Episode-384- Listener Feedback for 2-23-10 — 12 Comments

  1. As a Canadian I have a bit of a vested interest in the “license to own a gun” answer, but I think it boils down to the argument of “rights” vs “priviledges” – if you make gun ownership a priviledge, a few things will happen:

    – Fewer people will take advantage of it
    – More people will be against it
    – The government will try to take it away

    For evidence? Well, just look north.

    I’m interested in Jack’s answer so I’m going to download and start listening now. 🙂

  2. I think a great deal of the people who have problems with Capitalism, are really more against Corporations, and even then only the most egregious corporations are what people really point to. Most people even socialists would have little against a small business person benefitting from their efforts, in part because the efforts are usually quite visible. But when it comes to the bad actors in the corporate world which even you point towards as being bad actors, people seem to blame capitalism as the factor behind that, when its not really the base ideas of capitalism that is the problem, but the bad actors of the Corporate World. Thing is said Bad Actors are just about as much against capitalism as any redistribute the wealth intellectual, but obviously said Corporation wouldn’t want things to go towards a socialist situation, they would be more against stuff like competition, and to avoid concequences for their mistakes.

  3. One correction: You don’t have to have a license to drive a car. You have to have a license to drive a car on the public roads. On your own property, historically you’ve been able to do as you like.

    I’d have no problem with the requirement to have a license to carry in public/government buildings. 🙂

  4. @Dr. Horrible

    Excellent point and one I usually include in this argument. Guess I let that ball drop today, thanks for the pinch hit!

  5. I will state up front my opposition to socialism –
    we are being deceived by the smooth talkers – this is from John Strachey former minister of war in Britain “It is impossible to establish communism as the immediate successor to capitalism – accordingly it is proposed to establish socialism as something we can use in the place of our present decaying capitalism…communists work for the establishment of socialism as the necessary transition stage on the road to communism ”

    The creeps never stop pushing for their one-world govt – it is not progressive – then end result is slavery. The few ruling the many.

  6. I caught myself smiling with the mention of young people who are liberal while Mom/Dad pay the bills.. that was me. When it became about MY earned money, I changed my mind.

    Good show~

  7. I agree with your assessment about Corporations CanadianNomad. Adam Smith never accounted for them when he talked about the “invisible hand”. At one time, a corporate charter was only issued in this country for a limited time and if it could be proven that the work would benefit everyone. So in that aspect free market does not equal corporations and neither does capitalism.

    The one thing I’m not sure I agree with you about is that Socialists would leave the small businesses alone. I’ve worked for smaller companies and you always hear about the “greedy business owner, sitting in his office or at home living off the back of the working man”. Unfortunately Socialism is a disease that spreads quickly and after it takes down the corporate entities it will go after anyone who put his/her money and future on the line to better him/herself.

  8. Great show. We must all be involved with politics…those SOB\’s take our $$, so we should hold them accountable

  9. The road to absolute totalitarianism, is to first disarm the people, and make them completely defenseless. You can’t stop tanks with sticks and stones! Privately owning firearms will be made illegal.
    Once the populace is under iron fisted rule, then you impose strict living conditions and rations upon them.
    ” YOU DON’T WORK, THEN YOU DON’T EAT!” minimalist subsistence/existence. Think former USSR and North Korea.
    Those who do not want to tow the party line, end up in gulags, never to be seen again!
    Family planning will be imposed up all, with a limit on how many offspring you can have. Usually one or two. Depending on your status.

    You will no longer own private property of any kind. Everything will belong to the state, even the clothes on your back!( even though you pay for them ) You will be TAXED on everything you have, that is considered a luxury or excessive.

    Health Care will be what YOU yourself can make or create for yourself. The best medicine is to stay healthy…i.e. do not get sick.
    Government treatment will be basic and anything that would be extraordinary care measures, will be afforded by the elite and wealthy only. The proletariat will be sent home to die.
    If you come down with cancers or something life threatening, it’ll suck to be you!

    In a completely government run distribution system of all essentials; shortages, excessive costs, bribery, cronyism, corruption will be the norm…

    As peak oil hits home, everything will be so damned expensive, nearly no one will be able to afford a simple life style. Eventually, (100+ years from now) life on Earth will revert back to the feudal systems of history past. There will be Rulers, Overlords, District Law enforcers, and the rest will be rabble and peons under them.

    Think of life in the 1100’s…without oil and all that is produced from it. Bees wax candles and animal fat lamps,( whales are out, because there aren’t enough of them ) dung and wood fired brick cooking ovens,/ clay,tin, pig iron and copper pots,/ clay, wooden bowls and utensils,/ wool or cotton hand woven clothing, blankets./ Animal hide pants, vests, hats. Things woven from plant fibers.

    Without oil, everything you take for granted today, will no loner be available. You can’t make a solar panel out of wood or pottery! It takes petroleum based byproducts. You can’t make cell phones and the infra structure to run them out of mud and clay.

    This is why the push to socialism and totalitarianism is at hand. ( Socialism= the NEW lipstick on a very ugly PIG! ) Very rough times are coming for humanity, and the evil Government SOB’s who think they have the answers, want to make sure they end up top cocks ruling the roost of us all. At the end or a rifle barrel if necessary…they want the power, and wealth.

    Resist with everything you have. Fight back, and vote everyone of the rat bastards in Washington DC out of office. Re-Elect no one. Take our nation back. Send the current Administration a “NO CONFIDENCE VOTE”. Tell Acorn and all other unionists, they are history. We must operate on a FAIRLY TRADED system/network only.

    No one should make over $15,000 @ yr. doing their job. Wall Street needs to be shut down for good.
    The Federal Reserve needs to be shuttered permanently. The IRS needs to be closed. No monetary system other than Fair Trade should be used. Gold value needs be made worthless.

    The whole paradigm of life has to be revamped and rethought completely. The way it has worked for the last 1000 years, hasn’t worked so well. Look where we have ended up?
    “Obamacare” is SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM straight up. Don’t try to paint it any other color. It is RED, and means your blood will run in the streets, if he and his cabal of pro-socialists have their way.

    So, as Sarah recently asked; “How’s that Hopey and Changey thing work’n out for ya?”

    Lock and load!…the fight is coming!

  10. Jack mentioned Autumn Olive, AKA Silverleaf, as a plant to use at the BOL as a fruit bearing bush. He is probably not aware of its problems. Don’t do it!! It is an invasive plant and will take over the property if you let it. The seeds are in the berries and the birds will eat them and spread them all over the place. This plant was originally planted by our government as a great erosion block along highways. Unfortunately, it takes over the area and nothing else can grow – causing a monoculture.

    Great show as usual – I am just real familiar with this stuff after fighting it on a property!

  11. @Steve

    That just isn’t exactly true. Now if you have land that has be devastated and is not cared for and plant Autumn Olive on it and it is in a perfect zone for it that can happen. Yet planted into a system that is balanced Autumn Olive is not more “invasive” than any other plant.

    Look at your own reason for this belief, “This plant was originally planted by our government as a great erosion block along highways.”

    Hmmm, shocking that unattended and used by government in the way a government uses such things it dominates an environment. Many plants called “invasive” are the victims of this type of slander. Such examples include things like sawtooth oaks, thistle and many other valuable plants that some how are just fine in there native environments.