Episode-2383- Listener Feedback for 2-18-19 — 7 Comments

  1. To the listener asking about whether he needs a website, one thing I can say from personal experience is when it’s time to do the website it’s REALLY worth it to start with WordPress. And that’s whether you do it yourself or get someone to do it for you. I started mine with my hosting provider’s “website designer”… and while it wasn’t BAD per se it was rather limiting compared to WordPress (both in terms of what it can do and one’s ability to migrate to a different host). Transitioning later is a pain in the butt, even if you don’t have an online store or the like yet. If I hadn’t already been in a 12-month contract I would have made the transition a lot sooner. And there’s nothing wrong with getting something basic down and tweaking/adding to it as you go either. That’s pretty much what I’m doing…

  2. I thought Illinois would be in the top 5 instead of Connecticut but had the other four. At any rate, not surprised at all.

  3. I work with a guy that’s is a ham operator, he engraved all his tools with his call sign. I have bought tools at auctions with the ss# engraved on them before.

  4. The other side of the student loans bubble is that it is estimated that next year 7 million skilled trade jobs will go unfilled. (Source: MikeRowe Works and This Old House ( generation next project)).

  5. I made a maple mead right after a standard one on returning to Australia from your workshop.

    1kg honey

    2 x 250ml bottles of maple syrup

    ME-05 Mead Yeast

    in a 5 liter batch

    worked out really well. Definitely not overpowering in the maple flavor.