Episode-1959- Listener Feedback for 2-27-17 — 14 Comments

  1. Radiolab podcast had and episode about that town being unincorporated. They made it seem like the town and all it’s people disappeared because they voted to unincorporated the town.

  2. About Mack the Knife: it’s from the musical/anti-musical (I’ll explain) called The Threepenny Opera, written in Germany in 1928 by Bertholt Brecht (play) and Kurt Weill (music). The plot and characters were in turn taken from The Beggar’s Opera by Englishman John Gay, 1728, which Gay wrote to satirize both the upper-class fad for Italian opera and government corruption.

    The Brecht/Weill version was still more bitterly satirical: low-lifes like Macheath (Mack) of the song) might steal and kill, but government does it on a far larger scale and doesn’t pay for it as the lowlifes do. Brecht and Weill escaped from Germany in the early 1930s, and the Threepenny Opera was regularly revived – the themes of government corruption and the rich getting away with things for which the poor pay dearly remain recognizable.

    One of the best revivals was Off-Broadway in 1954-1955. It had a fantastic cast, won a Tony, etc. I think that is what propelled Darin’s version to #1. I also think the appeal of the song is that Mack is an anti-hero: an underdog against the rich and powerful.

    Some of the play was softened for America in the 1950s; the German version was deeply cynical & dark, as befitted the catastrophe that was Germany in the 1920s. The American version was more about turning convention on its head, quite appealing in the rather straight laced 1950s. And…Kurt Weill was a fricken musical genius! 🙂

  3. I vote for just picking a song from the year in question, regardless of whether it was #1 or even in the top 10. One that generally fits the theme of the year and yet doesn’t suck 😉 Maybe you can field suggestions and just pick the one you like best.

    (some that come to my mind are “Winds of Change” by the Scorpions for 1991, “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins for 1996, and “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger for 1998)

  4. I agree with Nick in Mongolia. I would like to hear a song from the year that was the episode. It gives us a chance to see how music styles change.

    Winds of Change was a great song.

  5. You might get kick out of this video. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the SJW, brain-rot on the left. It’s from the Joe Rogan podcast. He reads and comments on an article a “diversity officer” position at a university. Full disclosure: I’m a libertarian leftist and we’re sick of this language police, race/gender/preference-baiting, SJW malarkey as well.

    • =)

      There is an e-book put out recently by Ken Wilber that I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary on. It’s called ‘Trump and a Post-Truth World’ (free here w/ email: )

      The discussion has been helping me understand the EXTREME reactions from what are called ‘The Greens’ in the Spiral Dynamics model (a little complicated, but worth understanding).

      I’ll be posting some thoughts and links a bit later.

      Jack’s comments calling for rationality in this model would be ‘Orange’ ;-)..

      But the reality of what he’s calling for is ‘Yellow’ (P.S. if you’re googling this for an image, they sometimes switch the colors.. look for ‘the eight-stage spiral of development, something like this: )

      A super summary.. the ‘Green’ level got ‘stuck’, and started attacking everyone at the other levels, including their own (good greens).. in other words become a toxic mimic of it’s own values.

  6. Just a quick show suggestion: Opinions and recommendations that have changed since you started the show.

    I came across the podcast about a year ago and I occasionally go back and listen to older episodes if I’m interested in your thoughts about a particular subject, especially if it’s something that hasn’t been covered recently. I think it’d be interesting to hear what has changed over the years and what has pretty much remained consistent. For ones that haven’t changed, maybe just a brief mention and a reference to the show you consider your final word on the subject.

    A few particular subjects I can think of are silver/gold, improvements in solar, and planning/prepping priorities. Also possibly how talking with people like Steven Harris, John Pugliano, and Doc Bones have changed or affirmed your opinions on the relevant topics.

    Also, a plus one vote for picking a representative song of the year.

  7. I also wouldn’t mind picking a representative song from each year instead of just the number 1. I bought the record Ella in Berlin awhile ago, and Ella Fitzgerald has one of the best renditions of Mack the Knife. It was a popular song the previous year so she sang it. But she forgot the lyrics in the second verse. Her improvisation to the lyrics is so cute and charming.

  8. The left has been pushing the biggest bunch of brainwashing bull I have ever seen in my entire life including Russian hacking, trying to promote useless wars in Syria and Lybia, endless PC stuff etc .. It’s fairly scary on some level because it shows no signs of letting up and could be dangerous in the long run ..

    I used to identify fairly strongly with the democratic party at one time when I was younger but I think more and more that they are nuts .. Whatever reasons that the old left seemed to have had some appeal is increasingly diminished by the new left though I am pretty much a centrist moderate

  9. I say that they are nuts in one sense yet I have to temper myself because people whom I know and in my family hold the same views and I have to get along with people so I often say nothing in many situations, or I may start out and make some comments but I usually have to end it and say no more ..

    but to me, times are strange or it is odd being me in my middle age and seeing what I see and not being able to agree with many people on many things

  10. One note on the legality of the travel ban, you are correct that if all the ban effected was foreign nationals it would have stood. Probably the reason it was overturned was the third section of the EO which effected dual citizens. “Sec. 3. Suspension of Issuance of Visas and Other Immigration Benefits to Nationals of Countries of Particular Concern”

    • It is still constitutional as the US code gives the president the authority to ban any and all immigrants of any class for any reason.

  11. Regarding contractors, I’ve dealt with them for years for my own house, flips, and rentals. They are almost all the same. They share a common trait we call “the contractor gene.” You are so right about how to deal with them.

    In 30+ years, I have dealt with 1 contractor who wasn’t like that. He installed new windows in our house. He always has the customer obtain the supplies. He works with the vendor to spec the supplies. We ordered the supplies and scheduled him 6 weeks in advance. With no further communications, he confirmed the materials were ready, showed up on the day he scheduled, and completed the work on time.

    I’m fairly certain he is not from planet Earth, but I didn’t question it. I sure recommend him to anyone who needs windows installed, but I bet he has no problem getting work.