Good, that’s the idea. Now calm down.” or something to that affect. The point is I think this show CAN be good for the prepper community in general (much in the same way that bad press is better than no press) it will just be up to us to take those 3 million or however many and explain “yes — that’s some scary shit they’re talking about; now let me explain what we’re REALLY all about…”

  59. For anyone who cares, here are some links to read. Note that over 23% of chicken from a USDA inspected plant can be contaminated with salmonella and this passes the criteria set in 1996. This is tested by the government as contaminated!

    Look, if at 23% salmonella contamination rate is good enough for you, then please go ahead and eat a chlorine drenched chicken. This is what the government says is acceptable. Be my guest.

    Note the results in this study are from actual plants!

    Good article to read. Note that not all sources are cited, but I think you get the jist. And yes, it’s from a chick magazine, but don’t let that fool you – it’s very good reporting:

  60. Jack, you should do a youtube video and I have a great title for you.
    “The Real Preppers Don’t Prepare For A Doomsday!”

    And as far as the X-Ray machines go, I think we should all contact the Health Dept or whatever agency it’s called and voice the health concerns about these and other devices.

  61. I say do the YouTube video as long as Doomsday Preppers is in the title. That way if someone searches YouTube for Doomsday Preppers your fideo will show up.

  62. Do the video. I’d make it short and to the point. Say who you are, who witnessed it, what the d’bag said, stress the integrity issue and end it with an invitation for anyone that is curious about prepping to listen to the show, visit the forum and of course watch your other videos and see what the prepper movement is really about. Done.

  63. I vote for doing a video about the doomsday prepper show. A few of my non-prepper friends saw it and loved the spectacle; I guess the show does appeal to the demographics, same people who’d love Hoarders etc.

    Saying nothing might be seen as a sign of approval, but a short video that promotes your message, and how the show is not a representation of your audience or your message, might be best to clear the air for non-preppers who might be turned on to the world around them after seeing the show; we all were once part of the uninformed masses looking for someone of sound-mind to point the way 🙂

  64. Do the show if you want to, either way I’ll continue to watch the Nat Geo show for entertainment and listen to the podcast here. Then Hopefully Discovery channel or a competor will give you your own show which will be more realistic and blow that show out of the water in ratings.

  65. Heard your decision to do the video today. I still don’t really agree with it, but I respect your decision. I hope it comes out well!

  66. Jack,
    Please, please DO the video. Here’s why;

    Remember how you said that people dropped out of prepping when nothing happened for Y2K? This show is about to represent prepping to the entire Western world. They are going to make prepping look like a circus right when we need REAL prepping introduced to people the most. Thats why they are doing the show, they know that there is an audience for the subject, and like most subjects, the “Reality TV” people want to feed the public baby food. When the public gets the baby food they will “spit it out” and think they’ve tasted real prepping, and never look into it again.

    Its the same thing they do with Oathkeepers, militia, etc. Give people the BS version, and they think theyve tried the real thing.

    You NEED to do that video, and use the name of the show in the title, so that when people go onto youtube to see clips of the show, etc, they find YOUR video, and are exposed to REAL prepping.

    The Real danger here is that this show is about to give people a cartoonish version of prepping, and turn them off to it forever. Now more than ever, CAN’T have that.

    Also consider this. Every person in your audience will run into at least one person who has seen that show, and will talk to them about prepping. WE, your audience, need a video to point to, so we can say; “yeah, i’ve seen that show, its not TERRIBLE, but if you want the real thing, check this guy out”.

    If you do the video, WE can turn the show into something positive, an “icebreaker” with non-preppers, that we can use to steer people to the real thing.

    Don’t make it about the producer, that will look personal and petty, even if its not. Make it about the deception, make it about “them” trying to trick the public. Make it about how stupid they think the public is.

    Take this P.O.S. Show Jack, and use it, just like that douchebag tried to use you, and make it serve your purposes. I know you’re a smart enough guy to do that, and it really needs to be done.

    Sorry if I’m too emphatic, I think this one is essential.


  67. @Jack

    I would just caution everyone to remember of one of the best known expressions in the media business: “Any publicity is good publicity.”

    With that said, you have to do, and say, what you know is right.

    Thanks for another great show.


    • @Ben,

      The ability to provide publicity for Nat Geo is “below my pay grade” it is the LAST thing that concerns me. What I can do though is provide a resource for people that want to know of share the truth.

  68. Do the you tube video!
    we need a leader from our community to call this show for the bullshit it is

  69. Appreciate the response to the email I sent about Doomsday Preppers. It is unfortunate the light in which they cast what appear to be decent people. My vote is to not do a video. As I’ve seen on some other responses, spend your video time on teaching something positive.

    They highlighted an Arizona couple that reaches out to the community to teach women self defense and basic firearm skills (on top of their preparedness efforts). How awesome is that!?! The woman of this couple had people over to her house for a meal prepared with long term storage foods. She made a toast by saying something like, “here’s to good food at the end of the world.” The editors used a portion of that toast on their commercial that said, “here’s to the end of the world.” If they are going to do that to her, it is my belief they could spin anything you say to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

    • @Brandon, at this point I have listened to all both pro and con, the pros have it, the video will be done. I have to do it at this point. Apparently many of my own audience still don’t understand where I stand on it.

  70. Lordy, I watched that show with my wife last night, and it IS terrible. “FEAR ! FEAR!!! FEAR!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” The voice-over guy must have said it once every 5 minutes.

    Its obvious what they are doing. They are going to hype the 2012-13 and financial collapse fears that are in popular society for two seasons, make those people (and us) out to be fools when “nothing happens” at the end of 2013, and cancel the show.

    Classic horror movie psychology, get everybody’s adrenaline up, then when its over and nothing happened, the audience goes back to sleep and watching the Kardashians.

    The absurd “analysis” by their “survival expert” of the different families, and the official expert announcement at the end that nothing these people were worried about was going to happen (financial collapse, o rilly?) tells you everything you need to know.

    Essentially, its subtle anti-prepper propaganda.

  71. I seem to remember the local news did a lot of coverage like this during Y2K all these parinoid redneck,s and when nothing melted down they come back and said see we told ya.I just wonder what would they say if something really did happen?.

    • “We tried to warn you! We always get the story first!!!” Of course.

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  72. After much work I thought I had my dad understanding the mindset if not sold on prepping, now after he watched that damn show I fear there is nothing I can say to undo the damage it has done. I’m glad you are doing the video, maybe hearing it from someone else will do some good.

  73. I really don’t know just what McDonald’s considers getting sick from food… Maybe it requires acute hospitalization. I personally got sick as a dog from McDonald’s Angus burger. I didn’t go to the hospital, but I probably could have. Just the thought of eating a piece of meat from McDonald’s gives me the chills to this day. If somebody that happens to work for that place gets offended by the FACT that people HAVE and DO get sick both acutely and chronically from the food they serve, too effing bad. Sorry for the rant, but that load of horse crap about nobody ever getting sick from their meat really pissed me off.

  74. I work in the movie industry

    I have worked with several TLC/Discovery/etc type shows over the years and I’ve have never worked on a show that did not have a prefabricated addenda and I’ve never met a serious person (martial artist, SME on firearms etc) who was happy with how they or their art/discipline was depicted.

    The editor always gets to be the last writer and they know exactly what the show will be about before they start.

    These shows are all much more akin to “reality” TV then “documentary” film making. These shows are based on the model first used by MTV’s “The Real World” and the personality types are chosen/ designed to create drama and conflict (and hence ratings). When you start looking for them you will see he formula at work. One of the most obvious ones is the Dad who owns some kind of shop and a son trying to prove that he knows what he is doing and trying to get out from behind his fathers shadow.

    You can see this and other similar dynamic in several shows over the past few years. It works and people never seem to notice the same archetypal stores being told over and over.

    My point here is that people expect TLC/Discovery to BE documentary in style, and they ARE NOT. These networks are in a race to the bottom for ratings and are drawing in audiences based on the past credibility of their name. The current crop of firearms based shows are particularly bad in this regard.

    I think you should do the youtube video if for no other reason then as a public service. People need to start seeing these kinds of shows for what they really are which is reality TV. So far no one one is saying this. These shows have way too much credibility and they need to be put in their proper category.

  75. I can’t wait to see your video on the Doomsday Prepper show. I have so many women in one of the prepper mommy groups I belong to that think this show looks so good or have seen it and love it. I hope you will be talking to preppers and critics alike. The shows you have done on your podcast that talk about how honorable prepping is and the importance of protecting your family have been my favorite.

  76. Roxy-What are some of the prepper mommy groups you belong to? I would be interested in joining. Thanks!

  77. I wouldn’t make a video of your interaction with the producer of DDP. Let’s not give them any free publicity. That show is only meant to exploit the prepper community. It never fails to amaze me how the media tells story after story about people losing their jobs, homes, etc. and the problems with our currency, then turns around and shows people preparing for the fallout of those very things as being nothing short of dangerous and insane. I saw the first episode and will have nothing more to do with it. Something to think about – according to The Discovery Channel, Bear Grylls is a survival expert. That says it all.

  78. I think it would be nice to see a rational prepper do it right. Overall I like the youtube videos you do now. When I look for a video on this subject I prefer those that have a focus on one topic or if not it only highlights several areas. It scares me that some would video close to full tours or show there children. Some of the people on this show talk about OPSEC yet their they are. I’m not going to tell you what to do but I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t.
    A video about scenarios, ok, just wouldn’t present myself locked down to one scenario.
    I wouldn’t run around my property with firearms or fire shots at my house.
    I wouldn’t be timing myself putting on MOPP gear.
    If I shared my Ham call-sign I wouldn’t have my actual home address listed in the FCC call sign database.
    I wouldn’t disclose anything close to all my preps.
    I wouldn’t video tour my layout.
    I wouldn’t exploit young children.

  79. Apparently, one of the Doomsday Preppers. Lost his gun rights going into a doctors office for a cardiac check-up. Exclaiming he didn’t want treatment that would have left him with tubes hanging out of him.

    Granted, I think the guy would have been better off keeping his mouth shut. But hey, that’s probably true of most of us at some point in our pasts. And we shouldn’t live in a society which mandates you walk on eggs or fall victim to it.

    But Jack, I think you called it. This show picked up weaker candidates, and will make them look bad, all for the goal of earning a buck $$$.

  80. Okay, first, real side of prepping video? I say go for it! Maybe I can share that with my sister who thinks I’m crazy. 🙂
    Second, I’ll take your 90% over a lot of folks “100%” buddy. ‘nuf said.
    Cheers, TwoCor

  81. Don’t lower yourself Jack. You know how shitty that show is and we do too. Write something up on your site for those who have not listened to this episode and other shows that you’ve mentioned that encounter, so your audience understands where your coming from. Maybe make is sticky at the top of one of the forums or something similar and to point people there.