Episode-2161- Listener Feedback for 2-12-18 — 19 Comments

  1. I 100% agree with a TSP enemies list and I also 100% agree with putting enterprise rental car on there

  2. I just heard your latest show,so let me get this straight you were pissed off so you want us to fight your battles for you. that’s what Instagram is for. you don’t have other people doing shit for you, if you have a company you dislike, put it on your Instagram page and Call it a day. don’t ask us to do it for you, I truly enjoyed how u said “ just for fun” as in “I’m really pissed but need your voice cause mine is not enough”. Come on bro, you r better than that

    • I am sorry but you talk like a man with a paper asshole and you come off like a bitchy little troll. It’d be one thing if you just said, I don’t like the idea. But talk about not holding your shit in!

      “Fight my battles for me”.

      Based on the way I described this, funny and plucky and on a sub page with not calls of boycott.

      For you to come up with such a nonsensical reply you must be one of my haters and hence your opinion doesn’t matter.

      To be clear had you not talked a like a moron and simply stated you didn’t like the idea your opinion would have mattered.

  3. Anyone else that has downloaded the video been able to get a good file?  I’ve tried 3x on different computers and networks and only about the first 12 minutes or so works.

    • So far I only watched it stream, I am DLing it now, if all goes well I will stick it somewhere and point you to it.

  4. Even on stream, I’m only able to get to the 12 minute mark.  Downloaded, but same thing happens.  I found another source, but they want you to sign up. I haven’t yet.

      • Thanks for trying Jack. I got IPFS up & running. I was able to DL files from other hashes but I kept getting timeouts when trying to DL the one in your hash for some reason. No worries I can locate it later if I really need it. Appreciate the effort.

        Though this exercise did send me down the rabbit hole about learning about IPFS. Interesting stuff and it seems like a great way to de-centralize content and a way to get around censorship. I need dig in more to understand how it ties into crypto currency. Thanks again for teaching a man how to fish.

      • Hmmm tried it again just now and the video is streaming and downloading. Wonder if more peers we’re just needed? Thanks again!

        • Once you have a copy if you can put it somewhere I can DL it, I can put it in “many” places if you catch my drift.

  5. Interesting segment on Uber pay gap. I realized that my scientific career started in the tail end of the “Mary Tyler Moore years” so I’ve kind of seen it all. In these professional fields, to get in at all involves some hazing (called a PhD program) so women as well as men expected to do tough negotiation. The problem came in asking for a review to be postponed in order to catch up from a maternity leave, care of elderly parent, or other caregiving responsibility that is more likely to fall to a woman. Deferring a review meant delay in promotion which meant a salary lag, which in total over a career made a salary gap.
    Eventually employers discovered that men have families too and offered various kinds of compassionate leaves to men as well. Flex time, working from home, and on-site child care proved to be good ways to get and keep loyal employees, male or female. It’s not perfect – there are still fields in which there’s a significant opportunity gap that can’t be rationally justified – but it got better without the “assistance” of government.

  6. Regarding that NASTY bartender, I figured you would appreciate how the night ended for us.  We ended up being the last ones to leave the bar and after she had stopped serving alcohol I politely asked for a glass of water because I was wicked dehydrated and she refused to give me one.  Mind you, I wasn’t being an annoying customer or hadn’t given her any reason to dislike our group.  Anyways, I have an eye injury that doesn’t like me going to bed dehydrated so as soon as she walked into walked into the back I swiped a glass, filled it with ice, and helped myself to some water.  I’m pretty sure that woman hates life… and money.

    • She is a piece of work, her manager said he knows she is a bitch and wants to get rid of her but he can’t.  I just don’t get it.  In Texas such a bartender would be fired in a day.

  7. I didn’t get what happened with the airport thing…You had to go to Logan for the return flight?

    • Yea we were on a flight DFW to Newark then Newark to Manchester and the reverse on the way back.

      On the trip up they canceled out flight to Manchester stranding us in Newark for 7 hours, then canceled the next flight, got us on a flight to Logan we waited over two hours to get on, then we had to take a 1 hour (ie expensive) Lyft to Manchester.

      Making this worse we didn’t get our bags until about 430 the next afternoon, they were incapable of getting our bags to the new plane with over 2 hours to do it and all baggage support was in India. The Indians told David they knew the bags would be stuck in Newark but could not do anything and call back when we got to Boston and they were not there. No one could do shit for us. Then David had to go to the airport to get our bags, when ever anything like this has happened in the past the airline has delivered my bags.

      Similar shit on the way home, flight canceled, no good reason, no bad weather. Another expensive Lyft back to Logan but the idiot in Manchester down graded the 1st class tickets we paid for to coach, had to call someone to fix it, screwed up our reservations at a higher level, messed up the reservations for David’s support dog, etc.

      I have never been treated as shitty by an airline EVER, and I spent 15 years traveling about 2-3 weeks a month by air. United is shit to me, I will never fly those fuckers again.

  8. Geeze, sorry.  I hear stories like this frequently these days.  So glad I am not traveling much for work lately

  9. Re seed starting in aquaponics.  I’ve had some pretty good success in starting seeds that are relatively quick to germinate (up to 2-3 weeks).

    What I do is pull back the media to the depth where it’s just a little damp – about an inch in my systems.  I lay down a paper towel (maybe 2 if I want it to hold the seeds longer) and let it soak up a little dampness.  Then I place the seeds directly on the towel and carefully replace the media.

    The seeds stick to the damp towel and the towel holds them at the optimum depth until they germinate and start to root.  This works especially well with small lettuce seeds which tend to sink too deep if you don’t have something to hold them.  The towels simply rot away or the worms eat them.

    Things like tomatoes and peppers are best started conventionally and transplanted into the media.  I use the same method as Jack and swirl them around in a bucket of water to get most of the potting soil off before I put them in the AP beds.