Episode-1956- Listener Feedback for 2-20-17 — 29 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to listening to the segment about rats in the chicken coup. I’ve been dealing with this some myself. If you haven’t had a chance to Youtube Squirrel Hunter, please do. He hunts rats with an air riffle and is very entertaining while doing it.

  2. Just watched the squirrel hunter, pretty entertaining, now i want to dust off the old break barrel.

  3. Oil engineer looking for work… We’re hiring engineers all over the place…

    Utility industry

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  4. Re: what you were talking about with respect to Gates advocating for a ‘robot tax’, what you said about regulations being established by companies to keep rivals from entering the market is an example of “regulatory capture”. There’s also a pretty good podcast from planet money that talks about how established industries create onerous regulations to keep new players from entering a market. They use the hair dressers as an example, but it generalizes. Take a listen, it’s pretty short:

  5. For the guy with the catfish. Think kids birthday parties. They take a few fish home. You get to schedule around your availability. As for gut hooking fish, you supply gamakatsu circle hooks, problem solved.

  6. NH Ratio problem. I had them under the duck shed a few years back. They moved on the next year. We controlled access to feed. Let the ducks clean up feed every day until the problem is over. Also, amazingly, those Black & Decker sonic rodent plug in things that they sell at Home Depot actually work! I use them in the duck pen, basement, attic, and spare room. Awesome stuff. Get in touch btw, I’m in Derry.

    • Thanks, Jon. I’ve been meaning to reach out since you were on TSP a while back. I’d like to come by to see your operation, will follow up sepcor.
      Cheers, Matt

  7. I think you left an important part of the argument out when you were responding to the story about Bill Gates’s statement that work from robots should be taxed. You’re probably right that the companies behind this have ulterior motives for it, and I don’t necessarily agree with it either. But what about the problem it was supposed to solve? It will be a problem that we have to tackle somehow or other that there just won’t be enough jobs to go around. What are your thoughts–how would you like to see that problem solved?

    It’s an interesting dilemma to me. On the one hand, of course as a libertarian-leaning person I care a lot about property rights and people not being unreasonably taxed. But on the other hand, all those displaced people will have to survive somehow.

    • Change the way money is produced, eliminate a debt backed currency system, go to a currency that has a hard cap based on the nations value itself, institute a UBI sufficient for the most basic needs, eliminate all other government welfare including SSI, because everyone, rich and poor alike get UBI. Of course get rid of SSI taxes too, set the Federal Tax rate at 10% flat on all money earned beyond UBI and a national sales tax of 5%, which will tax UBI money every time it is spent vs. just the first time. I mean you act like this is hard or something.

      But you have to change the money system and the only people that benefit from it would be the people so don’t hold your breath.

  8. On placing rafts directly in the top of tanks. Do Not Do it we have and with very few exceptions this is what happened. Transplants start growing and are doing great then 2 or 3 weeks in the fish one day seem to suddenly realize that the roots taste good and in one or 2 days everything is all but dead. We have tried many lettuces, greens, herbs and the like but have yet to find an edible plant that this works with. Ivy however does survive but does not grow nearly as fast as other systems we have where the roots are protected from the fish. Shelfponics is a great indoor tank based system.

    As for the typical 1/3 water exchange done for fish tanks it is only necessary with these systems on an aesthetics basis or if you have some kind of water quality issue.

  9. In regards to trophy hunting in Africa i think Jack is spot on but missed one of the most important arguments, that being all the money from tags that go to stopping poaching. Poaching in Africa is a huge problem and wastes all of the animal’s meat.

    • Indeed! Trophy hunters are not the ones lobbing the horn off a rhino and leaving it to rot!

  10. I agree that barn cats is the best way to take care of rats in a chicken coop but you can also take the “scooping” from an inside cat box or from a friend’s cat (think sack-o-shit) and sprinkle the crap around their “highway”. This has worked for us prior to getting barn cats and when I would find “pinkies”, I would toss them to our chickens for a game of “chicken rugby”.

  11. In reference to the keyhole design, there are actually two ways of doing it. If you search for it online, in most cases it brings up what Jack talked about. I did an article last year on that design here: I’m in the Geoff Lawton PDC right now and he talks about a ‘keyhole pattern for annual gardens’ and this is a totally different design. My garden is based on this design and is shown here: The second design is a great design that makes good use of space and has curved angels rather than a rectangular raised beds. It is all a matter of preference for the gardener.

  12. Texas Law prohibits carrying fire arms into refineries.

    Under Texas labor code §52.062, possessing a firearm or ammunition in a locked motor vehicle parked on property owned or leased by a chemical manufacturer or oil and gas refiner on which the primary business conducted is the manufacture, use, storage, or transportation of hazardous, combustible, or explosive material, is prohibited.

    • Does this preempt:

      18 U.S. Code § 926A – Interstate transportation of firearms

      Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver’s compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.
      (Added Pub. L. 99–360, §?1(a), July 8, 1986, 100 Stat. 766.)

      Additional information:

      There is a provision in the US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration code that forbids transportation of loaded firearms in commercial vehicles. This has been used to improperly arrest drivers for carrying personal firearms for self protection and confiscate rigs. I highly suggest that any driver download and print several copies of this:

      I am not a lawyer and don’t know the answer to my question or if this opinion by the DOT is still valid. You need to validate this information for yourself.

  13. Re: Asperger’s

    Either bite the bullet and focus on practicing your social and networking skills, or find a business partner who does have that knack for and experience in socializing and networking. Or preferably BOTH (which is what I’m striving for currently). Even with a successful marketing strategy you have to expect some increase in social interaction, and it’s best not to over-rely on someone else TOO much. I know it’s really hard to break out of that comfort-zone of solitude, but you have to…. at least a little bit. Dedicate an hour or more each day to forcing yourself to reach out and socialize or network in whatever way you think will be a benefit.
    At the same time, though, ensure that whatever new direction you take your business in there is both a time and place where you can each workday (or at least most workdays) work on your own without distractions. Given my own experience, odds are you will need a part of the day that you can actually look forward to being on your own for a couple hours (or more). Plus in your case it only makes sense to take advantage of your focus and concentration as much as possible (and if you’re like me it’s easiest to do when alone). No matter which way your industry goes, there’s got to be an approach where you can leverage your “working alone time” into making you money. Anyway, find a way to fit that alone time into your new business approach, otherwise you’re going to go bug-nuts crazy. Something I have had a lot of difficulty in convincing my wife that is necessary, but I’m making (slow) progress in that. Hope you have better success there 🙂

  14. Rats: wasn’t there a guest show about a year or so ago about a guy that built a business using terriers to eliminate rats?

    Asperger’s: Very few real friends but those that are tend to be close and very long term. Would rather sit in a tree stand than go to a party. Don’t see the point to all the social graces. Don’t give a shit about what people outside of your circle think or feel. These also sound like a first born male INTP. (not saying Asperger’s is not real, I’m saying that there are enough similarities that miss diagnosis may be a real possibility by someone that is not adequately trained)

    • And yet my personality type is ESTP!

      Trust me people like me know who we are and what we are.

      There is a lot I don’t say about what I was like as a child because it is too personal. The stuff I say is what remains after decades of mindful self treatment if you want to call it that.

      Aspergers can suppress your true personality but your true personality doesn’t change.

      Personalities don’t let you visually see and move and re arrange patterns in your head as though you are looking at a 3d screen doing it. Just as one example.

      There is a very in depth online aspie self diagnostic tool. I will see if I can find it but several doctors have signed off on it saying it should be fairly accurate in helping people determine if they are likely to be on the spectrum.

      I took it two ways, honestly the way I am now, I came up with “probable” but when I retook it and honestly answered it as I would have at say 12, it was completely though the roof.

      Anyway that is about as much info as I want to provide publicly. The greatest gift in my life is being old enough to have never been labeled and given an excuse, having to cope and being forced by life to make my own way. I am so grateful I was never “helped” with my “problem”. In other words grateful no one robbed me of my gifts.

      • I’ll add genetics are at play here, I have two cousins with full on autism. I am talking adults that need professional help and government assistance to survive.

        • Jack, I was not referring to you, all those traits I listed apply to me.

          I’m saying that having some or even most of these traits CAN be, and usually are completely unrelated to Asperger’s . As we know, in this day and age, too many parents, teachers, etc. are too quick to diagnose normal behavior as a problem and use counterproductive “treatment.”

  15. I just listened to this episode and wanted to point out one than about carrying a firearm on or near a oil refinery-BOOM!!! Just saying.

  16. Jack: when you were discussing the U-2 taking off with just enough fuel and then immediately needing refueling, I think that you were remembering that other SAC recon aircraft, the SR-71. I say this as a former U-2 crew chief, who supported the C and R models in the early ’70’s. The U-2 looks like a glider, and can stay aloft for half a day or more on the fuel stored in those big, long wings. The SR-71 looks like a flying dart, and absolutely needs an immediate refueling upon takeoff.

    Lee D., listener since around 1492.

    • No man they were U2s, I know what a U2 looks like, if they didn’t have to refuel I don’t know why they did, but we always saw the tanker plane go up before the U2s.

    • Hi, Jack! If the U-2 was doing some sort of radio surveillance, then the tanker was probably acting as a relay point to get the data to a listening station. Just a guess…. 🙂

      • Yea who knows, my whole view of this is now confused. I know what I saw but you know how they work.

        I know what they were doing at times but not all times. I still would not say what I know to this day, because, well, honor.

  17. Thank you for taking my question on rats, Jack. And thanks too to the community for weighing in with some additional insight. I’ve started the bucket of seeds, will soon be implementing a rat proof feeder and in time will introduce a pair of kittens to my barn. I’ll be sharing your response with others in my community working on the same problem.
    Thanks again, Matt.