Episode-2605- Listener Feedback for 2-24-20 — 2 Comments

  1. I also enjoyed the classic firearms discussion.  I grew up around the same type of old men who all hunted with rifles way older than me.

    My Father lived in western Colorado for a number of years.  He Hunted Elk & Mule Deer every season.  Depending on the tag drawing he got one or more every year.  Took every one of them with a Marlin 30-30.

    His opinion was long range shots just meant more work humping the meat back farther over the mountain to the truck.  I suspect he shot all of them under 100 yards away.

    You cant beat a good lever gun.

  2. Thanks for the information in Dutch ovens.  I’ve never cooked indoors with one.  In fact for years I figured the Dutch Oven was for people who wanted to cook things while camping in the same way the would as if they where using their oven at home.

    For years as a Scout we used our Dutch Ovens to cook pizzas and make Cobbler on camp outs.  Although here’s a blog article I wrote with some of my favorite recipes for camping Dutch Oven Meals.

     I’ve found that for the money the Camp Chef Dutch ovens are a great value.  While a Lodge makes great products they tend to be a little more expensive and slightly smaller in depth for the same size around.  

    I would love for you to do a show on Dutch Oven cooking indoors and outdoors, as it’s an art form to get the heat just right when cooking with coals.