Episode-1298- Listener Feedback for 2-10-14 — 50 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,
    My brother has a farm in south eastern Idaho that’s about 320 acres. I’m moving up there in two weeks and I’m planning on turning it into a permaethos type of farm. I’m really excited about permaethos and would love to get the permaethos stamp when you get that available. 🙂

  2. You keep name dropping Stephan, are you going to interview him soon, that would be great 🙂 I enjoy listening to a lot of his podcasts.

  3. My daughter started messing around on our Motorola Zoom at 16 months. I download some learning apps for her, puzzles, sounds, alphabet, etc…. Some of the apps I didn’t buy the ad free version. She has learned animals, numbers, sounds, how to solve puzzles, etc… but she learned how to work around the ads and also how to change the settings on the app. We encourage her, but she pretty much teaches herself. Now at 3 1/2 shes learning to navigate the computer and playing letter games and ISPY. I’m amazed I didn’t touch a computer until I was 14 🙁

  4. Why do you never show examples, positive to marijuana? Always the pothead, never the person with high anxiety, cancer patient or a person who is managing pain. This “DRUG” is a powerful medicine who’s only fault is monetization.

    • Because my point isn’t about pot being good or bad, my point is it isn’t government’s business. Period, the end, done. Good, fine, bad, I don’t care not my concern. The government simply has no constitutional authority to make a plant illegal.

    • Read the lyrics and they are indeed true to form, the song though itself makes me want to shoot myself in the face with my 45. How does anyone listen to shit like that?

    • HAHAHA. Total opposite reaction with me than Jack.

      This is one bad ass tune. I’m definitely a big fan of 80s oi and street punk. This is one reason why I don’t listen to music especially while I work. I get waaaaayyyy too distracted. It is odd going to punk shows nowadays considering the age group of the typical punk listener….

      Unlike you Shorty, I took it serious then, still take it serious now, I just try to focus on the more proactive and active positions in life, rather than focus purely on the bitching aspect (typically what music, like punk devolves to). Its not necessarily a negative critique, but an observation of the nature of music compared to actions. Until 2 years ago I was actually in a punk band in the DC area. It was one of the more difficult things for me to do was leave the band, but you know sometimes you gotta grow up and act like an adult (choose self sufficiency and stability over fun).

      I think I will stream this cd while I work…. .just this cd though…

    • @Carlos – thanks for the link. I had not heard that song in years. Sooooo many punk bands have great lyrics about tyranny, etc. Lots of Maggie Thatcher oppressive stuff going on over at the UK. Lots of moral majority and ‘just say no’ stuff going on over here. Makes for quite an incubator of song-writing.

      @Jack – Great to hear Zevon on the show today. I love all of his work. You mentioned that this is the first time you’ve played a song in the middle of the show. I’d have to go back and double-check, but one of your great episodes where you picked apart ‘Allentown’ (by Billy Joel) actually features the song in the middle of the episode. I’ll have to go back and listen to that episode. I remember really liking it.

      @The New Mike – Good to see another survivalist that likes Oi and Street Punk. Some of my favorite music of all time.

  5. Wounded animals are the most dangerous. We have seen this play out in the media and other organization. As groups like this lose power I expect them to fight and the educational system has the power of the gun (aka the government) behind them. We have already seen that in Episode# 1293 and it is only going to get worse.


  6. I heard about Sugata Mitra’s SOLE model a few months ago, so we decided to start our 4 year old daughter on it. She is doing very well, the other day she came up to me and said “Daddy, bats use echo- location to find their food!” and she was excited about it. Thinking she must just be puppeting what she heard somewhere I asked her what echo location was, and she explained it to me in her own words.

    I was blown away, their are several more examples that I could go into but just suffice to say it works!

  7. Jack, good show, enjoyed Warren Zevon too!

    Your bit on the education system hit home, I have a 3rd grader in the public school system, they don’t get As, Bs, Cs, Ds (Es, hilarious) or Fs (yet), they get a DP for developing proficiency, P for proficient, and AP for advanced proficiency…now that I think about it, I would have to research how they come up with those marks, ie, the number grading system that equates to the grade.

    I think my kid has learned more off of his educational apps on his iPad than he has from going to schoool for 7 x hours per day….

    Thanks again!

  8. I think we can use this as evidence “both” sides are the same.
    Obama’s said he wouldn’t arrest “legal” pot sellers before:

    The FBI then started raiding pot sellers in California:

    The same author a couple years later:

    Cruz is still an idiot.

    • Call me crazy but it almost sounds like some growers are paying protection tax and others are not.

  9. A few thoughts about your rant on public educations. And to preface these comments, my oldest daughter goes to private school. The reason being is that our local school districts are crap, and the kids and parents are even worse. If she went to public school she would have 33 kids in her class, most who are worthless little shits because their parents don’t care or know any better.

    While I agree the public educations system is crap, you seem to place all the blame on teachers and administration. While there are many, many, crappy teachers and especially administrators, what about all the shitty parents who use the public school system as free daycare, and don’t give to shits about what or how their child is learning? You can’t place all the blame on the public education system.

    I do agree that teachers should have some of their pay based on merit, how can this be fairly done with teachers who teach a bunch of kids who don’t care or kids who’s parents don’t care what kind of education their children receive.? You can’t make a young child want to learn if their parents don’t value education and help them when they are not in school. You can’t make a teenage shithead who has been brought up not valuing their education. I know life isn’t fair, but that reasoning is a lot easier to say when it doesn’t effect you.

    All that said, I think the public school system DOES need to change, and change a lot. The federal government and even the state government should get the hell out of education. Education should be left up to the tax payers in the local community who fund those school districts. I’m also a firm believer in the voucher system. The voucher system should be used not just for schools, but let you pick your teachers also. The more parents/students that request a certain teacher, the money that teacher should get paid.

    • “While there are many, many, crappy teachers and especially administrators, what about all the shitty parents who use the public school system as free daycare, and don’t give to shits about what or how their child is learning?”

      It is a problem indeed but it has nothing to do with shitty teachers and a completely out of date and defunct system. I also severely object to calling kids with shitty parents “worthless little shits”. Some of them don’t have shitty parents and are not worthless and are labeled that way simply because this shitty school system is wrong for them and said parents won’t dope them up with fing meth!

      My parents were non involved, one was a dope head the other a workaholic. I am sure I drove school teachers mad, I am sure parents of nice little kids thought I was trouble and disruptive and likely a “worthless little shit”. What I was actually amounted to being quite a bit more intelligent than the average person around me (including many teachers) and bored as shit with the nonsense and sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day to learn what I could learn by reading the entire book in the first two weeks, which I often did.

      I was disruptive in physics class when I questioned the theories we were taught and proposed my own, asked to just be quiet. Funny that while I don’t have the math skills to prove out such things much of what I was suggesting in the 80s is now basically what is proposed by physicists today. I also now know I had what used to be called “Aspergers” and now is simply lumped into the broader term “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD), which is another shitty thing to do with kids. People with autism need developmental help, people with Asperger’s need to have you get out of their fing way and be permitted to self direct their learning.

      Children with Asperger’s need help in understanding things like that they have hurt another’s feelings, they lack some empathy. Well that is what scientists say, we don’t, we lack the perception that we have hurt your feelings and don’t realize that we have. Since we are highly functional and highly intelligent most are never diagnosed (which based on current shitty treatment is likely for the best). We say things people find mean, we simply find them true and since we don’t look you in the eye we don’t see that you are hurt and move on with other things.

      We don’t like to have our work interrupted, we move at a very fast intellectual pace and find a manic brilliance as we build momentum. Stopping our work pulls us out of what athletes call “the zone” and we might on that one line of thought never get back into it. We don’t take notes and yet have an almost identical memory if and only IF we give a shit about what you are saying. If we don’t care, we won’t remember it in 5 minutes. If you want us to give a shit you better explain why and you better be able to make the case fast, we don’t blindly accept “because I said so” or “you will need to know this some day” or “because it will be on the test”. The last one is the weakest.

      Most aspies don’t really give a shit what you think of them, this is partly why we are supposedly lacking empathy. It is also why we don’t really care about a grade unless we actually were interested in the subject in the first place. Oh, I got a D in Algebra, cool, so I am done with that shit now and won’t have to take it again right? Since we don’t care what you think, we wonder why you seem to value our opinion of yourself enough to be harmed by our thoughts. Today many of us are not even labeled ASD instead we are labeled ADD or ADHD, which is often bullshit but for the few that really are ADD and Aspergers are a night and day of difference. Give an aspie meth (which drugs like Ritalin are) or worse call them depressed and give them an SRI and you destroy what makes them special and brilliant.

      Other then explaining and teaching a person with my background a bit about understanding the feelings of others, not much needs to be done other than, give them very basic foundational knowledge and let them learn and pursue. Shitty parent or not it works. The child with ADD or ADHD or Aspergers should not be forced to conform to a shitty, outdated, school model that isn’t about real education in the first place. They system needs to evolve and even the good teachers and good admins are defending an OUT DATED AND DYING SYSTEM. It isn’t the child labeled ASD or ADHD that have a problem or is flawed, the system you are trying to pound them into like a proverbial square peg is.

      Do you not get that? Do you not realize that a system of education that has been basically the same since 1880 is outdated, archaic and fundamentally flawed in 2014? The reason that so many teachers suck is they are in a broken system, a completely outdated and fundamentally flawed system. One so disconnected from reality that most teachers are not in touch with reality.

      In school conformity pays off, in the real world rebellion pays off. How many biographies are written about conformists? Names like Gates, Jobs, Cuban, real self made billionaires, were never conformists.

      In school abuse is acceptable. Kids are told to try to fit in and make friends with others who abuse them. In the real world abusers are fired or sent to a place we call jail. Defending yourself is also perfectly acceptable in the real world.

      In school you are told what to do every minute of every day. In the real world if you need this type of supervision you will be nothing more than at best a person that answers a phone and reads a script and India is taking most of those jobs. So that will leave you to pack boxes, well robots are doing that mostly now even where it is needed domestically. I guess you can be a janitor or may be a garbageman with that level of self direction.

      In school questioning conclusions is frowned upon. In the real world questioning conclusions is what leads innovations and those who do it are highly recruited by employers for top level jobs. Those that don’t question conclusions are mid level corporate drones and work for people who do. They never rise above low to mid level management and think it is unfair and they are getting screwed. Well they got screwed alright by not by their employer, they got screwed by the promise of “if you work hard and if you behave” things will be great. Their “graduations hang on the wall but never really help them at all”.

      The only thing modern school can say for itself is it does a reasonable job of teaching people to read and write and gives them a very basic understanding of science and history. 13 years to do that with a failure rate as high as 50% in many districts is not a viable model. Period. The entire system is a failure. No private industry could survive with this track record and failure rate.

      I’ll get off teachers backs when they stop defending a flawed, outdated and failing system due to their own self interest and start innovating a new adaptable system, you know like you have to do in any industry in the real world.

      • I agree that we should get rid of the crappy teachers, but I don’t see how you can find the crappy teachers. My wife was a teacher, so I know a little about this, but really how do you find the crappy teachers? Grades? Standardized tests? Popularity? All are ridiculous. Is the teacher who manages to get everyone of her students to pass a genius or an idiot. It depends on the students and the subject. Can you go by improvement over previous years? No. Subjects are not even gradients. I am a math wiz and skated through algebra, but I have problems with memorization, so geometry was a horror. Should the geometry teacher be fired?
        The best solution I see is a combination of instructional videos like Khan Academy and one-to-one or one-to-many instruction like Google Helpouts. In that way the entire education and educators could be crowd funded and crowd filtered. In that way kids could choose the best teacher for them and as long as the search system was set up well, and the relative grade progression was accounted for, i.e. they have to be popular AND teaching, the teachers could be graded. But even this has issues, as George Carlin teaching vocabulary would be popular, but not efficient. A great teacher teaching vocabulary would be less popular but more efficient. No magic bullet here.

        • So your assertion is that a people who put a man on the moon in 1969 can’t find a way to evaluate teacher performance in 2014?

    • This is ment to be a reply to Modern Survival, no reply button.

      I recently discovered that I am an Aspie too. I’m not sure I like the term Aspie though.

      Like you I was bored with school and did not care about my grades. My teachers and parents would just continue to punish me not realizing it didn’t matter how many in school suspensions I got I really didn’t care and actually I enjoyed the in school suspensions because nobody was interupting my thoughts.

      They thought locking me in a room by myself with only my schoolwork would get me to do it, they didn’t realize that what was going on in my head was much more exciting than the schoolwork.

      Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t enjoy the isolation, I do like to socialize, I just didn’t care enough about the school work to do it.

      Eventually they gave up on getting me to do my schoolwork, and I figured out that if I aced all of my tests than I wouldn’t have to do the home work and I would still pass. Not that I studied to ace the tests, I just figured out how to ace tests…. I think you know what I mean by that.

      • After readying both your replies I suspect I might have been missed diagnosed with adhd and actual had Aspie. The classes were the test matter I aced the classes were homework or other busy work counted I was lucky to pass. I have always struggled with a lack of empathy my entire life.

        • Sounds plausible.

          Best online test I have found

          Interesting fact, if I answer it now, I get a borderline score. If I ignore Jack Spirko today and answer it as Jack Spirko at 12, I am over the top though the roof full on nut job aspie!

          That says a lot of different things.

          You may want to try it both ways. I love social situations now, I have to. I spent 10 years in corporate sales and 10 building companies, duh. I have adapted. That doesn’t though change who I am at the core.

  10. Good show, Jack.

    As you implied, “arms” in the Constitution and the Founders’ commentaries (Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, letters, etc.) are weapons that are operated by individual infantrymen, including but not limited to rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives, blades, swords, daggers and bayonets.

    But in my reading of the Founders, and also my reading of how the Revolutionary Way began, I believe the Founders’ concept of “arms” also included:

    – Crew-served weapons such as cannon and machine guns

    (Prototypes of the latter existed at the time of drafting of the Constitution.)

    – Powder, bullets, cartridges, primers, and all other materiel required to make arms operational.

    (Evidence of this: Letters from commanders of the British Regulars, as well as men like Revere, make clear that the British Regulars were going to seize both arms and powder from the Colonists on April 19, 1775 when the battles of Lexington and Concord occurred.)

    Therefore, all laws that ban any type of firearm (including the Hughes Amendment of the Firearm Owners’ Protect Act of 1986, banning machine gun registration to non-LEO) to anyone (even the felon prohibition in the Gun Control Act of 1968) are unconstitutional.

    Jefferson: “No free man shall be disbarred the use of arms.”

    • That is actually true. By the way cannons are still totally legal to own, I am actually considering buying one.

      The main point I was making is arms of the time were any weapon an individual solider could make a choice to deploy. No special authority was needed to shoot a cannon at advancing troops.

      So when people say dumb shit like, “well should we all have nuclear weapons”, that clearly is not a individual unit deployable arm, neither is sarin gas.

      My contention is at a minimum we should see the 2nd as protecting our rights to what an infantry unit carries. That would include yes mortars and machine guns. Would it include shoulder fired missiles though?

      If we are to be reasonable with our contention that SHALL NOT means in fact SHALL NOT we must also be reasonable with what an “arm” was in the mind of the founders. It certainly was crew served cannons as the British found out the hard way.

      When they burned Washington DC in the War of 1812 they found cannons hammering them with canister shot from the surrounding hills. The British commander was irate as he was told there were no infantry units with artillery defending the capital during he invasion.

      His intell was in fact accurate. The shot was coming from revolutionary war cannons own by private citizens in the hills above DC!

  11. Used to play Lawyers Guns and Money as a cover in a punk band I played bass for in college. Brought me back a few years to a very different time in my life…

  12. “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams

  13. Teachers:

    The teaching profession has suffered the same fate as all other skilled professions.. it has been reduced to a mechanical system, populated by replaceable ‘cogs’.

    How much is a cog worth? Exactly the same as any other cog that serves the same purpose.

    Like all other industries that moved from moved from a craftsman to a factory model, the ‘parts’ performing the labor have moved from a primary, lucrative, position.. to a secondary, menial position. With ‘management’ (including the ‘union’ layer) and ‘marketing’ consuming most of the profits.

    So, if you’re a teacher.. are you capable of becoming an educational craftsperson? Can you run your own business? Or are you just a replaceable component conducting a menial task?

    The product coming out of the ‘factory’ is crap. And like most mass produced goods, people are starting to move to something better.

    My largest concern.. we have cogs, who were trained by cogs, who were trained by cogs.

    As with other crafts, massive amounts of knowledge have been lost, as the only part of the overall ‘task’ that was passed down was the tiny bit needed to perform the ‘needed’ functions.

    In other words, our educators were not educated by educators who were ‘masters’.. they were trained by cogs, who were trained by cogs.

  14. Sorry originally posted this on 1299, but it should be here.

    I look forward to the education revolution, but feel it will not really happen till we can solve the certification issue. I’m thinking that will be solved by some decedent or relative of LinkedIn where people’s skills are certified by other people in their network. LinkedIn has it now, but I don’t think it is strong enough. Degrees and certs still have weight and until that place can be replaced we are stuck with them as HR staffs have no other measuring stick to filter applicants. I trained a friend to service computers, but she could never get in the door because she lacked an official cert. I took over hiring at my old company because HR did such a horrible job. People had certs or degrees that didn’t have any knowledge of the subject. Where as I took hours interviewing people to filter the wheat from the chaff, just so I could later save those hours in training.

    I not disagreeing at all with your forecast for education, just saying that there is still a hurdle that we have to cross before it occurs which may change the schedule you suggested.

  15. Jack:

    I could not agree more about education breeding conformity! The job market today forces conformity, since as I have heard you say before you need a college degree to do something as simple as answer the phone at an office. I was born in 65 so when I was entering the workforce it was that high school diploma that made all the difference to even get you in the door for an interview. I didn’t have one. I was on my own at a very early age and when I was 17 years old I was hired as a file clerk for an Italian food company in Brooklyn. One of the owners (who was a CPA) took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew. I will be forever grateful for his willingness to be a mentor. In 2 years I was running the Accounting Dept. and was Corporate Controller when I left the company 10 years later. I then spent 20 years (14 with a single company) in the cigarette industry as Controller for multimillion dollar companies, all as a high school dropout with a GED. When I applied for the first job in the cigarette industry, I almost did not get it. The company was owned by two brothers. One could not see past the fact that I dropped out of high school and the other based his decision on my experience and what I had to say in the interview. The compromise was that I took a huge pay cut for a 90 day trial with the understanding that the money would come if I proved I could do the work, which I did and the money came. Today, it is next to impossible to get a interview in my position without that very expensive piece of paper. In 2004 I went back to school and paid for that piece of paper so that I could prove that I knew all the things I had been doing for my entire career because I saw the writing on the wall about the future of the job market. I spent 4 years arguing with professors about the difference between accounting in the real world and what they were teaching out of a text book 🙂 Fortunately (unfortunately!) that piece of paper has opened doors, but there needs to be a major paradigm shift in the minds of employers to see the value of experience and the value of the kind of person who works their way up through the ranks in a company over a degree, two thirds of which has nothing to do with functioning in the real world of the chosen profession. Thanks for all you do! Loved the rant! 🙂

  16. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for sharing that song today. I too have listened to a musician for many years that had a large influence in my life. Toney Carey started off playing for a band called Rainbow in the 70’s and then went on to make is own music under his own name. He also made music under the name of Planet P Project to get around some licensing issues in the 80’s. His fist album was mostly space related, you may remember the song “Why Me”. His second album “Pink World” was a concept album which delt with propaganda and manipulation of the masses. After “Pink World” he shelved Planet P Project. I highly recommend it. After “Pink World” he shelved Planet P Project for 15 years. He then came out with what is called the GOD (Go Out Dancing) series, 3 albums, which takes a look at propaganda used since the 1930’s to present. Down right scarry and chilling stuff. It is a good listen and I hope that I brought something new to you and your listeners. Thanks Jack and keep up the good work.

    Be careful who you put your faith in, and keep listing to the radio……..

  17. Jack,

    Regarding your analysis of Ted Cruz, I think you are being a little hard on him. He’s no Ron Paul but still much better than average and right on most issues.

    I’m not sure you can parse the federal supremacy like you did. It would rely too much on the judgement of politicians to do what is right for individual liberties. I think a better argument is your proposiotion that no where in the Constitution is there a place for the federal government to make a plant illegal espically is there is no trade across state boundaries. State law always trumps an unconstitutional federal law. Prosecutorial discretion is for particular cases where the evidence is bad or where the law just doesn’t fit. There really isn’t a place for ignoring enforecent of a law for some states.

  18. I heard the T. Cruz sound byte linked on the show notes. Cruz was not talking about whether drugs should be made legal or illegal by the federal government. He was talking about the legality of Obama declaring a law null and void by presidential decree. Totally missed the point there.

    • Nope, state’s rights. The Feds are totally enforcing their laws in any state without legalization laws.

    • Sorry Jack, went back and saw the video again. Ted’s point was that it sets a dangerous precedent when the Executive chooses to ignore laws on the books. The fact that these laws apply to dope is irrelevant, though I can see the backhanded bone thrown to ‘conservatives’ by Cruz. Still, this has nothing to do with states rights, and everything to do with a president that chooses to wipe his butt with the laws.

      Today libertarians are favored tomorrow who knows. So go such dealing with dealing with the devil.

      • Nope bullshit, I guarantee you if a state was standing against a federal firearms law and a republican president was ignoring that, well Cruz would love it. And HE SHOULD, plain and simple consistency. Cruz doesn’t have it, he is a fricken typical talking head and bought and paid for like all of them. Do you see him speaking out against states asserting sovereignty on issues that he supports, nope and you won’t.

  19. Thanks as always for a great show. I had a couple thoughts.

    Firstly: are we champions of liberty so short sighted and small-thinking that pot becomes out most frequently cited and best argued example? To ask it another way, would any of the founders have pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” over the ability to grow and consume cannabis? I think the answer is no. If we hope to convince the moms and dads who vote en mass that liberty is our best way of governance, we have got to find a better example. Dope, in the long run, does not matter in the slightest in the face of exploding national debt, the police state, food security and other far-more important issues that face us today.

    I also ask this because I think the pot argument and eventual state legalization of cannabis is largely more “bread” for the “bread and circuses” as the American empire collapses. If the current trend continues, pot will end up being one more source of revenue for Rome through legalize-and-tax legislation that also conveniently introduces another depressant into a society that needs to be kept fat, dumb, and high in order for the elite to accomplish their objectives before the end game of this economic shift. Something like 70 million Americans are on mind-altering medications, do we really feel the need to get worked up about one more option on the legal-drug menu?

    • Well Jefferson and Washington did both grow hemp and wrote letters to one another about the qualities of it both as rope and as a drug. Sooooooo….

      Actually one of the most cited examples of abuse over the colonies was the tax on tea and the forced buying of the kings tea. Sooooooo…

      Next, when the most basic freedoms are attacked, the freedom to grow and possess a fing plant for example, all freedoms are at risk. The marijuana debate isn’t about getting stoned or medicine to me, it is about an extremely basic freedom. Frankly I don’t want pot made legal, that is just a start, what I really want is the legislation of who can grow what made unconstitutional. Not really made, declared, as it already is unconstitutional.

      Lastly this is about one of one thousand topics I often cite about the taking of liberty so this appears like a pretty straw man style objection to me.

    • I realized the other day, that when I was growing up, your only concern regarding a ‘run in with the law’ was if you were engaged in a criminal activity.

      In short: theft, assault or murder.

      If you hadn’t done one of those three things, there was no reason for you to feel a sense of dread when you saw a police officer.

      I’m violating an almost unlimited number of laws that I’m not even aware of. That COULD be selectively enforced against me, if I am ‘caught’, or if someone simply wants to make an example of me.

      And the ‘police’, that can send me to jail, impoverish me, or just make my life miserable, include every petty bureaucrat that can claim any ‘jurisdiction’ over my life.

  20. I’m not a smoke blower or a butt kisser. Heck, I’m sure I could have many points of contention with you, Jack.

    That said, I’m inclined to say that I think your latest ideas about open source farming/ permaethos are fracking brilliant! I genuinely believe that this concept could be a game changer.

  21. Jack,

    Just getting caught up in back episodes and I have to say I really enjoyed your rant on the education system.

    As a middle school teacher for the past 5 years I’ve come to a lot of the same conclusions that you stated. I think many of us could go on and on about the current failings, but in the end these are merely symptoms of an overall flawed system. In my opinion the major flaw with the educational system as it stands today is that it’s not authentic.

    Sure some of the material being taught may be useful and applicable to life, our schools shop teacher begins his “tool and technology” lesson with fire starting and has all the kids start friction fires as one of his intro lessons, but unfortunately a lot of the material that fills a students day is less than useful.

    Even if the material is useful and relevant, there is still the underlying problem that it is being taught in a completely artificial environment. Much the way Mollison shows disdain for the scientific community and it’s “controlled experiments” I am starting to feel disdain for the “control experiment” of the school system.

    One of the major systemic flaws that I see with the current system, aside from the others that you so eloquently pointed out, is the entire concept of “grade levels”. I am currently teaching technology classes. I teach everything from basic file management to stripping a computer to the frame, rebuilding / reformatting. I have 6th graders who would absolutely crush my 8th grade projects, and at the same time 8th graders who are still struggling with basic 6th grader lessons. Who ever thought up this idea that you can only learn in “peer groups” that all have a birthday within the same year should be dug up and smacked with a frozen mackerel.

    I’m in my 20’s, Jack your in your 40’s looks like we aren’t “peers” and can’t learn anything from each other.. what a bunch of B.S. that is.

    I could continue, but I’m not looking to turn this into a book. Just looking to post a perspective from someone “inside the machine”

    Oh and I am 100% for merit pay, 100% for school of choice, 100% for homeschooling, and 100% pro-private schools all while working as a public school teacher.

    Thanks for all you do.

  22. Thank you a thousand times over for explaining to me why I failed as a public school teacher. I couldn’t stomach treating my students like property instead of human beings. I love teaching. I hate subjugating other people. No wonder I was in terrible conflict with my conscience every single day. Thank you.

  23. Don’t know if anybody pays attention to posts this old, but I just listened through this one and have to take issue with the comment on Ted Cruise where Jack claims he “just said that the federal government not stamping on Colorado’s right to decriminalize marijuana is dangerous to liberty”.

    Cruise didn’t say that. If somebody wanted to spin it, like a pro cannabis site or anarchist source it wouldn’t take much work to make it sound like that, but what he really commented on, using (federal) drug laws as an example, was that obama randomly deciding what federal laws they were going to enforce, or not enforce was dangerous to liberty. And THAT I agree with wholeheartedly, and expect Jack would as well.

    Now, if obama said ‘the US is built on checks and balances, and the (so called) ‘supreme court’ isn’t the ONLY body that is supposed to stop unconstitutional ‘laws’, and since I swore to uphold the Constitution and on a Constitutional claim, I will NOT enforce these laws’, I would wholeheartedly support that (if he lent ANY credibility to that by actually obeying the Constitution ANYWHERE else). But he’s not saying that, he’s saying ‘I’m the president, and I just get to decide which laws the executive branch enforces: tax law? Sometimes. Immigration Law? No.’ etc.

    That is DECIDEDLY dangerous to liberty.

    For my end, I fully support full legalization of cannabis.

    Might be semantics, but to be clear, decriminalization is not legalization. It just means that it’s no longer a misdemeanor or felony. It’s a summary offense, a ticket. There’s still a (potential) fine for it, but you CAN’T go to jail for it. Still a lot of room for government to be frivolous and take your money, but they can’t take your ‘freedom’.