Episode-2373- Listener Feedback for 2-4-19 — 4 Comments

  1. Just wanted to share this with the gentlemen who was concerned about a neighboring state raising its minimum wage and the affect it will have on his business. I live in a very similar situation, the state I am in is very left leaning and I am about 15 minutes from a state that is far more conservative and has a much lower minimum wage. The state that has a lower minimum wage is developing more and more businesses right along the border while the town that is on the other side of the border (literally a highway splits the two towns) is very stagnate. I actually think that the gentlemen who is in the more fiscally conservative state may see a benefit in the long run as more business and money move to where it is treated well. Just an observation and I wish him the best of luck.

  2. There definitely were good men serving on the German side during WW2.

    Another example is “The Guardian” of the B-17 Ye Olde Pub Franz Stigler:

    My personal example was a man named Albert that I grew up next door to. He was Austrian by birth and was told by the Nazis, “Fight for us or we’ll kill you.” He met his wife when the Nazis went in to Hungary. (When I became an adult, she would tell me that the Hungarians feared the Russians entering more than the Germans, hiding women and children in hay bails.) They both survived the war and came to the US. Naturally, he was quiet about his service, only speaking about it to a select few and at rare occasions. They babysat my sister and I for several years, all the while being a good example of human beings/ neighbors/ community.

    They were both expert gardeners, wish I had been willing to learn from, understand and appreciate their expertise. Both had some “side hustles” they did for extra cash. Albert kept a row of grapevines and made his own wine, an Austrian family recipe handed down for generations. Years later, I would finally get to sample some a week before my wedding. We sat around the kitchen, telling stories about life and marriage, enjoying his superb wine. Sadly he never made it to my wedding, his wife also too ill to attend.

    Now, my property has cuttings from their garden, including a few grapevines….



  3. Thanks Jack for the laugh while driving home tonight.  You were talking about IQ test and how smart people get upset that a normal person doesn’t understand something.   Sounds like my youngest son, all he complain about while in school is why the other kids didn’t get it and the teacher kept going over the same stuff until they did.  Most of the time he would sleep during class and still get good grades, and when he was awake he would tell the teachers the math problem they were solving on the board was wrong and would tell them where they made their mistake.  His mom would tell him not to correct the teachers but he would say they are teaching the class the wrong way to solve the problem.