Episode-2388- Listener Feedback for 2-25-19 — 9 Comments

  1. Leaf blowers, I never saw the reason to get one. My son has one and loves it. You just have to use it for things besides blowing leaves.  I’ve seen him use it to clean out the back of our pickup when he used it to pick up compost, he gets a nice start on his bonfires using it as a blower. Cleans off his back porch. When his new shop flooded and I was sucking up the water with a shop vac, he speed things up greatly by blowing the water out of the shop. It was doing a much better job getting the water out.  Repurpose it.

  2. Has the recipe for the maple mead been posted anywhere? Jack mentioned it briefly in the episode, but I don’t see a recipe. I’d love to give this mead a shot!

    • It was from this comment but there is no more info than what I gave, sometimes you just got to adjust for your own batch and do it.

  3. I have and love the EGo string trimmer.  It is light has just enough power for my 2 acres of lawn.  I already have a large collection of Ryobi battery hand tools, but decided to go with a different battery format that would work better for yard work.

  4. For those who are into beekeeping, leaf blowers are quite useful for harvesting honey. Eliminates the need for the stinky chemicals like BeeGo to drive bees out of honey supers. Just blow them out.

  5. Does anyone know where I can get any info on the government waste Jack mentioned, that roughly 25 cents of every dollar actually goes to its intended recipient?

  6. I’m around a week behind on the show, figured I’d add my thoughts on the current crypto market.

    I wholeheartedly agree that now is a good time to get into it if you havent before. (Much better than 12/2017 when I finally jumped in after a few years of listening to a certain hippie duck farmer talk about it.)  Learn how it works, buy some, move it around, so on.

    Heck, there’s plenty of options outh there if you want to get your hands on a little, but don’t want to risk any of your own money yet. For example:

    They are currently giving away $3 USD of 0x and $10 USD of BATs to simply learn about them. (Z Cash coming soon)  Only takes a few minutes. If you’re new to Coinbase, rember that Jack has a referral link.

    Brave browser is giving away free BATs for user growth as well through their browser. They will soon be launching the feature where you get paid to view ads in browser.

    Bit Tube is doing something similar, paying TUBES based on your browsing through their browser extension.

    Finally, my personal favorite at the moment is Electroneum ETN. Mobile based crypto built around an app for both android and iOS. Cloud miner that pays you free ETN, with ecosystem being put into place including a “Gig economy” to get people to actually use it. They have launched their own phone in developing markets, first one being South Africa, where they can use they crypto they earn to pay for air time.

    3 million registered users and an active community forum.

    (I even connected with another TSP listener over in the UK in the forum)

  7. Can’t wait to try a maple batch, been thinking about it for some time, but was also apprehensive.

    Hmm.. maybe maple and blueberry (like pancakes) when they’re in season..