Episode-1736- Listener Feedback for 2-22-16 — 25 Comments

    • I like the definition given in The Resilient Farm and Homestead by Ben Falk:

      “A brittle landscape is not simply a dry one but one in which regeneration naturally occurs more slowly. In simple terms this means: You clear a forest, you get a desert.”

      I am not an expert by any means, but that is an “expert’s” definition. Hope that helps.

      • That is a good one. Land that is unforgiving of our mistakes and or natural damage is my response to the question.

  1. Wow! Amazing food self sufficiency analysis. You need to be an Ag professor at Texas A and M (from a fellow uneducated Redneck) .

    • Can’t take time to read shit that long. Make a point and then back it up but God, my eyes glazed right over. Seems like another “the end is near” post, people make enough of them and hope one day to be right I guess.

  2. Episode#444 comment
    Jack, thank you for the great suggestions regarding setting up a BOL.
    You have opened my mind as to other opportunities to protect my family with out going broke in the process. I live in the major metro city and have struggle with seeking alternatives means of protection. Great information!
    God bless !

  3. I don’t know if anyone realized the BS of krugmans numbers… 54% FOR stealing money, 47% against… That sounds like the turnout to an election in Chicago, all 101% voted

    • I was adding stuff on the fly, I may have made an error there, it may have been 46%, doing a podcast on the fly in real time it does happen. Check the link for the actual numbers.

  4. Carlin & twisted sister in one episode. I am feeling super nostalgic & old all at once. Good episode Jack! I’m a contractor for the Epa (I know, I suck) and when people ask me my views on environmental issues I send them a link to Carlins piece called the planet will be fine.

    • See you don’t suck! But you are the pilot that can’t change the direction of the plane only keep the passengers as happy as you can. Tough position to be in but we need about 1000 more like you on the inside.

  5. Regarding Jack’s contention that there are thousands of commandments in the Bible… in the first 5 books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy ) there are 613 commandments. About half of them are positive (do this) and the other half are negative (don’t do that). From those commandments are derived many others so that there could easily be more than a thousand commandments mentioned in the Bible .

    The count of 613 commandments was done in the 3rd century. The exact listing will vary depending on which authority one is depending upon, but the count remains the same.

    There is some dispute over whether the first of the 10 commandments is actually a commandment. It seems more like a declaration that G-d exists. If I already believe in G-d, it makes no sense to command me to believe in Him, and if I don’t believe in G-d… then who is commanding me?

    Alex Shrugged

    • Okay I was wrong, especially if I said thousands what I meant was over a thousand. But 613 is still a lot. As a young catholic it seemed like over 1000 for sure. But there was never a number on it, I am pretty excited to have a number now.

      Now on the first commandment, perhaps Catholics and Methodists have a different version than traditional Jewish law, I remember the first commandment as, “I am the Lord thy G-d; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.”

      Dash after the G there is for you Alex I have no idea the etiquette here so I am erring to the side of caution.

      In any event as a child catholic and later as a teacher in the Methodist church I understood and taught that this was not about one G-d existing rather that he was the only G-d and no other anything was to be worshiped. No statues, no additional deities, etc. One was to be loyal, period, to the One G-d, the end. In modern Christian thinking it goes further. Noting before G-d means NOTHING, one who puts money ahead of G-d, is worshiping money, or prestige or anything. In the end it is a command that not only you believe but you believe in one alone and no other and nothing comes before that belief.

      Later in the new testament Jesus said the following about the whole of the law,

      “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

      Meaning the first commandant is the keystone of the law, and how we treat others the arch. That is a man has G-d fist in his mind and heart (as the first commandment requires) he will live a very sin free life. If he adds to this that he must love his neighbor as much as himself, he will do no harm to any person. That a person who sincerely did ONLY these two things would seldom violate any law that was just and Godly, and if they did it would be due to human weakness or simple accident.

      One an see why Jefferson who was a Deist such as I am, still admired the ethics of true Christianity. He said the following, “the ethical system of Jesus was the finest the world has ever seen.” This led him to create the Jefferson Bible, a copy of which was given to every member of Congress until the early 1900s, then in 1913 something went very wrong, coincidence, perhaps but it smells funny!

    • Regarding the etiquette of using a dash in G-d’s Holy Name…. the dash is used as a reminder to Jews not to use any of G-d’s names casually… or at all in some cases. I use the dash out of habit. Please don’t change on my account.

      HOWEVER, I have noticed a tendency for Christians to blurt out one of G-d’s ancient names in order to establish common ground with Jews. I pray for the day when Christians grow tired of doing that. It just makes us nervous and looking for a lightening bolt to strike us all dead. If you’ll notice, I am only hinting at what that name might be. I’m serious. Please stop. It’s creepier than saying the name “Voldemort”.

      In English, some of names of G-d are…

      1. God.

      2. Lord God.

      3. God Almighty.

      4. The Divine Presence.

      5. A plural version of “God” (in the sense of a royal “We are not amused.”)

      6. I Am who I Am (or I Am who I will Be.) This is the one that should not be written down casually, nor spoken. Frankly, I avoid even thinking it.

      There are other names. As one reads the Bible, look for a change of name and you will notice a change in the narrative. Sometimes G-d is distant, as if He is a force of nature. Other times he is a strict judge. Then again He becomes a guiding wisdom. Just notice when His name changes. It helps when trying to figure out what is going on (or what is about to happen.)

      The other thing that helps in Bible study is noticing whenever they go through all the “begets”. Something big is happening or about to happen. That is why the Book of Matthews goes through that whole begetting thing at the beginning. He was attempting to establish a line of authority. It is a very Jewish thing to do.

      FYI, I am an Orthodox Jew and I was ill all day long. I’m feeling better now so I had better get to writing the History segment for today.

      Alex Shrugged

    • There is a good chance that the 911 system for such a small town is not that advanced.

      • Oh and I should add, that only works with land lines. Most people today no longer have one, specifically in tows like Crystal City, life if all about the cell phone. Almost everyone has a cell phone today and land lines unless the person has DSL are seen as an additional expense for something you don’t really need or want.

  6. On a lighter note, enjoyed today’s closing song. I remember watching MTV one Saturday for 12 hours waiting to see that video. Now I can simply watch it on YouTube. Glad I don’t waste time like I did when I was 12. Thanks for all you do.